Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Get Your CNY Flowers & Hampers From Floral Garage Singapore!

Product Review

Chinese New Year is my most favorite festival of the year and it’s extra special this year because we are celebrating it in our new nest for the first time! =D I am still thinking about how to decorate the house so that there is a good balance of cheena and style, but when this Imperial Treasure – Premium CNY Hamper from Floral Garage Singapore arrived, I was immediately thrown into the dong dong qiang mood!


I think hampers are great gift ideas during the CNY to relatives, corporate partners and even family friends. Not only do they look presentable, they add that festive touch to a home!


The hamper was beautifully wrapped up in a basket with peony and cherry blossom floral arrangements, and contained some of my favorite items during CNY feasting - New Moon Razor Clams, New Moon Limpets, New Moon Top Shell, Hock Hua Dried Mushroom and a can of BBQ Coated Peanuts. There are many different hampers and floral arrangements in different styles, size and budgets for you to choose from: https://floralgaragesg.com/product-category/gift-sets/cny-hamper/ Perfect as gifts or to decorate your home during the festive season for the visitations.



By the way, Floral Garage has a special domain for Valentine’s Day at http://valentines.floralgaragesg.com/ if you wish to make your orders. Valentine’s Day and CNY are so close to each other this year! =D

Monday, January 08, 2018

Chinese New Year Goodies! (Review & Giveaway)

Product Review

In a twinkling of an eye, Christmas is over and we have crossed over into a brand new year! In slightly more than a month’s time is my most favorite season in the entire year – Chinese New Year! I love it because we get to have quality family time with the extended family, and indulge in delicious Chinese New Year goodies! This is also going to be our first Chinese New Year in the new house, so we are expecting more guests than past years. So when Pineapple Tarts Singapore wanted to send over some of their signature CNY goodies for us to review, we were most happy to do so! At the rate the goodies are going, we would have to order another batch when CNY comes. Haha!


Pineapple Tarts Singapore sent over their best-sellers and every one is my favorite! My absolute most favorite will always be pineapple tarts though, and those that were sent over was so yummy they were wiped out in my household in 2 days! Yes, 2 DAYS! My kids were suddenly transformed into pineapple tart lovers – Which was very strange because I didn’t remember they were that crazy about them last year! In the end, I only managed to snag 3 pieces. So yes, I definitely need to order more. =X


So, there was a tin each of Pineapple Tarts ($21.90), Cheese Pineapple Tarts (S$24.90), Crispy Sia Prawn Roll (S$14.90), Cashew Nuts (S$17.90) and Kueh Lapis (S$39.90). If you like cheese, the Cheese Pineapple Tarts is a lovely twist to the original flavor and definitely worth a try!


Love it that the goodies came in air-tight plastic containers like these – Aesthetically pleasing and keep the food fresh.


What’s so good about their pineapple tarts, you ask? They are buttery, crumbly and literally melts in the mouth. I thought I was being a little drama queen when I described it that way, but when my friend came visiting and tried them, those were her exact comments as well! It must be true then! =P And really, it’s quite impossible to stop at only one after you start. The pineapple fillings are sweet and slightly sourish – Just the way I like it!


Fans of Kueh Lapis will be happy to know that Pineapple Tarts Singapore makes a good version. I like how firm it is, with the right texture and sweetness. Makes me happy when I enjoy it with hot chinese tea!


The cashew nuts and crispy prawn rolls are always crowd-pleasers, so they are a must to stock up during the CNY season!


CNY goodies are must-haves during the festive season, and trust me, you will feel very happy when your guests come visiting and compliment how delicious your CNY goodies taste! There are different varieties available on Pineapple Tarts Singapore, so go check them out and make your purchases early, so that you get to enjoy the yummy treats sooner! Anyway, it’s only a month away from CNY!



Make your purchases on Pineapple Tarts Singapore, and get a 10% total cart discount by using code “KLESSSPECIAL10” (Discount code will be valid till end Feb")


And now for the first giveaway of 2018, Pineapple Tarts Singapore has kindly agreed to sponsor 3 sets of goodies for 3 readers of The J Babies. Every set consists of a tin of Pineapple Tarts and a tin of Cheese Pineapple Tarts. Please participate via Rafflecopter to qualify. Happy CNY in advance! =D

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Thursday, January 04, 2018

HYPOXI®: Low Impact, Targeted & Burns More

And so, I completed my intensive programme with HYPOXI® and became fitter using its unique vacuum and compression technology. I shared about my first visit here on the blog previously – You can read about what HYPOXI® is all about there. 


Workouts are not always tough and tiring, and HYPOXI® is one of those that is low impact, yet targeted at specific problem areas of your body and burns more fats than typical gym exercises. Every session is 30 minutes, so all I do everyday is to pop into the studio for a 30-minute slow jog on the HYPOXI® Vacunaut (pictured below), while watching my fav korean drama or some movie on Netflix, and before I know it, the session’s over!


