Thursday, October 30, 2014

Polliwogs Suntec Is Open! (Review & Giveaway!)

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One of the first few indoor playgrounds my kids got introduced to is Polliwogs, and since then, their faces always light up when they hear that we are going to Polliwogs. So glad that the new outlet at Suntec is open!


Indoor playgrounds are such happy places. Everywhere you turn to, there are happy faces and laughing kids. It’s no wonder it’s always a challenge to make the kids leave after play. It’s a somewhat like heaven to them.


Polliwogs Suntec has a longish layout and lots to offer. From bouncy castles to multi-storey play structures and their signature ball-shooting arena, this particular outlet also has two large party rooms for all your party needs. I can imagine that every kid dreams of being invited to parties at indoor playgrounds every weekend. Not only are the party hosts fun-loving, they also get to have a ball of time in the playground. That’s a perfect weekend in the eyes of kids. =P

   IMG_3072 IMG_3073 IMG_3076 IMG_3077

I really like the abundant seating areas within Polliwogs Suntec. Apart from the main cafe area which is nicely done up with colorful cartoon wallpaper, there is also a separate seating area towards the other end of the playground, where private functions can be held. Otherwise, parents can just relax with a coffee while the kids have fun. Great food options are also available on the menu to feed the hungry kids after play. Basically, you can spend a whole day here.

    IMG_3084   IMG_3087

As with the other Polliwogs, there is a separate play area for the younger toddlers, and parents who have younger kids would feel safer letting them play there. The structures are smaller and easier for them to manage, and the floors are heavily padded to cushion any falls.

 IMG_3090 IMG_3078IMG_3093 IMG_3094 IMG_3097 IMG_3099    IMG_3105 IMG_3106 IMG_3108    IMG_3113 

I tried crawling through the ‘maze’ with Jayne and nearly broke my back after a mere 5 minutes. Seriously, I don’t know how kids can play inside for hours! @_@

         IMG_3128 IMG_3130 IMG_3136

If you’ve been to any other Polliwogs, you would be very familiar with what’s been mentioned so far. But at the Suntec outlet, there is a new activity centre called ‘Laser Fury’, which will thrill the older kids. My kids played it twice and wanted to play it again!

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It’s basically a very simple mission game where the kids need to get to the inside of a very dark room to press a button and come back out. The tricky part is that there are luminous ‘spider webs’ created by the laser lights and you cannot touch any of those laser lines when you pass through. The faster you complete the mission with lesser lines touched, the higher points you get.


The Polliwogs Suntec has kindly sponsored three sets of ‘Free Play Pass + 2 Tokens for Laser Fury’ (Worth $56) to 3 readers. If you are interested to win this, please join in the Rafflecopter below. This will be a great for the upcoming December school holidays! Closing date for giveaway: 6 Nov 12am.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cafe Hopping: Working Title

Been quite a while since my last post on my cafe hopping adventures. Truth is, I’ve not been able to visit cafes as often nowadays because of my busy schedules, but I really should make time for it. Soul time is so vital for my sanity.

And so, we popped by Working Title just last week and I love this quaint indie cafe. Read somewhere that chili crab sauce mussels are served there, but to my disappointment, only Garlic mussels was on the menu. Thankfully, it didn’t let us down – It was yummy!


Working Title cafe is a little indie and a little vintage. I spotted retro stuffs that made my heart leap a little. That weighing scale looked so cute sitting on top of the cake showcase.

IMG_4171 IMG_4172

Apart from the main cafe area, there is a backyard sitting area which I adore about this cafe. Laid-back, high-ceiling and you get abundant natural light coming in from the roof without feeling warm because it’s air-conditioned in there. Kinda perfect.


Old school diskette spotted with the wifi password!


This somewhat messy area intrigued me. I like how there is order in chaos, and how easy everything came into place and harmony.

IMG_4158 IMG_4159 IMG_4160

One of the cafe’s specialty and most recommended online were their ice-cream sandwiches, but we didn’t try them. Too expensive for something so small, IMHO.


The set lunches are really value-for-money, I feel. If you want something quick and simple, you can get a good lunch here at less than S$10. I opted for the Working Harder Lunch set that cost me about S$12. Absolutely worth it!

IMG_4164 IMG_4176

Our mussels came! And I was impressed at the portion!


Love it that lemon slices were added to our Garlic Mussels – Not only made it prettier and more appetizing, it was refreshing as well. The mussels were juicy and sweet and the sauce was delicious. Then again, anything with garlic pleases me. :P


Our rosti didn’t come looking like what I expected. You know, rosti naturally always look like those served in Marche, in my mind.These were thin and crispy, and very hearty! Served with a long sausage and a sunny-side-up – Recommended to order! Might be a little too much for a lady to finish up for lunch though. Great that I had husband to share it with.


The sausage tasted very, very good. Matched perfectly with the rosti and the salad on the side. Love it.

IMG_4188 IMG_4189

T’was a very satisfying lunch in the backyard at Working Title.

