Sunday, December 21, 2014

Festive Offerings At The Butcher’s Dog

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I love Christmas, DON’T YOU?? :)

Apart from religious reasons, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year because of the abundance of great food and the general happy feeling everywhere. Everybody knows I love to eat and I never say no to food tasting invites - Especially when it is a Christmas-related tasting!! So the husband and I hopped down excitedly to The Butcher’s Dog some time last week and tasted some of their festive offerings and to collect a Roasted Turkey specially prepared for us! Woohoo!

Unless you are a mega good cook, Christmas cooking is no easy feat. That is why most people would opt to purchase Christmas platters and turkeys for their Christmas meals instead. I personally think that the items offered by The Butcher’s Dog are absolutely value-for-money and they taste really good! Check out their menu online.


We stepped into The Butcher’s Dog shop at Great World City and were met with the aroma of food. The Butcher’s Dog is a shop that sells a great variety of fresh meat and charcuterie choices suitable for any kind of parties you are holding, from cook-outs to BBQs. At the media tasting, I saw the potential of how fresh meats can be transformed into wonderful bites – Everything was lightly seasoned but tasted so good – I attributed it to the good quality of meat used.

IMG_5495IMG_5504 IMG_5506    IMG_5498IMG_5499

My favorite that evening were the Brandy Infused Fruit Mince Pies! They were SOOOO GOOOOD that I could not stop popping them. You can purchase them for your Christmas parties here.


In the shop, there was a wine station as well and you can purchase wines in varying portions – Tasting, half glass or full glass at different prices. They matched the food perfectly!


Behold our glorious-looking turkey! On their festive menu, there are two kinds of turkeys offered – Nonya-Thai inspired Bedazzling Bibik Turkey & Port and Prune infused Pretty Princess Turkey. Our was the Nonya-Thai flavoured one and it was so good that even the kids could not stop eating it. I’ve tasted many different turkeys before but never one that was so tender and flavorful! I think I would purchase my turkeys from The Butcher’s Dog every year from now on.


With the turkey, there were brussels sprouts, potato wedges, cherry tomatoes, olives and of course, the chestnut filling! Everything tasted good.

We met the chef who created the lovely creations at The Butcher’s Dog and told him how much we enjoyed the food! :)


Tel: 6836 8498

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Gardens By The Bay Christmas 2014

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Christmas at Gardens by the Bay is always magical. :)

This year, we took a night tour in the Flower Dome and were mesmerized by the beautiful lights and how serene and peaceful the place was at night. I always love Gardens by the Bay at night because there is such a tranquility in that place even when it’s crowded. Perhaps it’s the super high glass ceiling or vastness in the place that makes me feel really relaxed. When it’s Christmas time, that feeling gets even more magnified.

 IMG_5675 IMG_5676 IMG_5684 IMG_5685 IMG_5688 IMG_5689 IMG_5692 IMG_5693 IMG_5697 IMG_5700 IMG_5701 IMG_5703 IMG_5705

Apart from the really pretty display in the Flower Dome, you can take a leisure walk at the outdoor areas for the lovely decor as well.

IMG_5652 IMG_5658 IMG_5660 IMG_5664 IMG_5665

Check out the full list of activities happening at Gardens by the Bay this Christmas season. :)

Friday, December 19, 2014

USS Christmas 2014

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I’ve been to the USS several times with the kids, but the trip there last week was the best to-date because I tried almost every ride in the park! All thanks to the kind folks from USS, we received not just complimentary tickets to check out the Christmas program but also the Express passes so we could bypass the long queues and go straight for the rides! I’ve always been put off by long queues, which was the reason why I had not taken many of the rides in USS. I say, always buy the Express passes when you visit places like the USS! They make the whole experience so much more enjoyable! Plus, during the Christmas season, the whole USS is bursting with joyous music everywhere and happy smiles on the streets - I absolutely love the atmosphere!

IMG_5734 IMG_5736
IMG_5739 IMG_5741

IMG_5763 IMG_5743

The best part about celebrating Christmas at USS has got to be the show and meet-and-greet with the wonderful characters from Sesame Street. It was so fun to see the characters being so cheery and playful on the streets!

IMG_5764 IMG_5766

And everyone wants to get photos with them! =D

 IMG_5745 IMG_5744IMG_5746 IMG_5767 IMG_5769

There are a series of fun and exciting programs happening at USS everyday!

Christmas Fireworks Spectacular
A spectacular fireworks display set to a festive musical score.
Select Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 9.30pm (except 12 Dec at 9.00pm)

Winter Tales
Witness the delightful stories of how Santa and his Elves celebrate Christmas unfold on the facades of New York in this 3D multi-media extravaganza.
3 shows daily after 5pm

Dancing Christmas Light Show
The New York Public Library gets funky with a dazzling array of colourful lights that “dance” to groovelicious music!
3 shows daily after 5pm

Let It Snow!
Experience the biggest and most enchanting snowfall experience across 3 zones.
10 shows daily

Sesame Street Saves Christmas
2014 IAAPA Brass Ring Award Winner, Live Entertainment Excellence: Overall Best Production
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer has fallen sick shooting a movie – the fate of Christmas now rests on the Sesame Street friends!
4 shows daily

Santa's Toy Soldiers in The Changing of The Guard
With Santa’s Christmas Show just days away, will our favourite Toy Soldiers stick to the program or dance to the beat of their own drum in this rehearsal of ‘The Changing of The Guard’?
2 shows daily after 5pm

Santa Meet & Greet
Ho ho ho, who wouldn’t want to take a photo with the most in-demand person on Earth at this time of the year?
10 sessions daily

Elf and Candy Cane Character Meet & Greet
Look up! Santa’s helpers, Elf and Candy Cane are here, and taking a photo with them will require a bit of zooming out!
4 sessions daily after 5pm

The snowing at USS was another highlight of the day! Make sure you catch it as it happens every hour from 12pm everyday! Everyone was thrilled, even the adults who knew they were fake snow. =)

IMG_5777 IMG_5781 IMG_5789

Have a merry, merry Christmas at USS all the way till 4 Jan 2015! =)


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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Zoom Park Singapore Opens!

