Thursday, November 26, 2015

Cafehopping In Singapore: Brunches Café

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It’s always a joy to discover and experience new cafes, especially when it’s a vintage café of some sort! Because of my ongoing collaboration with Quaker, I visited Brunches Café recently to try out their Quaker-inspired dishes. The food was awesome, and so was the décor of the café – Everything’s so vintage and chic, and almost everything you can find in that café is up for sale! Yes, even the chair I was seated on had a price tag on it. =P It was eye candy from the moment I stepped in – Everything was so lovely and nice, I wish I can bring everything home!


Brunches Café is a quaint little café located about 5 minutes’ walk from Farrer Park MRT station. It serves the usual all-day breakfast (till 6pm everyday) and the normal café works of fries, pasta, pizza, etc. This is the first thing that will catch your eye as you enter the café:

A multi-purpose vintage car.


I can totally do with a car like that in my living rom. It holds the sauces, sugar, salt & pepper, AND doubles up as a seating space for 4! Too gorgeous and perfect. Nope, we didn’t get to sit in that space, so we pretended to pose for photos while trying to get that space into our frame, just so you can see how cute it looks, with brown leather seats and all. We took the seats just next to it, hoping that the customers would leave and we can take over the seats. Didn’t happen. =.=


The rest of the café is pretty much decorated with all kinds of vintage knick knacks. Totally nostalgic for people of my era. I recognize the thermal flasks, lamps, radios, telephones and clocks. They were memories of my childhood! Almost every chair at every table looks different and unique. Those we were seated on are converted from oil tanks. Very cool.

IMG_3236IMG_3237   IMG_3238IMG_3250   IMG_3259IMG_3252

Love this row of little house lamps – Functional, whimsical and dreamy!

IMG_3254IMG_3245  IMG_3262IMG_3248

So, the reason why I was at the café was to try their Quaker-inspired dishes!


The Quaker Multigrain Cereal Parfait was packed with all the goodness in one cup!


My girls love yogurt and oats, so this was right up their alley. We decided to have it as appetizers instead of desserts! =P

IMG_3274  IMG_3270IMG_3275

The main courses came next. The Quaker Sweet Corn Oat Meal Porridge had a taste of my childhood in it. It’s slightly sweet but surprisingly, matched pretty well with the savory sunny side up and sautéed mushrooms and asparagus. Very healthy & appetizing dish.


My personal favorite of the lot was the Creamy Chicken Risotto, cooked with Quaker oats for rice. It was savory with huge chunks of tender chicken in every mouthful. So very satisfying! That’s the good thing about having oats in your diet – You get full but you don’t feel guilty for eating too much, because it’s really healthy!

IMG_3281   IMG_3282

We also ordered other dishes on the menu to try and we loved it!

The BBQ Chicken pizza was good! Thin-crusted with abundance of chicken chunks, rocket leaves and appetizing BBQ sauce. Oh, I’m so craving for it now!


We wanted to try an item from the all-day breakfast section and decided to go for French Toast with mixed berries. I love the generous serving of mixed berries – Great match for the toast!


We lingered in the café even after we finished the food, just because it was so cosy and chill. Would love to come back again soon!

Brunches Café
96 Rangoon Road
Singapore 21838
Weekdays 10:30 am to 9 pm
Weekends 9:30 am to 9 pm
(Closed on Every Tuesday)


Disclosure: This is part of a series of posts done in collaboration with Quaker SG. All photographs and opinions expressed in this post are solely mine.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cirque du Soleil Presents TOTEM 2015–Review & Giveaway!

Cirque du Soleil returns to Singapore with an awe-inspiring production and I was so excited to be able to catch it a few weeks back!


Part of the excitement came from the fact that the production would be happening in the intimate setting of the signature blue-and-yellow Big Top! The moment I stepped into the tent, I was just in awe of the stage, backdrop and lighting. The entire setting really made me look forward to the performance before it even started!

2015-10-28 19.38.06

TOTEM traces the fascinating journey of the human species from its original amphibian state to its ultimate desire to fly. The cast features 46 circus artists, actors, musicians and singers from 17 countries performing an impressive collection of jaw-dropping acrobatic acts. You can look forward to an uplifting array of athleticism, soul-touching theatrics, lavish costume designs and cutting edge digital effects. With acrobatic performances evoking selected scenes from the story of evolution, TOTEM explores the ties that bind Man to other species, his dreams and his infinite potential.


I thoroughly enjoyed TOTEM because of three main reasons:

1. There’s great use of lighting, music composition as well as impressive sets!

The stage could well be one of the most impressive ones I’ve ever seen. It’s versatile and creates a great visual impact. Throughout the production, the stage changed its configuration and arrangement several times to create different scenes and images. Platforms were opening up or slotted into secret compartments, much to our amazement. The great use of lighting and music enhanced the quality of the production and drew every one in the audience right into the storyline. It was hard not to be completely immersed in the production and be in awe of every perfectly executed scene.


