Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Shepherd’s Pie Delivery (Discount Code & Giveaway!)

Whenever I think of having comfort food, the first dish that comes to my mind is always SHEPHERD’S PIE. I love gooey potatoes - warm and soft – matched with savoury minced meat and cheese. BUT, I have to say the process of making shepherd’s pies at home can be quite tedious with many steps to follow before the final product can get into my stomach, so when Shepherd’s Pie Delivery approached me with a review opportunity, I was IN! My kids love shepherd’s pies and are always bugging me to make some for them. I foresee I’ll be ordering frequently from them instead.

Check out what was delivered to my home, in time for a gathering with my friends last week! From their website, you can order chicken or beef Shepherd’s Pies in different sizes – Massive, medium or mini. This is a good party option because it will be really popular with your guests, I’m sure!

My friends enjoyed the Shepherd’s Pies and everything was gone way too fast. I only managed to get a mouthful of the chicken shepherd’s pie and I like it that there was a tinge of curry flavour without it being too overpowering. They taste a little different from the ones I made at home, but don’t ask what’s in it because it’s their secret recipe that makes it so good. Definitely comfort food and best enjoyed in the company of good friends.

Look at the chockful of ingredients inside the pie – Shepherd’s Pie Delivery definitely doesn’t skimp on their ingredients and every mouthful bursts with strong flavours. I matched it with some roasted vegetables and hot soup, and it made a very happy meal for the evening indeed. :)

Discount Code

Considering getting some good ole’ Shepherd’s Pies for your next party or gathering? They have kindly offered a 10% discount to all my readers when you quote “kless10” upon cart out. So make sure you remember to redeem your discount on your purchases! –>


Thanks to Shepherd’s Pie Delivery, I have 1 medium Shepherd’s Pie (Chicken/Beef) to give away to one happy reader of The J Babies. Follow the steps in Rafflecopter to participate. Closing date for participation is 15 Sep 2019. All the best!

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Sudio Tolv Wireless Earphones Review (15% Discount Code & Giveaway!)

Product Review

Guys, I found the perfect wireless earphones for me. His name is Suido Tolv.

I’ve been using Sudio earphones for a number of years now, and I’ve gone through different models of Sudio earphones – from wired earphones to wireless ones and the latest one in their series – Sudio Tolv. I have to say, without a shadow of doubt – Sudio Tolv is the best I’ve used so far, and here are my reasons for saying so:

1. It’s So Super Sleek, I Cannot Even.

I’ve been saying this about Sudio earphones from the beginning of time and I’m not exaggerating. The product always arrives looking all sleek and pretty in its compact packaging – Minimalist, neat and every item sits comfortably in its own place. Even before touching the actual product, I am wowed every single time I receive a package from them.

Bringing the Sudio Tolv out with me is easy because it’s so small and compact. Being wireless, there are no wires, so it’s totally hassle-free and does not create an entangled mess unlike my previous wired earphones. It’s almost like a fashion statement on its own!

2. Charging On-The-Go FTW!

The best thing about Sudio Tolv is that the casing (which is also pretty, matte & smooth) is a charging case as well. With a single charge, my Sudio Tolv earphones could last for 7 hours of playtime and the charging case give 4 additional charges before I need to plug it in for charging. That’s a total of 35 hours of battery life - How awesome is that?! I absolutely do not need to worry about my wireless earphones going out of juice when I am watching my korean drama or listening to music on-the-go!

3. Pairs Faster Than I Can Say “I Love Sudio”

Nothing can be more frustrating than having difficulty pairing the earphones to your device or having both right and left sides to pair to each other. My Sudio Tolv pairs almost immediately when I take them out of the charging case. I love the efficiency! No time is wasted at all. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and a 15m wireless range, which is rather impressive, I say! There are microphones on both earbuds as well, so it’s good for phone and video calls.

4. Top-Notch Sound Quality All Day Err Day

The latest model in their earphone series, Sudio Tolv comes with a brand new graphene driver, which delivers top notch sound quality every time. It makes every audio experience wonderful and enhances my journeys to and fro work every day. I don’t think I can endure my daily journeys without my trusty Sudio Tolv earphones!

Sudio Tolv now comes in so many pretty colours, I’m so tempted to get another pair just for fashion sake! =P You can check out their range here: If you make your purchases online now, you will also enjoy free shipping, one-year warranty and a free passport cover! What are you waiting for?!

