Friday, September 17, 2021

Vlog: Staycation at Mandarin Orchard Hotel, Greyhound Cafe, Alchemist Cafe & More..

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Friday, September 10, 2021

My Experiences with Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions (50% Discount Code Included!)

Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions has been taking care of my hair and scalp needs for a few months now and I have to say that I am nothing but pleased with their services so far. :)

Honestly, I don't pay much attention to my hair though I absolutely love going to the hair salon to pamper them. I mean, who doesn't right? I guess my experiences with Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions have been amazing because they are meticulous and makes me feel comfortable as well. The staff are friendly and warm and makes me feel at home every time I visit.

I have tried several of their services from hair treatment to scalp treatment and hair colouring. At the first visit, the staff also did a scalp scan and explained to me the condition of my scalp and how to better take care of it at home. I love that they don't try to hard-sell their products (they have a series of really great hair and scalp products by the way!), and they don't make me feel embarrassed or condemned by the bad condition of my scalp. For sure, I need to pay more attention to my hair and scalp (I'm just very lazy most of the time), and the staff would assure me that it is a matter of time before the condition improves. I like the positive and hopeful atmosphere in the salon, which I find lacking in many others I've visited in the past.

Among the different outlets I've visited, my personal favourite is The Star Vista outlet (pictured above). I've been there 3 times so far and even brought my kids for their haircuts on one of those trips. The staff are so attentive that they even asked about my kids the next time I went back for a treatment! It felt really heartwarming when they remembered little details like that. And I guess that made all the difference for me. Look how cute my kids are after a good salon haircut!

A good cut makes all the difference indeed.

One of their signature treatments is the Scalp Treatment, which I enjoyed tremendously. It was a really relaxing pampering session for my tresses and my scalp felt so clean and refreshed at the end of it. I strongly recommend it if you have never tried scalp treatment before! They use this high-tech looking equipment to apply the solution all over my scalp before combing through and scrapping that white foam on the comb. I was told that the more form there is, the more impurities are present on my scalp. Pretty satisfying to see that removed during the treatment, I say.

The hair wash is always a treat for me, and I look forward to it every single time! =P

You will be happy to know that only high quality products with natural and organic ingredients which are safe for your skin and eco-friendly are being used at the salon. You can be assured that they will not harm your scalp, even if you have a very sensitive one.

50% Discount Code

Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions has outlets in many parts of Singapore, but I have a special discount code for all my readers for The Star Vista outlet! Quote OHRSKLESSIS to get 50% discount off all hair services. Please make an appointment by calling them at Tel: 6694 5732. With such a good discount, go ahead and try out their services, especially the Scalp Treatment, which I strongly recommend!

Captured some footages of my salon experiences in one of my recent vlogs as well! Watch here:

Monday, August 16, 2021

Flower Delivery by Little Flower Hut (Sponsored Review)

 I was really blown away when this gigantic bouquet got delivered to me last week from Little Flower Hut. I mean, just look at this!

To be fair, you probably might not be able to tell the scale of this bouquet until I show you in perspective to my 15yo daughter who is 1.7m tall.

It was literally the biggest bouquet I have ever received in my life. Thank you Little Flower Hut for customizing this beautiful bouquet and sending it over to me. If you want to make a statement and really wow the receiver of your bouquet, I say contact them to make a customized bouquet for you today! I am sure the receiver will be wow-ed just was I was!

After I got over the initial surprise by the sheer size of the bouquet, I took a closer look at the various flowers used for this arrangement - some of my favorite flowers were used! And I love how the different flowers all came together cohesively and perfectly. Ahhh... the joy of receiving beautiful flowers! It all epitomized in this one big bundle. =)

Besides hand bouquets, Little Flower Hut also offers many other floral arrangements for different occasions. I surfed around their online shop and found it really easy to find what I am looking for. You can either search by occasion, type of flowers or types of floral arrangements, They also have hampers and plants available, making it a convenient one-stop place for all your floral needs.

