Thursday, November 27, 2014

Australian Neem Leaf Extract (Review & Giveaway!)

Product Review

We just got back from a fabulous and relaxing holiday at Krabi, and while I cannot stop talking about how beautiful the place was, there is something very deadly about Krabi. And I’m talking about the deadly bites of mosquitoes you can get all over your hands and legs just by walking on the streets!

The first time we stepped out of our hotel to roam the streets, we were bitten by so many mosquitoes in a span of 15 minutes. I expected mosquitoes in a rather rural place like Krabi, but I didn’t expect so many! Silly me, even though I brought along insect repellents with me on the trip, I forgot to apply them on before we stepped out. It was so bad that we made a quick detour back to the hotel room to apply the insect repellent before going out again.


Thank goodness I didn’t bring just any ordinary insect repellent. These bottles of Australian Neem Leaf Extract sprays were introduced to me by 13Thirteen before my Krabi trip, and it was so apt that I brought them with me. Not only do they work perfectly as insect repellent, they work just as well when applied to insect bites and stings. Just 15 minutes on the streets of Krabi and we were already scratching everywhere. I quickly sprayed on the Australian Neem Leaf Extract on our mosquito bites and immediately got some relief. You know how kids cannot control themselves and would keep scratching all the bites and thus aggravating them? This extract stopped the itch effectively and made it a lot more bearable for them.


In case you were wondering – The Australian Neem Leaf Extract is a natural and aqueous extract made from organic, tea quality leaves grown in Queensland. Not only can it be used safely on all animals at any age, it is also safe for children. Everyday before we stepped out of our hotel room, I would spray it generously on the kids and myself, and thankfully, we didn’t get bitten any more! Terrible mosquito bites would certainly have ruined my holiday in some way or another.


I don’t know about you, but I absolutely dislike applying cream on my body, especially when they cause a sticky and oily feeling. The Australian Neem Leaf Extract is light and does not leave any sticky or oily feeling on my arms and legs. It is also odorless (Double yay!!) and does not sting broken skin. I am so glad to be introduced to such a natural product that I love to use and would feel at ease using them on my kids.


If you think that this is just good for soothing insect bites, then you are in for a surprise! There are so many other uses for the Australian Neem Leaf Extract such as resolving skin issues (acne, allergies, eczema, dermatitis, etc), fungus, cold sores, warts, burns, sunburns and even mouth ulcers or sore throats! In fact, if you mix 1 part of neem to 5 parts of water, you get an excellent gargle for sore throats. The next time I suffer a mouth ulcer, I’m going to follow the instructions and spray the extract directly on the ulcers. Finally, something that can help reduce the suffering from mouth ulcers!

If you feel that the Australian Neem Leaf Extract sprays would be useful for your family, you can purchase them by emailing to or purchase them off Qoo10 via The sprays are available in 3 sizes:

65ml - $19
110ml - $29
220ml - $45


All 3 sizes are useful in their own ways. I would keep a 65ml bottle in my bag and bring it with me wherever I go. The 110ml bottle is great when I go travelling overseas and the 220ml bottle is perfect to be kept and used at home. 13thirteen is in the midst of doing up their website at Once that is available, you can also make your purchases there. :)

Thank you 13thirteen for providing us with the Australian Neem Leaf Extract sprays for our trip to Krabi. They were our lifesavers!



13thirteen has kindly extended a 10% discount with free shipping to all Singaporean readers of this blog if you make your purchases by emailing and quoting KLESSIS in your email. If you are planning to travel overseas this year end, this is a good chance for you to purchase the Australian Neef Leaf Extract sprays – They will definitely come in handy! Remember, they are safe not just for yourself, they are safe on children and even pets. Use with a peace of mind! =)


13thirteen has sponsored 3 bottles of 110ml Australian Neem Leaf Extract sprays ($29 each) for 3 of my readers. Please participate via Rafflecopter:

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Planner 2015

How do you start planning?