Discount Code

For The J Babies’ readers, you can enjoy a 15% discount when you quote KLESSTOLV upon checking out your shopping cart. Each pair of Sudio Tolv retails at $189.00 each, so that’s almost a $30 discount!


Thanks to Sudio, I also have a pair of Sudio Tolv Wireless Earphones to give away to one reader of The J Babies. If you are keen to give this a try, please follow instructions in Rafflecopter and submit your entries!

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Monday, August 05, 2019

Conrad’s National Day Local Delights Buffet Is GOOD!

Media Tasting
You should know by now my family is quite a big fan of the buffet promotions at Conrad Centennial Singapore. I’ve enjoyed their many different themed buffets and this latest one in celebration of our nation’s birthday is no different. I personally love local food, and to have them in buffet-style is perfect. We had such a wonderful family dinner there last weekend! As per all food posts, I don’t think I should bore you with a wordy post because the photos will give you a very good idea what you can expect at this buffet spread!


I am not so much of a salad person but these looked super appetizing.

Interesting concept of Shake Your Salad In A Bottle! It’s Thai beef vermicelli salad, by the way and it’s yums!


It’s as fresh as it gets. Just look at the colours!


Guaranteed to satisfy your seafood craving – Look at the selection! And everything was so fresh!

Hot Deli

Whet your appetite at this section of the buffet because there are Teochew-style Braised Duck, Spicy Beef Stew in Sweet Soy Sauce, Ayam Buah Keluak, Muar Otah-Otah Fried Rice, ‘Kam Hiong’ Scallop with Celery and Carrot, Wok-fried Beef Cube with Curry Leaves and Oyster Sauce, Ayam Pongteh etc etc! So much good local delights you’d wish you had a bigger stomach for everything!

And don’t forget to head outside the restaurant for your noodles selection. I had a piping hot bowl of prawn noodles and it was good!


A kind word of advice: DO NOT leave the buffet without trying the desserts. They are very, very good! I had to pull my kids away from the chocolate fondue fountain cos they had too much!

And of course, the Nonya Kuehs. Must-eat.

Thank you so much Conrad Centennial, for always feeding us good food! Always a delight to be back feasting at your hotel! =D

The National Day Local Delights Buffet is available now till 31 Aug 2019, so make your reservations soon and enjoy a good meal with your family & friends there! For reservations or enquiries, please call Oscar’s at 6432 7463/81 or email

Friday, August 02, 2019

3 Reasons Why I Think Aladdin Musical Is A Must Watch

Media Review
I’ll be honest – It’s been a while since I couldn’t stop talking about a musical after watching it.
So very glad that we watched Aladdin on Grand Opening Night last week with our friends, and I have to say that I was blown away by the whole show from the beginning to the end. From the dazzling stage setup to the sparkling costumes, familiar renditions of the musical and humorous acts, I was literally sitting on the edge of my chair throughout. My seats were not good at all – too far for my likes – but even so, I enjoyed the musical so much. The only complain I have is that I cannot see the facial expressions of the performers, so I could hear everything from their voices. If you are still considering whether to go for this musical, here are 3 reasons why I personally think you SHOULD GO FOR IT:

1. Aladdin Is Highly Entertaining

Even if you are not crazy about musicals, this musical is bound to keep you well-entertained. Even the kids would enjoy it because there was just so many things happening at any one time. The whole stage setup was amazing and I was just awed by how they managed to create totally different scenes with clever use of different backdrops, props and stage presence. The transitions were seamless and they managed to create the mood and atmosphere best suited for the various scenes.
The script was extremely funny and clever. There were people in the audience clapping and laughing throughout the musical, simply because the lines spoken by the performers were ingenious. There was no boring bits in the whole musical – the scenes moved fast and the audience was captivated throughout.

The music and songs were awesome. I knew many of the songs from Disney’s first Aladdin animated movie, and listening to the performers brought back so much fond memories for me. I had to curb myself from singing along many times!

2. The Genie

Yes, absolutely. Even if you are not a fan of Aladdin or Jasmine, or their love story, you should catch the musical just to see the genie. He’s undoubtedly the highlight of the whole musical. I was full of respect for him and his talent by the end of the show. His script was extremely long and he had to sing, dance, imitate and make the audience laugh! His lines were hilarious and he executed all his acts to perfection, even all the high-energy parts. The audience was anticipating for his appearance at every scene! Truly, a world-class performer.

