Tuesday, August 22, 2017

What I Love About Canon’s Pixma TS8070 Printer

Product Review

Nothing irks me more than complicated and unuser-friendly gadgets because I personally dislike reading instruction manuals. I like gadgets or machines that are intuitive, and simple enough to use even for a less-than-savvy person like me. That is the number one reason why Canon’s Pixma TS8070 printer appealed to me – It is so easy and simple to use it!

PIXMA TS8070 - Canon Singapore - Personal

All I needed to do was to download the Canon PRINT app onto my phone, connect it to the printer (which is connected to my home wifi), and then control the printer from my phone easily. I can select images on my phone or from any of my online storage and send them for print right away. Does it get any simpler than that? I think not.


The printer itself is compact in size, and comes with a clear and huge display panel as you can see below. Touch screen makes it easy to navigate and choose your options as they are shown clearly on the screen. As you can see, this printer does not just print your photos, it can scan and photocopy as well! It’s the perfect all-in-one printer to have in your home! As a mom, I know how much photocopying and scanning is required by the kids’ school sometimes, so this certainly comes in handy for a house like mine!


I love how functional this printer is in terms of the different photo sizes I would like to have. You know how instagram is a huge part of all our lives now? This printer has the option for you to print 1:1 square photographs – Just use the correct photo paper and you are all set to go!


Just a simple run through of how each photo is printed – Just open your Canon PRINT app, go to the folder where your photos are, choose it and send for print. It comes out in bright and vibrant prints in a jiffy!


How awesome is this?? I love to see my kids’ big wide smiles on hardcopy prints, and I’m sure I’m not alone. =D


See how the print quality compares to the screen photo? Very clear, sharp and vibrant printouts – I LOVE!


This printer really came in handy for printing out tons and tons of photos saved in my laptop, for display in my new home. Yes, we’re shifting at the end of the year, and nothing personalizes a home more than photographs of our family members, don’t you agree? I can’t wait to print everything out and frame them nicely to be hung up all around the house. With prints as awesome as these, I think everyone in the house will feel happy looking at them everyday. =P


The Canon Pixma TS8070 is a compact wireless printer that comes with cloud and mobile printing solutions. Available in Black, Red and Brown. Read more about this product here.

Disclosure: The J Babies received a set of the Canon PIXMA Printer on loan for review purposes. All experiences and photos  shared in this post are ours.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Mizzue– Get Stylish Clothes & Bags Online

Product Review

I am not a typical woman who owns 101 bags at home like most of my female friends. I tend to get a bag that fits my practical daily needs and use it to death before getting another one. Nope, I’m not thrifty – I am just too lazy to change my bag everyday just to fit my outfits. Because of that, I am selective about the bags I buy because they need to look stylish, practical and big enough to contain my daily necessities and able to match with most of my outfits. When Mizzue approached me to choose a bag from their online boutique for review, I was glad that there were quite a few that fit my criteria and I eventually settled with the Jannet Renigar in brandy wine colour. Not only is it pretty, it is very useful and practical as well as I found out later on! =D

Navigating on Mizzue is really easy – The layout is simple and straightforward and you have so many styles and designs to choose from. Nothing puts me off more than complicated online shops, so I was really happy browsing through the collections on Mizzue. 


I love their selection of bags – The photos are clear, and almost every bag looks big and spacious – Perfect for what I was looking for! Best of all, the designs and styles are not compromised at all. In fact, I was so spoilt for choice, I had a hard time deciding which to get.


The Jannet Renigar series caught my eye because of the pretty colours and hardy material of the bag. The bag has many compartments both inside and outside, and is big enough to hold my laptop and A4 folders. Best of all, it comes with different straps for me to carry the bag in several different ways. That’s perfect when I need to change the configuration depending on the occasion. Love its versatility!


The delivery took about 3 weeks to arrive, and I LOVE my new bag!


I’ve been carrying my new bag around everywhere I go because it’s great whether I was going to work, church or attending events over the weekend. Love the lightweight nylon material with PU leather trim, though personally I still wish that the bag can be even lighter because I carry it everywhere.

The front comes with a large zip pocket and two roomy popper  pockets – I can store so many knick knacks in them, and have access to them quickly! See the different ways I can carry the bag?? So versatile, I love it! (Tip: There is a 30% discount going on for this bag on the website now, ending in 14 hours’ time! Go grab it now if you want –> https://www.mizzue.com.sg/products/141615?variant=35521652865) 

Jannet RenigarJannet RenigarJannet Renigar


Thanks Mizzue, for sponsoring the Jannet Renigar bag for my review! I might have found a new favorite brand! =D

Disclosure: The J Babies was sponsored a Jannet Renigar bag for review purposes. All opinions expressed in this post are solely ours. No other financial compensation was received.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

2017 Delectable Mooncakes From Conrad Centennial Singapore

Media Review

With the Mid Autumn Festival just round the corner, are you on the hunt for some good mooncakes for your family and to give as gifts to your friends? If you are looking for mooncakes that not only taste good but looks good and presentable, I’ve got just the right recommendation for you! Conrad Centennial Singapore outdoes itself again this year by introducing new and interesting flavors for their mini snowskin and signature filo mooncake collection, while retaining their all-time popular traditional flavors as well. Whether you are giving the mooncakes as gifts or hoarding them for your own consumption at home, anyone will be delighted with such a classy and sophisticated packaging, don’t you think? Boxes are available in choice of three colours – Burnt Orange (as shown here), Red or the limited edition Luxe Golden Flower. =D



The highlight of this year’s festival, as well as one of my personal favorites,  is the introduction of a new addition to the popular Golden Peony’s signature filo mooncakes - the Custard and Bak Kwa in Crispy Charcoal Filo Pastry. This wonderful creation is filled with melt-in-your-mouth sweet custard and salty BBQ pork bits in a flaky charcoal filo crust, which I find absolutely satisfying! The other traditional filo pastry mooncake is one of the all-time bestsellers – Sweet Potato in Crispy Filo Pastry, and is a tummy-pleaser, as always.