The “space suit” makes all that difference – The suit is body-fitting and compresses at various points of my body, thus promoting fat-burning. For me, I felt the difference in my tummy area (which is my Number 1 problem area). The whole tummy area felt tighter and firmer after every session and even the husband commented that he could see the difference in my body shape after a mere few days.


The HYPOXI® method focuses on the Power of 3 – Fitness, Nutrition & Technology. When low impact exercises are combined with advanced technology and healthy nutrition, the result is that your body burns fats smarter and faster, without you having to work doubly hard for it. Because of its unique technology, independent studies have shown that it is three times more effective at targeted fat burning than regular exercise. During my intensive programme, I was advised by my HYPOXI® Coach to watch my diet and drink plenty of water to speed up the fat-burning process. The results can be amazing when you are disciplined!

If you are like me – Want to get rid of excess fats and flabbiness in specific areas of your body, but does not want to attempt anything high-impact, HYPOXI® would be perfect for you. Contact them for your free trial and talk to the coaches to find out how this can work out for you. http://hypoxisingapore.sg/contact/ They are conveniently located at BreadTalk IHQ (Opposite Tai Seng MRT Station), so it’s easy to pop in and out for your quick 30-min workout sessions. :)


HYPOXI® Singapore
Breadtalk IHQ, 30 Tai Seng Street
#02-14 Singapore 534013

Tel: 6443 0500 / 6443 1802

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Feature Wall by Nippon Paint

Product Review

When we were thinking through about the design of our new house in early June this last year, we were quite sure that we wanted a minimalist industrial vintage look for the house. But this style calls for mostly whites, greys and blacks and those colours would not sit very well with my two bubbly girls. So I thought I should do something a little different for their room. I searched around on Pinterest and found a simple but nice design to paint as a feature wall in the girls’ room, and all I did was to pass on the picture to Nippon Professional Painters, and they got it done for me!

That was me discussing with the painter before he started work, just to be sure that we were both on the same page.


My girls had chosen a main color they would like to have in the room, which is purple. So going by that, I got Nippon Paint to paint the feature wall using three different shades of purple. It was a very simple design, because I had expected my girls’ room to be very cluttered with all sorts of soft toys, decorations and of course, all their books and school stuffs.


The lightest and darkest shades went on first, and the painter used masking tape to get the design that I wanted.


And this is the final look of the feature wall (before the tapes were removed)!


The professional painters from Nippon got it done in no time at all, and it turned exactly the way I envisioned it to be! =D

I have since added rainbow polka dots stickers as well as a pair of wooden eyelashes onto the feature wall to complete the look, and my girls LOVE it!


I’m glad Nippon Paint helped to make this happen. The girls now have a very cosy room in their fav color. :)


Engaging Nippon Paint to handle the paint job for my new home made it so much easier for me. They helped me translate ideas I had in my mind into reality, and did everything in professional standards within a very short time frame. If you are considering their services, hop over to see their price packages and speak with them if you intend to get any customizations done!

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Disclosure: This is a collaboration between The J Babies and Nippon Paint for an independent review of the Nippon Professional Painting Services. This is a partial sponsorship, and all photographs and opinions used in this post are solely ours.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Ergostars Study Desks & Chairs: To Better Postures In 2018!

Product Review

My girls were elated when their brand new study desks and chairs from Ergoworks arrived. (Read about our previous experience shopping for them) You see, they’ve not had proper study desks and chairs, and studying and homework is always done on the dining table or the small side table. In the new house, they not only have proper study desks and chairs, they have ergonomically-designed ones by Ergoworks, which are approved by Chiropractic Association (Singapore) and Singapore Physiotherapy Association!

Why are ergonomic furniture necessary, you may ask? Kids are still growing day by day, and their postures can play a big part in their well-being at this point when they are still ‘moldable’.  Helping them to maintain a good posture during studying and reading will help them stay alert, thus focus better and learn better. Bad posture can cause aches, discomfort and irritation, and eventually affect their sleep quality as well. So, I am really glad that we’ve got these great furniture for the kids for our new place!

Spacious & Functional Book Shelf & Storage

Both girls received the Ergostars ES-8803 Desk & Chair Set in pink and blue respectively, and this was right after the staff set it up in the girls’ bedroom. As you can see, the table area for writing is huge and spacious, with a good amount of shelf space for the girls to display their books and decorations etc.


And this is after the kids put in their stuffs on the shelf – Joey keeps her dictionaries, bible, writing materials and basically stuffs she would reach out for on a daily basis there, so that everything is within easy reach. Jayne prefers to keep her little toys there so that she can be happy every time she looks up from her books and sees them. =P


The pull-out drawer trays underneath the desks are also useful for the girls to keep their stationeries, hair accessories and other art materials.