But one thing really stood out to me was how fast the delivery is! They offer one-hour super express delivery service for all your last minute purchases (No need to fret if you forgot about that special anniversary or birthday! =P) because Little Flower Hut would get your gifts delivered in no time at all. Yes, even late night requests would be entertained to surprise that special someone in your life! 

On top of that, their prices are so reasonable. They have daily specials going from $29 each and delivery will be done within the day. Read the reviews from customers on their site, and you will know that this is a highly trustworthy and efficient team. For all your floral delivery needs, call them at (+65) 6503 9750 or go to to see what's available.

Thank you Little Flower Hut for making my day so much brighter with your beautiful blooms! :D

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

5 Things We Love About Geniebook Online Learning Tool! (Review)

 Jayne will be crossing her first major academic milestone when she takes the PSLE in about three months' time. Needless to say, the whole family is in a bundle of nerves for her, and I cannot even imagine the tremendous amount of stress she must be facing herself. 

I would like to think that I can remain a chill and calm parent through it all, without adding additional pressure on my child, but the truth is - this is the world we live in, and while I do know that grades are not everything and which Secondary school she goes to will not determine how good a future she would have, we all hope that she can do reasonably well. It would do a whole lot of good to her self-esteem and confidence, if not for anything else. So, when Geniebook approached me to review their online learning tool, I jumped right into it, hoping to discover more about this gem that I have heard so much about. It would be awesome to give Jayne just a little boost during this critical final dash. I am glad to report that we were not disappointed at all - Geniebook lived up to every bit of the hype we've been hearing so far! 

Here are 5 things we love about Geniebook:

1. GenieSmart

Unless you've been living in a cave somewhere, you'd know that the world we are living in today is gravitating towards the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence). GenieSmart helps to identify your child's academic strengths and weaknesses. Their proprietary AI draws from a library of over 150,000 questions aligned to MOE’s syllabus and recommends specific questions to help your child improve. You will also get valuable insights of how your child is doing academically through a real time progress report.

This means that when Jayne does practice worksheets on the platform, she does not keep practising the topics that she is already good at, but spends more time tackling her weaker topics. Assessment books or past years' exam papers are structured in such a way where different topics are included fairly and distributed throughout the papers, so it is not possible to place greater emphasis on their weaker topics. The customized worksheets on Geniebook thus allows Jayne to be more efficient in her learning by focusing more time and effort on improving her weaker areas. I think this is ingenious!

Kids who attempt the questions will see whether they got the correct answer or not immediately. A clear explanation of the correct answer will be given if the kid got the answer wrong. This helps the kids to internalize the learning right away, addressing any misconceptions and reinforcing correct concepts. I think this is definitely an effective way of learning.

2. GenieClass

Another useful feature on Geniebook is their LIVE and recorded Online Classes that helps to reinforce key concepts taught in school. By checking the schedules posted on the site, we can plan for our kids to attend the lessons and even ask questions and clarify doubts on-the-spot. This is definitely effective in terms of learning and interesting for the kids as well because there is some form of interaction, even though everything is conducted online. Apart from that, recorded lessons are also available for kids to access at their own time. In this season of pandemic, we appreciate this avenue even more than before..

3. GenieAsk

GenieAsk is a real time teacher chat. A convenient new way for students (or even parents) to ask questions they may have from school, and get them answered by our teachers! This newest product is gradually rolling out to Geniebook subscribers. For online learning platforms, one of the challenges is to keep the kids engaged and interested, especially when their attention span is short and they can be easily distracted. The teachers at Geniebook are not just qualified and professional, many of them also weave in their other talents and hobbies into the lesson plan, to make it more all-rounded and interesting. The Head of Curriculum, Mr Xavier Yue, is a part-time magician himself and treats the kids to a magic trick or two from time to time! With 16 years of teaching experience under his belt, he sure knows what he's doing! =D

4. Parental Tracking

Another wonderful feature that Geniebook offers that will thrill us parents is that we can track the progress of our kids via progress reports. We would know whether the kids have been improving by checking on the scores of completed worksheets and identify areas of weakness that we want them to focus more on. Parents can generate worksheets and send them to complete and even award bubbles to motivate them! This is a great way to get the parents involved and keep the accountability between the child and the parents. 