I was really excited to try the new flavors of the mini snowskin mooncakes, and I must say they are each unique and very interesting indeed! I bet you’ll be all curious to try them yourself when you see the flavors offered – Mango Cream Cheese, Green Tea with Yuzu Truffle, Bubble Tea with Butterscotch and Gin & Tonic!


In case you are wondering whether there are chewy bubble pearls in the Bubble Tea with Butterscotch mini snowskin mooncake, the answer is YES! I was pleasantly surprised that I could immediately detect the taste of bubble tea the moment I bit into it, and that quickly escalated into delight when I realised there were chewy pearls in them as well! =D It would be perfect if the tea taste is stronger and the butterscotch played down a little though.


The Gin & Tonic mini snowskin mooncake was another of my favorite because of the strong gin taste in every bite. You might want to keep this flavor away from your kids. =P


For Conrad Centennial Singapore’s full collection of mooncakes for 2017, please check out their website for more details on flavors and pricing. Early bird discounts are available for some credit cards as well, so it’s good to buy them early! =D

Monday, August 14, 2017

Shape Run 2017 1.8km Family Run

Media Invite

Woke up bright and early on Sunday morning and got dressed in our running tees and new Skechers running shoes for SHAPE Run 2017! The kids were understandably excited – It’s been quite a while since our last family run together and everyone can’t wait to put our new shoes to the test!


All set with our race bibs and ready to go!


Good vibes even though it’s very early in the morning – everyone’s happy to be out doing some healthy activities on a Sunday!


And Skechers’ cute pink shoe mascot appeared! And all the little ones wanted a photo with him of course. :)


Before the race day, the kids had worn their new Skechers shoes out several times and they love how comfortable they are, and I am glad that I found shoes that my kids would wear and walk long distances without complaining. Apparently, they are so well-cushioned that the 1.8km race felt really short to them! =P


And so, we completed the race in no time at all – The weather was perfectly breezy with a little sunshine, and we had lots of fun along the way!


It might be the first race that I did not hear the little girl complain about being too tired – In fact, she managed to run most of the way! Good job, proud of you Jayne! =D


Thanks for having us, Skechers & Shape Run 2017! We had a fun and healthy Sunday morning! =D


See you, Shape Run 2018!


Disclosure: The J Babies was sponsored four pairs of Skechers running shoes and complimentary participation in Shape Run 2017 for purpose of review.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Shape Run 2017

Shape Run 2017 is happening this Sunday, 13 Aug! Ladies, if you have not registered, you have less than 7 days to do so here!


As always, there are various categories you can take part in – 5km or 10km Women’s Open (Competitive), or you can also take part in the 1.8km Family Run as a family! We’ll be a part of the Family Run on Sunday and we can’t wait because it’s been a while since our last family run together!

Skechers is the Co-Presenter for this year’s Shape Run, and so we popped by Skechers outlet at ION to choose new shoes for this Sunday’s run! Since our first pair of Skechers, we have been in love with their comfort, lightweight and performance. If you are a runner, you know how important all these factors are – They can either make the race experience an enjoyable or torturous one!



My eyes were set on this pair the moment I walked into the store – The GoRun 5 Nite Owl. Besides being pretty in pink and purple, it has enhanced 5GEN cushioning for additional impact protection and response. Comes in Skechers GO knit fabric upper with 3D printed overlays, integrated cooling panels at front and sides. Apparently, this glows in the dark as well! I shall try that soon!


The first thing that always amazes me when I put on a pair of Skechers sports shoes is how snug and comfortable it feels. It feels almost as if the shoes automatically adjusts itself to fit your feet, making sure that there are no empty spaces and sufficient support is given at every point. I totally love this feeling! And that is why I wear my Skechers everywhere – For long strolls, shopping, running and definitely on holidays!


The husband and Joey decided to go twinning in their choice of Skechers shoes from the GoRun Ride 6 series! Joey has big feet even though she’s only an 11-year-old, so she had to choose a pair from the adult series, and it’s no surprise she fell in love with this pair – Her current favorite colour is blue!


Jayne chose this pair of black shoes with pink laces, and I thought it matched her personality very well – Garang, yet princessy!


As you can tell, we were happy shoppers that day who left the store with our favorite pair of new Skechers shoes!


And yes, we are all ready for Shape Run 2017!


Pop by any of Skechers’ stores and check out the many styles and designs they have, and try for yourself the shoes to see whether I am right about the comfort part!


And don’t forget to sign up for Shape Run 2017 if you have not! =D

Disclosure: The J Babies were sponsored 4 pairs of running shoes for Shape Run 2017 and for review purposes on the blog. No other compensation was received.