I started mine by getting a new planner for 2015. It may sound like the most bimbotic thing to do, but trust me, it absolutely sets you on the right footing for a great year ahead. I’ve always wanted to get a super pretty planner, but every year, I manage to convince myself that it’s a waste of money to spend 30 bucks on a pretty planner when a $6 plain black one will work just as well. This year, I decided against all odds that only a nice and pretty planner will do. Spending 30 bucks for something that would serve me for the next 365 days of my life sounds like a really good deal. And so, I got me a baby pink one from Typo! *do a little happy dance*


It’s got all the elements I love – Quilted jacket, metal plate with engraving, pink and polka dots. =)

IMG_5211 IMG_5212

I kept some stickers and stick markers in the pockets of the planner, so that I can beautify my days as I put in the events and important dates as I go along.


Every planner comes with a matching pen, and mine happens to be a gold pen. So nice!


A new planner is definitely a great excuse to craft and decorate. And so, I spent one afternoon to do up some of the pages to personalize the planner. My printic photos turned out to be very handy! :)

IMG_5204 IMG_5220

This is just the preliminary – The planner’s gonna get a lot more fun and interesting as I go along, I’m sure! :)

IMG_5203 IMG_5205 IMG_5206 IMG_5207 IMG_5208 IMG_5209 IMG_5210

After I finished doing simple touch-ups to some of the pages in my planner, I wrote in the important birthdays, dates to remember and events that have been confirmed for the new year. I feel very organized, and finally can see 2015 in a more structured manner! Loving this feeling. :)

Love this planner because it’s not only got the monthly view, it’s also got daily view for me to pen down thoughts, devotions and ideas that may drop in randomly. Plus, it’s surprisingly light so that it’s not burdensome to bring it with me everywhere I go. Now, I feel motivated to go buy more stickers to beautify the planner. =P

Start planning for 2015, if you have not! =D


P/S: Contrary to popular beliefs, this is NOT an advertorial or product review. :)

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Monday, November 24, 2014

The Halia Raffles Hotel

Media Invite

I am a big fan of ginger. Which is part of the reason why I enjoyed my confinement so much – I had my favorite dishes for every meal for the entire month, which was just thrilling. When my family was invited to The Halia at Raffles Hotel, I couldn’t say no for the very same reason. Turned out, what they had on their menu was pretty good and we had a nice and relaxing family dinner that evening.

The girls were dressed up as ‘Ballerina Princesses’ that evening for the dinner because it happened to be Halloween weekend and there were special offerings on the menu in celebration of the festival as well. Every kid also received a goody bag, much to their delight. Despite the original meaning of Halloween, to the kids, it is simply a festival to dress up and receive candies and I would love to keep it that way. :)


Love the elegant yet cosy decor of The Halia at Raffles Hotel.

IMG_4598 IMG_4604 

You’d notice a little ginger plant on your table when you dine at The Halia. Most apt table plant ever.

IMG_4600 IMG_4603 IMG_4607

The kids received coloring sheets and color pencils, along with good bags of candies.

 IMG_4609 IMG_4611  IMG_4588

A little Halloween touch with a special Halloween drink menu.


I’m sure you expected something like this, right? This was ‘An eye for an eye’. =P


We ordered several of the restaurant’s specialties to try, and they were not just pretty, they were tasty!

Presenting my most favorite dish of the evening -
Chilli crab dip ($14++) with Toasted baguette

Even though I have a weakness for crabs, this dish was so impressive, even non crab lovers would love it. There were real crab chunks inside that sauce, just incase you were wondering. The baguette went perfectly with the chili crab dip! SO VERY YUMS.


This next starter dish looked like a piece of art! Love how they used 3 different colored tomatoes to dress it up.
Goats cheese mousse ($18++) - Heirloom tomato, olive, wild honey, dried brioche


The Oriental pulled duck ($18++) was a tummy-pleaser, and got me feeling hungry for my main course! That’s gherkin, caper, micro herb salad, soba noodle and sesame oil, presented in a most pretty and compact manner for you. Of course, the pulled duck was soft and tender – I think this can be a main course by itself!