3. The Carpet Flying Scene

This was inevitable what everyone was anticipating for – The carpet flying scene. Even with high expectations, I must say I was thoroughly impressed at how the whole scene was executed. They cleverly manoeuvred the sets to show the “flying-out” of the carpet to the skies and I literally felt like I flew into the dark blue skies with Aladdin and Jasmine! I have to say though, that I was slightly disappointed with their duet of ‘A Whole New World’ at this point. Perhaps it was because the rest of the musical was performed with full band support and many back-up vocalists and choral singing of the whole cast, this part was performed solely by the two main leads and I wished the whole song could be fuller. Nevertheless, the carpet-flying was amazing and even when my friends and I tried to scrutinize and spot the wires carrying the carpet, we couldn’t spot any! How they managed to get the carpet flying so naturally in mid-air is one of their trade secrets, and you really need to see it for yourself!
So, I think if you only want to spend your moolah on one musical this year, Aladdin is it. You’ll not regret it, I promise you. Get your tickets from The musical’s ending its run in Singapore on 1 Sep 2019 (In fact, Singapore’s its only Asia stop!).

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Bing Liang Mooncakes (Review)

Call me traditional, but I tend to fancy stuffs from traditional bakeries. There is something nostalgic about them that mesmerizes me always. So when Bing Liang Bakery sent over their mooncakes for tasting this year, I was full of expectancy. After all, they were awarded ‘Best Mooncake in Singapore 2018’ by!

While there have been creative and interesting new flavours for mooncakes on the market the last few years, I still always go back to the traditional ones. This year, Bing Liang Bakery packaged their mooncakes in a nifty pretty pink box with a pull-out drawer. It’s such a pretty gift idea!

Apart from the traditional Lotus Single and Double Yolk mooncakes, Bing Liang also sent over their low sugar version, which I thought would be so popular because so many people are trying to adopt healthier eating habits now. Our elderly will be pleased to receive the low sugar options too, I’m sure and it shows our thoughtfulness towards them.

If you are a durian lover, Bing Liang also offers Mao Shan Wang mooncakes, which tasted like durian cakes to me. The flavour is not that strong, so don’t worry even if you are not a big fan of durians.

On the whole, I find Bing Liang’s mooncakes just right in terms of sweetness. It’s not overly sweet such that you cannot take too much at one go, and I think it would pair perfectly with a pot of hot Chinese tea. :) Traditional mooncakes always reminds me of my childhood and how excited the little children were when mooncakes arrived and we gathered round the dining table just to feast and chit-chat. Now as a mom, I want to create those moments for my kids as well - Not because I am a big fan of mooncakes per-say, but because mooncakes create memories as a family and those memories will stay with us forever.

Have you ordered your mooncakes yet? If not, don’t wait any more. Hurry over to Bing Liang’s website and order them (I’m eyeing those Pandan mooncakes – Looks so good!)  By the way, early bird promotions end on 8 Aug 2019 - As you can see, you can enjoy as much as 40% discount if you order now! Enjoy free delivery as well if you spend above SGD88! Also, check out their Facebook page here:

Looking forward to a great Mid-Autumn festival celebration with family & friends! =D

Disclosure: This is a sponsored review. All photos and opinions presented in this post are solely ours.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Gaston Luga Backpack–My All-Time Favourite (Discount Code included)

I’ve used backpacks of many different brands before but Gaston Luga really tops my list of favourite backpack brands. This Gaston Luga Classic black backpack has been my everyday bag for almost two years and is still in perfect condition. I reckon it’s because the material is hardy, so even though it’s been through rain and mud with me, it’s still good and functional. I really carry everything I need in it everyday everywhere I go.


So when I thought about getting a new bag to add to my collection, I still went for Gaston Luga Classic backpack – this time round in Navy Blue with brown leather straps. I absolutely love this pop of colour when it arrived at my doorstep!

I love the Classic for its timeless and elegant design, and how versatile it is. I carry it during weekdays and weekends because I can put everything I need in it! The laptop compartment inside can contain a 13” laptop and there are also two smaller pockets inside for this and that. The front of the backpack comes with a spacious compartment, and that’s where I keep my essential oils, earphones and little knick knacks I need to reach out for quickly. This compartment comes with a zip as well, for enhanced security. Under the backpack are four metallic feet, giving the backpack the extra protection and its cooler look. This is important for me because I tend to put my bag on the floor often. The Gaston Luga Classic comes in other colours as well – See them on their website.

