Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Steamboat Delivery (Review!)

My family is BIG on steamboats! We love gathering around the table as a family and feast over hot pipping food cooked on-the-spot, so we do it as often as we can. When we were approached to review the services of, we were of course delighted! 

Ordering from their website was a breeze. They have set meal packages for easy options, so just go for the package that suits your group size and add to cart! Simple right? Of course, if you like to choose what ingredients you want, there are many ala carte items you can choose from.

(Photos credit:

So we wasted no time at all in placing our order! I went for the Super value set meal from steamboat delivery and it was delivered on time last Sunday. See what's included in our package:

2 soup bases (We chose Pork Tonkotsu & Kimchi)
Toman fish slices
Chicken breast shabu
Pork collar shabu
Pork belly shabu
Enoki mushroom
Dried beancurd skin roll
Egg Tofu
Chicken sausage
Superior fish paste
Chinese cabbage
Shanghai Green
2 portions of Japanese rice
1 Korean noodle
1 bottle of drink
Fruits (Choice of watermelon or orange slices)
3 dipping sauces (

The food came nicely and hygenicly packaged. I didn't even need to transfer them onto plates! Easy peasy. =D

Why order online, you may ask? There are many benefits from what I experienced. Firstly, I didn't have to go marketing and prepare all the ingredients, which already saved me so much time. Plus, the soup bases they provided were yummy! The kids loved the Tonkotsu broth - it was savory and delicious. The husband and I loved the kimchi soup - It's not too spicy, but it's sourish and very appetizing! Apparently, they claim that their soup bases are simmered for 8 hours daily!

Islandwide delivery is free for orders above $100 (The soonest you can get your delivery is within an hour!), and if you are not satisfied with the freshness of the items delivered, they will replace them with no questions asked. Also, you would be happy to know that every set bundle comes with a free mini hotpot! Looks really cute! It's meant for one pax though! And comes with fuel that can last for 1.5 hours. Since we were dining as a family, I used my own induction cooker instead. But I kept this for future use!

The ingredients were really fresh and we enjoyed our meal very much. The portion was good and sufficient as well!

Order yours today at and enjoy hot and piping steamboat feast at home with your loved ones!


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8 Best Steamboat Delivery in Singapore

Thursday, October 08, 2020

Build Your Own Cake! (Review)

 One of the best things that came out of this season of pandemic has got to be the introduction of home delivery services. You can practically purchase anything online and they are delivered right to your doorstep, sometimes within the same day! I don't even need to take one step out of my house and I can satisfy all kinds of food cravings in the comfort of my home. Recently, I tried out Cake Delivery! I tend to crave for sweet things often, and this is right up my alley!

Variety is always welcomed, so I went for their Build Your Own Cake option and chose 12 different slices of cakes to form one big cake - Why settle for only one flavor when I can try 12 different ones, right?! Best decision ever. We had so much fun trying out every single flavor and I must say, I was impressed! Every one was good! Of course, I have a personal favorite - Will share that in a bit!

Their cakes come in 2 sizes, which explains why my 12 slices do not form one perfect circle. That's totally fine by me, you know. I got excited enough just looking at the different colors, toppings and layers in every slice. 

My choices were as follows:

 1. Chocolate truffle
2. Biscoff cheesecake
3. Red velvet
4. Pistachio Rose cake
5. Mao Shan Wang Choco cake
6. Choco ganache
7.  Chocolate rainbow
8. Rainbow cake
9. Bubblegum Cake
10.Yuzu Osmanthus
11. Carrot Cake
12. Peanut Butter & Jelly Cake

My personal favorites were the Mao Shan Wang Choco cake (Obvious choice for a durian lover!) and the Yuzu Osmanthus (Super refreshing!). If you don't have a sweet tooth, you might want to skip the Bubblegum Cake, as it was really sweet. Other than that, the rest were quite balanced in their sweetness and very enjoyable.

Of course, if you are celebrating birthdays are special events, they have whole cakes as well. In fact, they have so many options you'll be spoilt for choice! The rainbow cakes and Ondeh Ondeh cake sure looks good and I would love to try them the next time.

Not only are their cakes freshly baked by experienced bakers with award-winning recipes, you can receive your cake within an hour from ordering and delivery is free for orders above $80! They even go as far as assure you with a Money-back guarantee if their products taste bad and if your delivery is late by more than 30 minutes! You can totally save yourself if you forgot to order a cake for your party! =P Hop over to check them out now:

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

5 Reasons Why I Love My Cosmo Air Purifier (Review)

 Working from home for the last 5 months have been a real bliss for me personally. I know there are some people who struggle with being cooped up at home, but that's not me. I enjoyed every bit of my Work-from-home moments because I had more time to rest (because cut down on travelling time!) and appreciate every corner of my home. Like many others I know, I have also been purchasing new things for the house because I want to create a really comfortable and cosy environment to work in. When I was approached by Cosmo to do a review of their air purifier, I thought 'why not?'. I've got an air purifier in my bedroom, but it'd be good to get one for the kids' bedroom as well. When my new Cosmo air purifier arrived (a few hours after I placed my order - beat that!), I was impressed! Here's why:

1. Sleek & Minimalist

Look how sleek and minimalist this air purifier is! I like it that it's white, looks clean and aesthetically pleasing. Plus, I love it that it's all touchscreen, which is just cool and fun to use! We are in this time and age where functionality is not everything anymore - Consumers are expecting products to be both good-quality AND good-looking. The Cosmo air purifier definitely fits the bill.

2. Lightweight

I sometimes need to move my purifier between the living room, kitchen and bedroom. It's perfect that COSMO air purifiers are so lightweight. It even comes with a handle for easy carrying! In fact, I was really surprised at its weight when I moved it around. Even my kids would have no problem helping me with it, I'm sure.