Key Features To Help Promote Good Postures

With an adjustable table height (58cm to 80cm), the Ergostars study desk allows the kid to sit up straight and not slouch. The height adjustment can be done easily and effortlessly, so as your kid grows in height, you can adjust it easily to accommodate the growth. The wrist rest on the edge of the desk allows the kid to rest the arms on the desktop comfortably, while providing the right amount of support. It also doubles up as a pad that holds books and electronic devices so that they don’t slip off. The desktop can also be adjusted to tilt up to 25 degrees for better ease of reading and writing.


The chair plays a big part in the kids’ posture of course. By making sure that the kid sits all the way to the back, covering the whole seat, the unique back rest design of Ergostars helps the kid to maintain a good posture throughout.


The foot rest makes for a comfortable sitting posture without straining on the shin or calf.


I love the little touches and features of the Ergostars Desk – The bag hanger, for example, not only saves floor space but helps the girls stay organized by keeping their bags on their own territories. =P They are very sturdy, by the way. My girls’ bags are crazy heavy but they hang there by the side of the desks with no problem at all.


Initially, we were still worried that we would not be able to squeeze in two single beds, two study desk and chair sets and two wardrobes into the girls’ tiny bedroom, but thankfully everything worked out perfectly without being too crammed. Ergostars’ desks are spacious, yet compact in size (less than 1 metre in length) and can fit into most bedrooms with no issues. Phew!

My girls are really happy now that they’ve got their own study desks and chairs, and they spend a lot more time ploughing over their books there now (I am glad!). It is true that when we create a conducive environment for our kids to study and read, they would gladly do it more. Plus, with better postures due to the ergonomic furniture, I believe they will complain a lot lesser about aches and pains now. I am already excited to see how all these will result in better results and happier studying experiences for my girls in this coming year! Thank you Ergoworks for making their dreams come true. :)


With a brand new school year starting today, I will share more about how the girls’ Ergostars desks and chairs have helped them on a daily basis, in my next post. Stay tuned! =P In the meantime, if you are thinking of getting new ergonomic furniture for your kids as well, this might be the best time to do so. This Ergostars ES-8803 Desk & Chair Set that my girls have is having an online promotion right now – Prices have been slashed down from $1,998 to a mere $899! And you receive a free drawer and bookshelf as well!

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Disclosure: This is a collaboration between Ergoworks and The J Babies, for an honest review of their products and services. Ergoworks sponsored two sets of Ergostars ES-8803 Study Desk and Chairs for review purposes. All opinions and photographs are solely ours, and no other financial compensation was received.

Monday, January 01, 2018

Brandt Appliances For My Home: In-House Demonstration Service

Product Review

There are so many different brands for electrical appliances on the market, but one of the things that differentiates them for me personally is the service level I receive as a customer. When Brandt decided to come onboard a collaboration with the blog for my new home, I was elated because I’ve heard so much about the product quality of this French brand, but the icing on the cake was that they provide in-house demonstration service for all their appliances! Now, that’s perfect for me because I am not the only person who uses the appliances at home – my mother-in-law uses them more often than me most of the time, and getting her to read the manuals on how to operate them would be quite impossible. Having a person to come to our place to explain and demonstrate how to use every appliance properly and to answer any questions on the spot was extremely helpful!

So, our very friendly Brandt consultant, Amelia, came by for a demonstration and she was so nice and friendly, and knows the products very well, obviously. It was assuring to hear that she is using Brandt washing machine and oven at home herself too, so she could really address our questions that arose from the day-to-day usage. Amelia brought us through step-by-step, how to operate the washing machine and oven as well as share tips on how we can maximize the usage for specific scenarios. It was also useful that she shared with us her own good practices at home, to ensure that the appliances are well-maintained and can last for the long haul. Care for appliance is something that is always lacking in my household – We tend to overwork our machines sometimes, but little daily habits can make that much a difference in their longevity!


My mother-in-law asked so many questions, I was just glad I was not the one answering her. =P I wouldn’t have been able to, anyway! Thankful that Amelia was patient and could address her concerns one by one.


So grateful for the live demonstration session – Saved me lots of time having to plough through thick manuals and still not being able to fully understand how everything works. And you know the best part? Before Amelia left, she gave me her number so that I can contact her anytime with questions should I encounter any difficulty using the appliances, and she even said it’s fine to contact her even during weekends or public holidays! That’s superb service level, I say! What an awesome value-add from Brandt – It totally differentiates them from other brands. I felt so much at ease knowing there is a “hotline” I can call whenever I needed technical assistance.


When we make decisions to purchase appliances for our homes now, we don’t just look at the product quality or warranty periods, but also the post-sales service quality. And Brandt has done exceptionally well in this area – I approve! If you are looking for good-quality products with impeccable service, Brandt is the brand to look out for. Hop over to their website to check out their products for your home! Stay tuned for our next posts, as we share more about how Brandt’s products have made life so much easier for us in our new home. =)

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Disclosure: This is a collaboration between The J Babies and Brandt for an honest review of their products and services. All photographs and opinions are solely ours.