Gaston Luga also sent over their passport holder for me and it looks super lovely in baby pink! Love it. See other accessories on their website!

I really do love my new backpack and yes, it’ll be my everyday bag from now on! =D

Discount Code For The J Babies’ Readers!

Gaston Luga has kindly offered 15% discount for all my readers when you make your purchase on their website: Just key in code klessislee to enjoy this discount (there is no expiry date for this discount yay!). For a limited time only, you will also receive a FREE passport holder and address tag when you purchase their bags. That’s a savings of $124!) Plus, you get to enjoy free shipping for your purchases! So get right to it now, and browse their products now!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Spa In The Comfort of Your Home–The Outcall Spa

Media Review

We all love a good spa treatment anytime, but the problem faced by busy Singaporeans is not that we cannot afford spa treatments, but that we cannot find the time to go for them! Most of us are just going through week after week, trying to juggle everything on our plate and hoping that everything will turn out fine. The truth is, we all need time to de-stress and relax after a long week, so that we can rejuvenate and regain strength for a new week ahead. Can I suggest something for all you busy parents out there? SPA TREATMENTS IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME!

And that was exactly what we ordered in a few weeks ago. The kids had fallen asleep and by 11pm, we finally can relax and get some rest, but because we cannot leave the house, the only way was to get the spa “delivered” right to our home! The Outcall Spa provides such treatments in the comfort of your own home, so that you don’t even have to step out of your house but yet, you get to enjoy total relaxation and pampering. After the husband and I tried the 90-min Couple Massage, here are 3 reasons I think you should order in your home massage as well:

1. So Convenient

Enough said. We literally just relaxed in the living room while waiting for the Outcall Spa therapists to arrive in time for our treatments. The furthest I walked was from my living room to the bathroom to change out of my clothes! No need to spend time on travelling to the spa centre, and I got to enjoy my relaxing & therapeutic spa treatments while my kids were soundly asleep in their bedroom! I don’t see how it can get even more convenient than that!

2. Level-Upz Home Spa

I kinda lowered my expectations about the spa treatment quality because we were not actually going to a professional spa centre, and how good can the ambience in my living room be, right? WRONG! The Outcall Spa people came with two massage beds, which they set up expertly  in no time at all, complete with towels and blankets. We were given disposable underwear to change into, if we want to, and they even set off great-smelling aroma oils while playing some soft spa music in the background! My living room instantly transformed into a spa! Way exceeded my expectations, I say!

I chose Lemongrass for my massage oil and the husband chose peppermint for his, and the whole living room smelt so good! If you think the massage beds are of inferior quality, you cannot be more wrong. They are premium massage beds sourced and made by top bed manufacturers around the world – They made the whole experience so comfortable!

3. Great Service

The two therapists for our Couple Massage were great. But of course, they are certified and experienced therapists, so don’t expect anything less. I don’t usually enjoy massages, to be honest, but my masseur made the experience very relaxing and enjoyable that I almost fell asleep! Granted, it was midnight when we were done, but it was so relaxing I could just walk to my bedroom and fall asleep right away after the session! Case in point – Refer to Point 1. We were also served warm ginger tea after the session, which made the whole session even more complete and enjoyable.

By the way, The Outcall Spa can provide a therapist within an hour, so even if you decide last minute that you need a massage, just call for their service and a therapist will be on her way to you soon enough. They operate daily from 2pm to 1am, with extended hours on Fri, Sat and Sun till 2am. Perfect for busy parents like you and I who are only free late at night after settling the kids! I happen to think this is a great gift idea for your loved ones as well – A therapeutic reward that will surely make them very happy! Check out now to see their different treatments available!

Thank you for a very relaxing 90-minutes, The Outcall Spa!


Disclosure: The J Babies was sponsored a 90-min Couples Spa Treatment for review purposes. All photos & opinions in this post are ours. No other financial compensation was received.

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

5 Reasons I Recommend ADORE’s Pantyliners & Sanitary Napkins (Review)

Media Review

ADORE sent over some of their pantyliners and sanitary napkins for me to try and I must say I absolutely adore them!