2. There are amazing acrobatic acts, nerve-wreaking stunts and nail-biting moves!

This would of course be the main reason why you would even consider watching TOTEM. It’s definitely not child’s play we are talking about here. Every performer in TOTEM is world-class, professional and very good at what they are doing. There were many moments I found myself sitting at the edge of my seat, with my fists clenched and mouth opened. Many of the acts were so dangerous in my opinion (with no harness or protective nets beneath!), but the performers looked completely at ease and confident. Every time the performers managed to complete their acts successfully, every one clapped and cheered for them, because they were no mean feats! The whole performance was a result of their many years of sacrificial training and practice, and they certainly deserved every encouragement from the audience.

foot-juggling Monkey-businesshigh-bar 

3. There are funny and highly-entertaining bits throughout the production!

While the acrobatic acts made me really nervous, I was pleasantly surprised that there were light-hearted and funny parts in the production as well. Imagine some of the performers as modern clowns – Their facial expressions and body language made everyone laugh really hard. So, TOTEM is a highly entertaining production that will be a great fun option for you and your family or friends. I won’t reveal more about what you will watch during the production, so that I don’t spoil the fun for you. Make sure you go catch the production before it ends!

2015-10-28 22.24.10

Book your tickets online here:

Wed, 28 Oct - Sun, 13 Dec 2015
Tue - Fri: 8pm
Tue (10 Nov): 4.30pm & 8pm
Sat: 4.30pm & 8pm
Sun: 1.30pm & 5pm
The Site open 1 hour before the show time.

Under the Big Top (Next to Marina Bay Sands)

Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)

VIP Rouge (First row): S$328
VIP Rouge : S$308
A Reserve: S$188
B Reserve: S$168
C Reserve: S$138
D Reserve: S$98
Sat - 7 Nov ,28 Nov & 5 Dec (8pm shows)
VIP Rouge (First row): S$328
VIP Rouge : S$308
A Reserve: S$188
B Reserve: S$168
C Reserve: S$138
D Reserve: S$98
Behind The Scenes VIP (BTS): S$495

* * * * *


Thanks to Base Entertainment Asia, I have a set of 4 tickets to give away to one reader. Please read the following terms & conditions carefully and participate via Rafflecopter below:

1. The tickets are for weekday shows from Tuesday to Thursday only. Winners can choose the date of the show for the tickets, subject to availability.
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4. Closing date of participation: 28 Nov 2015.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

“Ma, I Wanna Go NUS”

It was a conversation I had with Joey a few days ago.

Out of the blue, Joey asked me which University I went to, and I went on to tell her that I studied at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and that I graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration. I also shared with her how living in the Hall was like. I was staying at Sheares Hall during the first year of my Uni life, and that was the most fun part of my Uni life, getting to know many people from all faculties in NUS, studying really late into the night and having suppers every single night. We did so many crazy and fun things that I don’t think I will ever forget that experience. So, I told Joey that if she gets into NUS next time, she should really stay in the Hall for the experience of it. It would be one of the best memories of her Uni life. After hearing me share, Joey got really excited and told me that she has decided that she would be going to NUS (bless her!), and so I asked her what she would like to study. Gave her some examples of the different faculties in NUS such as Medicine, Computer Science, Arts…. and this was how our conversation went:

“I want to go to Computer Science!!!! I love to play computer games!!!”

“Errr but babe, computer science is not about playing computer games. It’s about doing programming and learning all about computers and how they work.”

“Oh….. then I don’t want. Oh I know! I want to go Arts!! You know how much I love drawing, right?” and she raised her two eyebrows at me with a big grin.

“Err…. but this Arts is not about drawing.” I was feeling very amused by now.

“Huh… then what can I study???! Everything (is) so boring!”

“Let’s not worry about that now, babe. University is still a long way away!”

We ended the conversation with some silly laughter and no conclusion, with Joey realizing that University might not be as fun as she thought it would be, but it got me smiling every time I recall this conversation I had with her. Kids grow up really fast, and no matter how much we hope to keep them at this stage when they are still all innocent and stress-free, life’s pressures are catching up on them every minute as we speak. But that’s what life is all about – Meeting challenges and overcoming them, growing stronger in the process of it. It’s a joy to watch my kids grow up and experience life, just as how I did. =)


Friday, November 13, 2015

Jayne’s K2 Graduation Concert

Finally, the day has come for Jayne to celebrate her two years of preschool journey. It has been a good two years with My First Skool and she made many valuable friendships. For the graduation concert, all the students had been rehearsing for many months. I’ve heard and seen every single song and drama skit at least a hundred times when Jayne shows them to me at home. =P Still, watching them on the actual day of the concert still brought many smiles to my face.


Jayne’s makeup and costume for the concert were so pretty!

IMG_3036 IMG_3040IMG_3037  IMG_3038

Every K2 kid handmade and presented a gift to their parents. So lovely!


With her teachers & Principal. Thank you for bringing out the best in Jayne and believing in her!


And here’s a compilation video of Jayne’s performance at her K2 Graduation Concert. Smile