The girls ordered from the Kids’ Menu, and very predictably, ordered a pasta and Fish & Chips. Haha!


Wagyu Beef Bolognese Spagghetini ($14++)
Generous serving of spaghetti with meat sauce. Very traditional and hearty. And seriously, since when do kids get such good beef for their pasta? This is luxurious, and nutritional definitely.


The Fish & Chips is smaller in portion by comparison, but the huge chunk fries filled up the tummy pretty well.
Breaded Fish & Chips ($12++)


I noticed how the side salads all looked very good & colorful on every dish that came to our table, only to be told later that one of the chefs specializes in greens. It’s no wonder!


Main courses to the table! The husband ordered the Stockyard Wagyu Rump (Aus) ($44++) – 200g. Love the presentation, that huge bowl of fresh greens and crispy onions on the steak!


My main course was just as lovely. Baked Hamachi kingfish collar ($28++) was done perfectly with a side of pickled vegetable, miso, orange, ginger and lemon mayo, which was super refreshing and light.


A perfect end to every lovely meal – A wonderful dessert. Sticky Toffee Pudding ($10) has everything I like – Date, butterscotch, sea salt, vanilla ice-cream!


Speaking of which, The Halia Raffles Hotel has an interesting Communal Feast menu which you can check out here. Perfect for family meals to celebrate a special occasion, or just an excuse to feast and enjoy each others’ company!

Thank you The Halia Raffles Hotel for hosting our family for a lovely family dinner. Great ambience, great food and great time. :)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

UNO – My Fav Childhood Game (Giveaway!)

Product Review

One of the my fav games since young is UNO. It’s hard not to like this game because it’s easy to play, colorful, fun and almost everyone I know knows how to play it. My most vivid memories of UNO are those late nights (or wee hours of mornings) spent at chalets with friends, with eyes barely open but would immediately spring wide open when someone shouts “UNO!”. Haha, those were the days.

When a stack of UNO cards were delivered to my house a couple of weeks back, I knew it was time to pass on the tradition to my girls. It definitely helped that the UNO cards sent to us looked like this:

Retoucher Pam Amimoto


IMG_5183 IMG_5184

I announced to my kids that we were going to learn how to play a new game called UNO, and showed them the cards, which were met with screeches of ‘Yay!!!! HELLO KITTY! HELLO KITTY!!!!!!’. Then came, ‘What’s UNO?’ =P

 IMG_5185 IMG_5181

As expected, the girls picked up the game really fast and before I knew it, we were into our 5th round and Jayne was winning almost every round!!! She even beat Papa Isaiah who announced right at the beginning that he was super good at every game. Heh. It was so unbelievable that Joey declared, “Why is she so lucky???!” and went on a sulk until she finally won one of the rounds. For me, it was just funny to watch their reactions to a game I’ve been playing since I was a kid. It was a great evening of family fun and we’ve had many of such evenings since. :)

IMG_5192 IMG_5186 IMG_5194 IMG_5187


UNO motif 2014

By the way, if you are also a fan of UNO like me, there is a fun and exciting event you can catch this coming Sunday on Nov 23! The 2014 Asia UNO Challenge Singapore & Regional Finals will be happening at Jurong Point Shopping Centre, Centre Stage Level 1. The Singapore Finals will happen at 1pm followed by the regional finals at 2pm. I expect it to be an exciting and adrenaline-filled afternoon as participants from seven countries - Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Malaysia and India - vie for the coveted top honours! Nine year-old YouTube sensation from Singapore, Dr Jiajia, will also be at the finals event to perform on his ukulele.


Thanks to our sponsors, we have 5 sets of UNO Hello Kitty cards to give away to 5 readers. Please join via Rafflecopter and giveaway will end on Wed, 26 Nov. Winners will be contacted by mail.

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