I’ve never really stuck to one brand of pantyliners and sanitary napkins through the years because to me, they are all about the same. This time round though, I might choose to stick to using only Adore for several reasons:

1. Fully-sealed Aluminium Packaging With Re-Sealing

This was the first thing that impressed me. Other brands I’ve used before didn’t have this and I always had to find another container to keep them after opening the packaging, just to keep them hygienic and clean. I like it that the packaging is sleek, yet protecting the remaining napkins free from dust. It’s such a simple idea that it’s bewildering why the other brands are not doing it!

2. High Quality

Every sanitary napkin comes with a green compound strip that is bonded with far-infrared rays and nano Ag. The former strengthens the body’s immune system by stimulating the production of white blood cells, giving us better protection against diseases and ailments. It also flushes out toxins from our bodies and offers many other benefits including helping to alleviate pain, relieving muscle spasms and increasing the extensibility of collagen tissues and capillaries which stimulates blood flow, regeneration, circulation and oxygenation. Best of all, it helps to resolute inflammation and helps ease nervous tension!

ADORE’s pantyliners keep us fresh, comfortable and dry all day, thus limiting the risk of bacterial growth and protecting us against itch, odour, sensitivity and inflammation. I think that’s pretty awesome, don’t you think? If we don’t have to deal with those little problems monthly, we will all be happier females!

3. Excellent Protection with Super High Absorbent Core

What we look for in sanitary napkins is high absorbency which keeps our minds at ease because we do not have to worry about possible leakages, which can be very embarrassing for us. ADORE’s premium ultra slim sanitary napkins have super high absorbent cores for maximum and almost instantaneous absorption. Yet, it’s breathable layer allows our skin to breathe so that we feel clean, fresh and confident all-day long.

4. Stays In Place

This is very important to me personally because I get very nervous when sanitary napkins don’t stay stuck on my panties. I would worry about leakages constantly and have to visit the toilet often just to check. ADORE’s design comes with strong, yet gentle non-toxic adhesive strips to ensure it stays in position without damaging or staining the panties upon removal.

5. Extremely Soft & Comfortable To Wear

I can vouch for the comfort of the pantyliners and sanitary napkins – Really important when we have to wear them 24hours for a few days in a month! It’s not surprising though – ADORE uses non-bleached, non-recycled and dust-free cotton for their products – Definitely skin-friendly even if you have very sensitive skin!

Needless to say, I’ll be sticking to ADORE for all my sanitary napkins and pantyliners from now on. You can purchase ADORE’s products from Watsons, Giant supermarkets, Sheng Shiong and Raffles Health pharmacies! Try them yourself to know the difference! :)

Friday, March 01, 2019

Eating In Okinawa: Ramen Danbo

Surprisingly, we’ve never heard of this ramen chain store until we went to Okinawa.

Apparently, they have so many outlets in Japan and all over the world including the States! In fact, we had stumbled upon this long queue of people outside a ramen restaurant along Kokusai-Dori and thought to ourselves like true blue Singaporeans that this must be good ramen. So we decided to queue for it despite it being a windy cold 14 degree C night. After a good 70 minutes of queuing, we made it in!

Like many ramen restaurants, they don’t have that many different choices but since it was my first time trying it, I opted for the most basic & signature option while the husband chose the sesame version.

Ordering is done via a machine, so order first before taking  a seat, then give details about your orders – Texture of your noodles, flavour of your soup and choice of add-ons etc.

I had high expectations of the ramen because of the long queue and the truth is, if I had queued so long for this, it’d better be good, right??

AND…. IT’S SUPER GOOD! The ramen tasted pretty similar to Ichiran’s and I love the texture of the noodles. The gyozas were good too – Super juicy as I bit into them!

And as you can see – the egg was good too! Cooked perfectly.

We enjoyed the meal so much that we decided that we had to go back again another day, and this time round, we went at 1am (The shop closes at 2am) and thought that we won’t need to queue at this kind of weird timing. I mean, who eats ramen at 1am, right?? Apparently, we were not the only ones with this grand idea. We still had to queue but we made it in within 15 minutes, which I was grateful for. Haha. So far in Japan, they have outlets in Tokyo, Fukuoka and Okinawa. Strongly recommend you give it a try when you are in those places! =)

To read my earlier posts on Okinawa, you can click here: