Tuesday, May 24, 2016

6 Reasons Why Every Kid Should Have a Cool De Sac Party!

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A couple of weekends ago, we had a most amazing birthday party for Jayne at Cool De Sac, and in my opinion, it was one of the best parties we’ve had! At the end of the party, I left the place thinking to myself that every kid should have a party at Cool De Sac! And there’s why:

1. The Party Decor Is Super Gorgeous!

Seriously, my jaws dropped when I stepped into the room for the first time. It was way more gorgeous than I imagined it to be! I love it that the party room was so spacious, painted white even on the ceilings, and that made every color of the decorations pop right out at you! There were pink and white balloons everywhere, and it made the whole room so princess-like and dreamy. I would think that this room is a dream come true for every little girl, and I was so glad it was my Jayne’s 7th birthday party!

JPZY8737 (1)

2. You Can Have A Perfect Themed Party!

Jayne’s party had a theme – A Royal Tea Party – And everything from decorations & accessories to activities & games was aligned to that theme. Every kid who stepped into the party would feel that they were attending a Royal Tea Party indeed! :)


As part of the theme, every little guest gets to dress up as a princess or a prince, with gowns provided by Cool De Sac. The girls got to wear pink gowns and tiaras while the boys wore cape & crown! It was such an adorable sight seeing the little ones dressing up as royalties and jumping around excitedly. The dress-up was the first activity of the day and it got everyone really hyped up. I wish I had such parties when I was a kid!


I think the princesses’ tiaras were really pretty!


As for the costumes, you also have the option to purchase them so that every little guest leaves with it as a door gift!

IMG_8899  IMG_8901

3. The Party Hosts Were Amazing!


The hosts play a huge role in making or breaking a party, so I was really glad that our hosts were bubbly, friendly and loved by the kids! They could build a rapport with the kids really quickly, and got everyone warmed up to have fun together!


4. Fun Two-Hour Programme Planned Out & Run For You!

IMG_8904  IMG_8921

The best part about hosting a party in a place like Cool De Sac is that you don’t have to crack your head to think of programmes to entertain the kids. Everything is taken care of for you and the party hosts would certainly do a good job running the whole party! In that two hours, Jayne and her little guests did the royal dress-up, made sun catcher crafts, cupcake decoration and played a fun game of Pin-the-Crown-On-The-Princess! The initial plan was to play two or three more games but because the kids were having so much fun that the programme overrun and we had to cut away the last few games. Nonetheless, everyone enjoyed themselves tremendously in that two hours.


5. Yummy Food Served For The Big & Little Tummies!

Everyone gets really hungry at the end of a party, so it’s always important to have yummy food served! At Cool De Sac, the party food is prepared & offered by Guksu, the Korean restaurant right next to the playground. The party package at Cool De Sac would include party platters for all the kids, but you have an option to add on adult platters as well. The quantity of the food was more than enough – The hosts served the kids one by one – and everything tasted good!

IMG_8924IMG_8926IMG_8927IMG_8928 IMG_8929IMG_8930 IMG_8917IMG_8918 IMG_8920

6. Unlimited Play Time For All Party Guests!

If you think that the party ends after two hours, you are wrong! Every party at Cool De Sac comes with unlimited play time for the kids after the party, until it closes! And even though you may think that the kids would be all worn out after playing non-stop for two hours at the party, it is really very difficult to stop them from wanting to play at the indoor playground because just look at how fun it is!!!


You may get to meet mascots roaming around, or get a lovely hand painting done all within Cool De Sac. It’s all part of the package. :)


Big thanks to Cool De Sac for hosting Jayne’s 7-year-old birthday party and making it such a wonderful experience for the guests and us! We enjoyed every bit of it from the beginning till the end. Special mention to the bakery who designed and delivered the amazing Princess Castle Two-Tier Cake that day – Baker’s Heart. Not only was the design immaculately done right down to the detail of Disney Princesses figurines, the rainbow cake was moist, delicious and not-so-sweet! Plus, they make their own fresh cream in house and it tasted superb! I highly recommend them if you want to have a birthday cake that will impress your guests.


If you would like to have such an amazing birthday party for your kids as well, find out more about their packages and rates at http://cooldesac.com.sg/party-smart. Apart from the Royal Tea Party theme, they will also be offering the Galaxy Galore theme where everyone gets to dress up in scientist lab coats and do fun experiments guided by Thinkasaur! Sounds like fun to me already! If you are already thinking of holding a birthday party at Cool De Sac, you’ll be very happy to hear that as part of their launch for theme parties, they are now offering a whopping $200 off all party packages for parties booked on weekdays. Hop on to their website and find out more. :)


3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall
#02-379/80, Singapore 038983

Operating Hours
Sunday - Thursday: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
Friday & Saturday: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Venue & Party Package by Cool De Sac
Food by Guksu
Photography by Joshua Pwee Photography
Birthday cake by Baker’s Heart

Friday, May 20, 2016

Jayne Goes For Junior Show Choir Class At MADD Space

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If you have a chance to ask Jayne what is the most favorite thing that she likes to do, she’d likely reply you, “Sing & dance!”


I didn’t think that was weird at all because I was like that as a little girl. My mom tells me that I would choreography my own dance moves and cannot sit still whenever there was music. I even went as far as making my own collection of cassette tape recordings of my own singing. I was probably obsessed with my own talents. This little girl definitely got that part of the genes from me.


When MADD Space approached me to review one of their popular 8-week class – Junior Show Choir – I thought it was the perfect chance for Jayne to do something she really enjoys. I was expecting her to be a little shy and intimidated at her first few classes but I know that she’ll catch on very quickly. She is very good with memorizing song lyrics and dance steps, so it would not be too big of a challenge to her. But what I was hoping to see as she goes through the classes is a more confident Jayne who is not afraid to present herself in front of others, and not just in front of her family members. While she may appear to be very jovial and outgoing as a kid, there are moments when she would feel self-conscious and awkward in front of a crowd, as with many kids of her age.

jnr interest group

In case you are not in the know, Show Choir is one of the fastest-growing CCA in schools in Singapore right now. Due to the popularity of Glee and High School Musical, many schools have started offering Show Choir as a CCA and many kids want to join! Show Choir is essentially a fusion of singing, dancing & performing, and it is most suitable for kids with a passion for the creative performing arts. Jayne is in the “Introduction to Show Choir (Junior)” created for beginners who have little or no experience in singing or dancing and they get to work on the basics of breathing, posture, pitching and blending – It’s essentially a step-by-step approach for aspiring performers!

Jayne was obviously nervous when she attended her first class, and when she was called upon to sing by herself, she was apprehensive and unsure. The kids had only 8 weeks to master a brand new song with dance steps included, so it was definitely not easy. I thought it was pretty amazing that the kids managed to pick up the melody fast and the whole song was learnt within a span of one hour!


Have a sneak peek at Jayne’s first class at MADD Space! By the end of 8 weeks, these kids will put up a full song & dance performance! I’ll be back with a full video recording when that happens! =D

For a full list of singing and dancing classes offered at MADD Space, check them out at http://maddspace.com.sg/classes/programme-list/

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