Working Title
48 Arab Street

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Applecrumby & Fish: Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice

Product Review

When I first shared about the lovely products from Applecrumby & Fish, I got so many queries from friends about the pretty lunch bags, and many commented on how adorable and colorful their products were. This month, the items sent over by Applecrumby & Fish wowed me once again. To my girls, the packages from Applecrumby & Fish are like treasure boxes full of wonderful goodies. It’s impossible for little girls not to love the things from them – They are all so girlie and pretty!

This fluffy and soft rabbit was immediately claimed by Joey because she said it’s named after her. =P This Moulin Roty Little Rabbit comes in a beautiful gift box with its name and makes a great companion for bedtime.


Even I cannot stop cuddling Jo Jo. She’s so soft!


Another doll that got delivered to our house was this elegant one in its own lilac box. Such dolls are great for make believe play, and for storytelling. Jayne has been using the Moulin Roty Les Parisiennes Mademoiselle Eglantine Doll in many of the stories she spins. :)


The quality is unmatchable, seriously. Every stitch is perfectly done – Even the clothes that the doll wears is made of very good material. Makes a really presentable gift for little girls, methinks.


How about some really adorable plates and cutlery sets?! Every kid will look forward to mealtimes with such colorful and pretty wares – Hopefully help create bigger appetites too! =)


Love this butterfly plate complete with matching fork and spoon! There’s a compartment for rice, another for meat and yet another for veggies! Some kids’ plates can be a little too small, but these are big and spacious enough. Love them!


Storage is often the biggest headache for all parents with young kids. Once the kids come into your life, even your designer homes can be turned into ruins if you do not have proper storage for the many toys they have. I love these storage options from Kathe Kruse – Not only are they practical and useful, they are also extremely pretty and sweet. Even the packaging is so lovely!


Look how spacious the box is when you unfold it. The girls now keep their rainbow loom boxes and their favorite accessories and toys inside. The box may be made of fabric, but it’s sturdy and stays in shape. There’re handles on both sides for easy lifting as well.

IMG_4207 IMG_4210

Nothing beats pretty-looking storage that not only helps to keep stuffs neatly together, but also plays a part in beautifying the room.


Just when I thought that storage cannot get any prettier, there were these two from Oskar & Ellen, which were just too sweet!!! This pink cupcake soft storage basket is perfect for storing lego, building blocks and even soft toys! Don’t you adore how pretty it is??


It’s big and spacious, and height of the basket can be adjusted, depending on the load you have. Because it’s soft, it takes the shape of whatever items are placed in it. No more worries about storing odd-shaped items because this basket is perfect for such!


I even joked with the kids that if they have a baby sister, I can bring this bag out and let her sleep in the shopping mall when she’s tired. =P

IMG_4220  IMG_4222 IMG_4224

And so, they jumped right in! Putting it into perspective – It fits Jayne comfortably!


And even Joey could sit in it! Look how thrilled these girls got from sitting in ….. storage baskets. Haha!

IMG_4229 IMG_4230

But of course, we decided to store our soft toys in them instead. It keeps everything compact and neat and can be shifted easily because of the handles as well.


Apart from the useful items for storage and meal times, Applecrumby & Fish also sent over some toys for the girls. Now, this stamp set from Moulin Roty got even ME excited! I can imagine how many cute cards I can make with these stamps!


I don’t know about your kids, but Jayne can spend hours just stamping and stamping on recycled paper if I let her. I’m still waiting for a rainy day to bring out the stamp set for her to stamp away. =P And actually, with different animal characters, you can even create a storyboard or a picture with the stamps and then let the kids color them. The possibilities are endless!


These last two toy sets from Stephen Joseph that I’m sharing are my favorite of this month’s loots! My girls love to play cooking, and these are really good quality wooden cooking and sweets sets. They are cute and colorful – Definitely makes the play so much more fun! =D

IMG_4197 IMG_4198

I’m sure you can tell how much fun my girls had on that rainy afternoon we were stuck at home. I am now convinced that good quality toys make a big difference to play time, and are also more timeless compared to cheaper plastic options.

IMG_4233 IMG_4234 IMG_4235

Don’t you just love the two-tier cupcake stand?? Mega adorable! =D

IMG_4236 IMG_4237

The set even comes with a wooden tray for serving, and a pretty table cloth. We had a royal tea party that day in the girls’ bedroom. Best rainy day program ever!

IMG_4238 IMG_4245 IMG_4246 IMG_4247 IMG_4248 IMG_4240 IMG_4250

If you are interested to purchase from Applecrumby & Fish, here’s where you can go to:

Online store:
Facebook page:

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Good news for those of you who really like the products by Applecrumby & Fish, especially those I’ve share in this and the last post. They will be doing a 30% blowout sale at their Woodlands Office in Singapore, during 2nd week of November. Apart from great products with items slashed down from original prices, every customer will get to pick a lucky gift (random number) to go home with. Lucky gifts can be adorable Zipper Pulls from Stephen Joseph, or Sticker Packs from Peaceable Kingdom, or cute skincare packs from Putto or Butt Naked Baby, etc.

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However, this special sale is BY INVITATION ONLY for The J Babies’ fans. If you would like to receive an e-invitation card to go for this special sale, please leave me your email address as a comment in this blog post, or drop me an email at An e-invite will be sent to you shortly – as simple as that! This may be one of the best places to grab your Christmas presents at one go! =D