5. Earn Bubbles & Get Rewarded

We all know that kids need some form of motivation and reward system to keep their interest going. Geniebook has done this so well by introducing the 'Bubbles' system whereby kids can earn bubbles for every worksheet completed and lesson attended, etc. Bubbles can also be earned by challenging other Geniebook users to attempt questions and answering challenging questions. With the bubbles earned, the kids can redeem for prizes they want. I was so pleasantly surprised to see what a great selection of prizes they have available for the kids to choose from (I spy Roblox)! This is undoubtedly the best way to motivate the kids to complete more worksheets without us nagging at them! =P

So all in all, I have to say that we are very pleased with what Geniebook has to offer. Geniebook has 3 different products from AI-personalised worksheets (GenieSmart), to LIVE online classes (GenieClass) and real time teacher chats (GenieAsk) to help students learn smarter and do better. 

It is not just an online learning tool (there are way too many out there!), but it customizes the needs of the kids and ensure that whatever time they commit to learning is fruitful and effective. The rewards are the icing on the cake, and definitely motivate the kids and keep them happy while learning. The last thing I want is for my kid to feel burned out and lose interest in learning.

If you are also on the lookout for an online learning tool for your kids, click here to register and experience Geniebook today. 

Power up online learning with Geniebook and help your child get the best out of it! :)

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review by The J Babies on Geniebook. All photos belong to us, and images of the Geniebook sites are taken from their website.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

WFH Essentials: Ergoworks Height Adjustable Table & DUROREST Chair (Review)

How is everyone doing? :)

The husband and I have been working from home for more than a year now, and I finally got a proper work area set up at home for us! We are so happy and glad we finally got down to it!

At the beginning, we didn't think the situation would last this long, so we were just working from different corners of the house - living room sofa area, kitchen dining table, bedroom etc, and we soon were hit with all kinds of aches everywhere on the body because of our poor postures and sitting positions. I am sure I am striking a chord here with someone reading this, but hey, if that's you too, you don't have to suffer anymore! I found the perfect solution at Ergoworks and I couldn't be happier now.

Ergoworks has always been my preferred vendor for ergonomic products. My kids both have the Ergoworks table and chair in their room. My mother-in-law is currently using the ergonomic chair from Ergoworks as well. They are 16 years in business, pioneer in ergonomic products, and really the best around in Asia & Singapore. I absolutely trust their product quality, and to be honest, they have one of the competitive prices around on the market as well. 

We did an honest review of the Height Adjustable Table and DUROEST Chair that we got from Ergoworks (with a special appearance by my little Jayne!). Watch on! :D

There are so many things we love about our ergonomic setup from Ergoworks:

1. A height adjustable table give us a healthy sit-stand balance workstyle that reduces health issues caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

It is perfect that I can change my working posture and position every few hours so that I don't get the aches from sitting in one position for too long. After a heavy meal, I also love it that I can adjust the table to a standing height and work standing up! 

2. Meets the needs of different users in the household.

With the kids having Home-based learning ever so often during this season, both adults and kids in the family need to use the table at different times. The adjustable height of the table caters to the different height of different users in the same family. Best of all, the height settings can be committed to memory settings so that it's easy and fast to adjust to the desired height at just a press of a button. This is definitely one feature that made everyone happy!

3. Sturdy, spacious.... and quiet.

Depending on the space you have for your workspace, there are different sizes of the table you can choose from. For us, we chose the biggest - 1800mm x 750mm - and it was so perfect for us! We have a printer, monitor, stationery drawers and all kinds of knick knacks on the table, and STILL have plenty of space for laptop, books and files. The table is sturdy and of great quality, and could hold everything well. Even when the table is going up and down to different heights, everything remains sturdy. And, it's also quiet during the movement!