Media Invite

Ever since the wave of trampoline parks hit Singapore, I’ve been itching to bring my kids to visit one of them. We finally made it to one last weekend, and it was not just a trampoline park – It is THE LARGEST INDOOR TRAMPOLINE PARK in Singapore! That was an understatement, really. Zoom Park Singapore is not only packed with endless trampoline fun, it has cleverly weaved in many other fun and play elements as well. Think slam dunk and dodge ball – Just to name a few.

I thought I needed to orientate the girls and give them some rules about jumping safely and not hurt themselves unnecessarily, but they were off before I could even say ‘Excuse me?’ Can I blame them? Not when you step into a place looking THIS FUN:


The place is huge – but, of course – and it’s segregated into different areas for different types of play. Your first instinct when you step into Zoom Park Singapore, is definitely to jump onto one of the many trampolines at the mass play area. That’s a good idea actually, because it’s always good to warm up before you start playing proper. At Zoom Park Singapore, you’d find 2 dodgeball courts, a 4-lane foam pit, a 5-lane airbag, 3 basketball slam dunk lanes, 3 long tumble tracks stretching nearly 1,500 sq ft, a 4,200 square feet main court and a 17-metre rock wall, all designed for fun across all ages and to provide a fun environment for families, fitness junkies, and everyone else to get fit and have a great day out. I am already planning play dates with parent friends and also a get-fit day out with colleagues and friends!

I know some of you parents are already thinking to yourselves that this place is perfect for birthday parties – YES! There are three large party rooms available for booking, as well as specially themed Zoom Nights with laser lights and disco balls, pumped up music and glow-in-the-dark socks for healthy and fun partying. Sounds really cool, if you ask me.

My favorite area at that place has got to be the dodge ball court! There are soft rubber balls provided in the court and just get a few friends and you can start a game of your own. Love this twist to the conventional dodgeball game – Jump and hop on trampolines to escape the balls or throw a fast one at your opponents! The kids and I had such a fun time attacking the husband! Muahahahahaha!


How about those of you who has always dreamt of doing slam dunks but never succeeded (like me)? Zoom Park Singapore can make your dream come through. Need some practice beforehand though – I jumped as high as I could, but I still could not reach the rink. =X I am sure with more practice, I should be able to succeed (one day)!


Now, if you are already a professional trampoline jumper, you can have lots of fun here as well. This pitch is specially designed for the elites – or those who have gotten to expert level at trampoline jumping. Children below 1.2m will not be allowed onto these pitches. The very gungho me did a little jump there and they were right! You can really jump super high on these! I promptly returned to the safer trampolines.


Apart from jumping non-stop on trampolines, you can also have a go at the rock-climbing feature wall. This is a perfect rock-climbing wall for amateurs like me, because even if you fall, you’ll fall onto a bed of giant foam cubes. Super safe. =P That was Joey trying to do a jump split.


When you get tired of jumping up & down, jump right onto the bed of giant foam cubes and rest.


Some tips when you visit Zoom Park Singapore:

1. Come dressed comfortably for ease of movement – Ladies, don’t wear skirts of course, unless you want to show the whole world your under beauty. Tops should be fitted and do not fly up easily when you jump up and down.

2. Purchase the special socks from Zoom Park Singapore because they provide good grip and friction for more fun and safer play.


3. Don’t expect an air-conditioned play area – You are supposed to sweat it out when you are here, for goodness’ sake! I promise you, just 10 minutes on those trampolines will make you sweat buckets.

4. Bring your water bottles and replenish your fluids after play.

5. Don’t attempt any stunts unless you are trained or are really good at them. There are staff stationed all around just to make sure everyone is safe and not doing anything dangerous.

6. HAVE LOTS OF FUN!!!!!!! :)

My old bones needed a break after jumping non-stop with the girls for 30 minutes, and I sat down to watch some of the staff perform stunts. They were so awesome, and having so much fun!

IMG_5579 IMG_5582 IMG_5583 IMG_5586

I am really impressed with Zoom Park Singapore. Not only is it a great place for kids to have fun, it’s a perfect place for families to play and bond together. It’s also a good place for gathering of friends and colleagues – for corporate functions or personal events. If you are one of those who need exercise but prefer to weave in fun as well, this is a perfect option!


Special opening discounts available in December! So this is the perfect time to check them out!

Zoom Park Singapore
200 Pandan Gardens, #01-14
Singapore 609336
Tel: 6334-6415



Due to the high interest levels shown for Zoom Park Singapore, they have kindly agreed to give away 5 sets of two play passes each to 5 readers of The J Babies. If you would like to participate, please follow the steps in Rafflecopter & read the terms & conditions. Note: Only entries via rafflecopter are valid & accepted. Closing date: Wed, 24 Dec 2359hrs. All the best! :)

Giveaway Terms & Conditions:
1. Every winner will receive 2 play passes from Zoom Park Singapore.
2. Each pass allows one person to jump for one hour in Zoom Park Singapore.
3. The passes can only be utilized from Monday to Thursday.
4. Socks are not included and can be purchased at the registration counter at Zoom Park Singapore.
5. The passes are not exchangeable for cash.
6. Observers can enter without paying.

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