Friday, July 13, 2018

Mom’s Cooking Delivered To Your Doorstep Everyday!

Product Review

As a full-time working mom, I am immensely grateful that my mother-in-law helps me with the kids – get them ready for school in the morning, wait for them to get home after school and settle their lunches and dinners. It has taken such a huge load off me so that I can attend to my work and ministry commitments. But I can imagine if I have no one to help me at all, my life will be a vicious cycle of rushing from home to work and then back home to cook for the kids everyday. I totally experienced that when my mother-in-law went for a week-long vacation to Thailand recently. Thankfully, Mom’s Cooking came to my rescue at the right time!

Mom’s Cooking is a food home delivery service (or what we commonly call tingkat) where meals are delivered to your doorstep every weekday. Essentially, you get homecooked goodness without having to do the marketing, cook and clean up after that. Seriously, what’s not to love about this? Having experienced it for a week, let me count 3 reasons why you should consider Mom’s Cooking if it is challenging for you to churn out good meals for your family on a daily basis.

1. MSG-Free Meals

A full-time working mom essentially has two full-time jobs and if I tell you that’s easy, I’ll be lying. It is true that it has gotten easier for me now that the kids are more grown up, but their health condition is still top priority on my list of concerns. Everyday, I am wondering if they are eating well and enough, and whether I have given them sufficient supplement in the area of their nutrition. So, if I buy their meals from outside sources everyday, it would not be good for their health in the long run due to the high amounts of processed food and MSG used.

Mom’s Cooking strictly uses no MSG in their cooking and they ensure that every meal delivered to you is a balanced diet. They also use Canola oil in all their cooking as it is a heart-healthy and cholesterol-friendly option. I am assured that the food that I am feeding my kids are healthy, provides them with the necessary nutrition and is not loaded with unnecessary additives – Something that I can achieve only if I choose to cook all the meals at home. That is a tall order for full-time working moms sometimes. I am glad that Mom’s Cooking is able to provide for what I need without me actually getting into the kitchen myself.


This was Day 1’s dinner and the kids enjoyed it so much. There was stir-fried vegetables, pork slices with corn & celery, steamed eggs with crabstick and herbal chicken soup. It was a hearty meal indeed and I didn’t feel thirsty after the meal – which means really no MSG added!


2. Convenient, Hassle-Free & Hygienic

Mom’s Cooking delivers your dinner between 3.30pm to 7pm every weekday, and every dish is neatly packed in this manner using environmentally-friendly and quality paper containers:


The lids are extremely tight and opening them requires effort, but it ensures that the food are kept hygienic and fresh. By the time I get home at 6pm in the evening, the food is usually not warm anymore and I’ll heat them up so that the kids can eat. This is a meal for two pax, but portions are huge and could feed my family of 2 adults and 2 kids.


With meals planned out for you everyday, this is really a convenient and hassle-free way of living without the need to do marketing, cook and clean up after that. Of course, this also means that your family cannot be a super fussy one because you need to eat whatever is delivered to you that day. However, Mom’s Cooking allows you to indicate the type of dishes to avoid and also whether you prefer to have your food spicy or non-spicy. The survey is done before your service starts so that they can try their best to deliver to you food of your liking. Speaking of which, this particular dish of herbal steamed prawns was super good and one of the my favourites in the whole week. There were a total of 8 big prawns given, and tasted so good!


3. Delicious & Yummy!

I had this perception that tingkat and home delivery are usually not as tasty (Many friends have told me that before too!), but this experience totally changed my view. The meals at Mom’s Cooking are prepared by their Principal Chef who has more than 15 years of experience in providing healthy & sumptuous home-cooked meals. No wonder the dishes all tasted good! My kids especially love the fried chicken dishes – On one of the days, there was fried chicken cutlet and on another, there was Har Cheong chicken winglets. Both dishes were wiped out in record time by the kids. I only managed to taste one small piece and I have to admit that they were very yummy indeed!


Another dish they do pretty well is their soups! So far, we enjoyed all the soups delivered to us everyday. They were always chockful of ingredients (They are really generous, I have to say!) and that is probably the reason why the soups were always flavourful.


If you are considering relieving the load of daily cooking for your household, check out Mom’s Cooking and try for yourself the convenience it can bring to you, without compromising on nutrition for your family. Pricing is as follows:


Eat well, everybody! :)

Disclosure: The J Babies was sponsored 5 days’ trial meals from Mom’s Cooking for review purposes. All photos and opinions in this post are solely ours.

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Bangkok Travel: Khao Yai Bunny Cafe

Bunny cafe at Khao Yai was one of our pitstops for food and drinks and bunnies are always adorable, so why not?


Food was alright at Bunny cafe, and it was nice that we had a whole air-conditioned room by ourselves just hanging out and taking tons of silly photos together.


Outside the cafe, there was an open air area for the bunnies to stay in. After our meal, the staff handed us baskets of veggies to feed the bunnies. There were not many bunnies (prolly around 8 to 10) but we had a nice time playing and feeding them. Some were just hopping around – So adorable!


Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Bangkok Travel: Khao Yai Secret Art Garden

Booked a private transport and went for a day trip in Khao Yai – about 2 hours’ road journey from Bangkok city. Love being in the nature and away from the busyness and rowdiness of city life! First stop in Khao Yai was the Secret Art Garden, which was basically a whimsical garden with lots of artwork everywhere you looked. There are work spaces for you to create your own painting or pottery art, if you like. Kids with an artistic flare would like this place! Pretty relaxing to just walk through the garden, listen to the sounds of trickling waters and taking photos with all kinds of statues and artwork along the way. Different music can be heard at different parts of the garden as well – a truly immersive art experience! Take a visual walk through the Secret Art Garden with me! =D


Admission fees apply for Secret Art Garden at Khao Yai.

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