3. Good At Its Job (That's the most important, right?!)

The air purifier filters 99.97% of all airborne particles because it's equipped with a revolutionary 3-in-1 HEPA Filter. What is a HEPA Filter, you may ask? It basically stands for high-efficiency particulate air. They are made of interlaced glass fibers that are mazed and twisted to form a fine mesh. Cosmo's specially engineered HEPA Filters have pores that are up to 20 times finer than the average HEPA Filters. You can be assured that they are very effective in purifying the air of even the tiniest dirt and dust! Perfect if you have family members who are allergic or sensitive to dust.



4. Silent

As I would sometimes need to keep the air purifier on at night in my kids' bedroom (especially if one of them is not feeling well), I need an air purifier that doesn't disturb their sleep. This air purifier is really silent (only 20 dB - as silent as a whisper!) and I think the little white noise it gives out can even help put the kids to sleep faster! =P

5. Thoughtful Functions

Closely related to the previous point, the air purifier comes with a night light, which is so useful when I use it at night. And possibly to avoid someone accidentally walking into it in the middle of the night? =D It also comes with a timer, so that I can set the air purifier to be switched on for only 2, 4 or 6 hours. Don't worry about energy consumption though - It's very power saving.


You will be happy to know that COSMO air purifiers are having a limited promotion right now, where you can get $139 off the original retail price! With their 20-day trial policy, free same-day delivery and 5 years' warranty, you can make your purchase with absolutely no worries at all! If you are considering to buy an air purifier to improve the quality of the air at home, hop over to check out Cosmo right now!

Best In Singapore gives you great tips and comparisons for your purchases. Check out this post on 12 Best Air Purifiers to Buy in Singapore,

Disclosure: The J Babies was sponsored a unit of the Cosmo air purifier for purchase of review. All photos (unless otherwise stated) and opinions in this post are solely ours.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Unique Bouquet Ideas - Mini Liquor Bouquet (Review & Giveaway!)

 I am not a fan of liquors, but when Floral Garage approached me with this review, I was won over by how cute the bouquet looked! I love an unconventional and unique gift idea anytime and I can imagine the look of glee on my friends' faces if they receive a bouquet like this!

I love the selection of flowers in this bouquet that was sent to me - Matched perfectly with the mini liquor bottles, don't you think? Even if this is a bouquet sent to a guy, it doesn't look too feminine either. This is definitely a practical gift - flowers to look at and liquors to consume! =P

I was sent the Symposium Mini Liquor bouquet, which comes with 7 bottles of mini liquor (SGD 118.90) and there is a smaller bouquet with 5 bottles (SGD 98.80) you can opt for as well. The mini liquor bottles are so adorable that I think I'll keep them for decor instead of consuming them!

Love how harmonized the liquor bottles look among the flowers - Such a pleasing-looking bouquet!

Now, if liquor is not your thing, you will be happy to know that there are other types of interesting bouquets offered by Floral Garage as well, for example the following bouquet for the health-conscious:

So cute and colourful eh?!

There are plenty of choices online, so I am sure you will be able to find something suitable for your gift. :)

They also offer free same day delivery if you require that, so make your orders online now!


Thanks to Floral Garage, I have one Mini Liquor bouquet (Worth SGD 118.90) to give away to one reader of The J Babies, so if you are interested to participate, please follow instructions and join via Rafflecopter below. Do note that this giveaway will close on 1 Sep 2020. All the best!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, August 14, 2020

Conrad Centennial Singapore Oscar's: 55 Dishes for S$55 Buffet (Review)

 Conrad Centennial Singapore Oscar's is back with yet another super value-for-value buffet and this time round, it's in conjunction with our nation's 55th birthday! Free-flow unlimited servings of 55 dishes for only $55++/pax! That's a super good deal especially when you see what's being offered on this menu! The husband and I stuffed ourselves to the brim when we went down for a tasting recently. The food is really good and I'll share some of my absolute favorites as we go along!

The huge menu of 55 dishes lays on the table as you arrive and the dishes are neatly categorized. Every dish is served in small portions so that you can try as many different dishes as possible!

Pictures speak a thousand words, so I'll leave you to see what we savored that evening. We did attempt to try as many dishes as possible, but there were some we ordered several times because they were really good! Those that we really enjoyed, I've marked with a star so that you know you cannot miss them when you go!

Seafood Platter

Assorted Sashimi & Sushi

Caesar Salad

Laksa *

Hokkien Prawn Noodles *

Laksa Porridge *** Must try, please. Unique and tasty!

Lobster Pasta

Gyu Don

Beef steak *

Seared Scallops *

Duck Confit in Popiah Skin

Crab Meat Kueh Pie Tee *

Local Popiah

Chili Crabs with fried mantou *

Coffee Pork Ribs

Black Pepper Beef served with rice

Roasted Pork & Char Siew Platter *

Naans served with curry

Steamed Fish

Nonya Kuehs *

Ice-cream! There's also Potong ice-cream available.

Durian Puff *

Fresh fruits Platter

Mini Macarons *


As you can see, the variety is really good and for $55++/pax, you can eat to your hearts' content! There are still many dishes we didn't manage to try because of the limited space in our stomach, so you can check out this link for the full menu! Booking can also be made on their website:

55 Dishes for $55

Date: 1st – 31st August
Time: Monday – Friday: Dinner (6:00pm – 10:00pm)
Saturday and Sunday: Lunch (12:00pm – 2:30pm) 
and Dinner  (6:00pm – 10:00pm)
Price: S$55++ per person
For more information or to order please call 6432 7481/63 or