DUROREST Ergonomic Chair

Our DUROREST Chair is another lifesaver. To be honest, I've always thought that my office chair (not Ergoworks, of course) were comfortable and during the past year of working from home, sitting on chairs that are too hard, or sofas that were too soft for good posture, I was missing my office chair! But when DUROREST chair arrived from Ergoworks, I realised it was the chair I've always wanted! The support on the back was so comfortable and it keeps my posture straight, so I experience much lesser aches these days. I also feel more alert while I am working, and long zoom meetings no longer feel like a drag! It is absolutely the best investment ever!

If you have been procrastinating about putting together a proper workspace in your home, I say don't wait anymore! The sooner you get them, the better your WFH experience will be! They are worthwhile investment because you are investing towards a healthy lifestyle and better posture. Check out now. :)


Disclosure: The J Babies was sponsored the products for review purposes. All video and photos in this post are solely ours. Opinions and review are, as always, honest and based on our own experiences.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Otah Buns - Heat Up & Enjoy!

 I love convenient food, I really do. They are lifesavers especially when hunger pangs hit late at night, and you just need to fix something up really fast. These otah buns that Baowow sent over are really good! I love that they are not too spicy and full of coconut fragrance. All you need to do is to steam them real quick, and you get some comfort food in your tummy!

Look what was sent to me! The otah buns were frozen, and you only need to steam them when you want to consume them. Very convenient and easy for storage!

Otah is one of those food that makes me happy. It's appetizing (sweet, spicy and salty) and when eaten stuffed in a soft bun, it's delicious and filling! Baowow offers other options for the buns such as pandan and charcoal buns as well. The buns are really soft and chewy (especially when you eat them right out of the steamer). But the star is of course their otah! Baowow perfected their recipe in Muar, a place in Malaysia, using only the finest Spanish Mackerels, imported spices and hand made shrimp paste. Baowow only uses mackerels caught with line, to maintain quality consistency for their products.

I sent some of the otah buns to my friends to try and they loved them as well! See how much otah filling there is? It's such a classic comfort food! Love it!

Baowow offers free delivery for all orders above $100 (otherwise, it's $6/order). Always good to stock up such convenient food in the fridge - you will thank yourself when you feel like fixing something easy to eat and you can just reach out to these! Plus, they are so reasonably priced! Prices start from $7 for 5 pieces (one box), so why wait? Place your orders for yummy otah buns now!

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Time Capsule At The Singapore Flyer (Media Review)

 It's been ages since we last flew to anywhere, with international flights restricted in the last one year, and expected to be so for another year or so. So, when the Singapore Flyer invited us to check out their latest attraction - "Time Capsule" and to take to the skies in the Singapore Flyer, we gladly agreed because that's the best we can get during this season. With the March school holidays in full swing now, consider bringing your whole family to check out this new attraction to learn all about the history and development of Singapore, and enjoy some quality family time together in the Flyer! Some highlights of the 'Time Capsule' just to give you a sneak peek. For the full experience, you need to visit yourself. It's really an exhibition with a full immersive experience like none of the other attractions I've been to. Honestly, I was quite impressed!

What I loved about the whole attraction was how immersive it felt. The light projections were changing rapidly all around, even on the floors! It made me feel like I was literally going through the time machine, spiraling through history. Very nice!

For my kids, they were intrigued by the wonderful graphics and informative news about what Singapore has gone through in terms of culture, heritage and landscape, especially for my 15-year-old who's majoring in History in school. We love an educational exhibition anytime! 

The attraction spans over two storeys, and you can choose to end with a ride on the Singapore Flyer - It's supposed to be a seamless experience from the past to the modern Singapore we live in today!

The graphics were impressive, really! You need to be there to experience it for yourself!

Before we exited the attraction, we left a family print on their digital wall! One for the memories!

The Time Capsule is a standalone attraction, but of course, your experience will be more complete if you purchase the package that comes with the Singapore Flyer ride as well. The package price for both Time Capsule and the Singapore Flyer is SGD40 for adults (13 years old & above) and SGD25 for children. Book directly online for special discounts! Get your tickets here.