Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Have An Eggy Day Out At Jurong Bird Park!

7. Eggy Day Out logoHere comes another idea for the upcoming Easter long weekend! If you are planning to spend your Easter weekend outdoors, I have a good recommendation – VISIT THE JURONG BIRD PARK! Now, it makes a lot of sense to visit the Bird Park on Easter, isn’t it? Most birds come from eggs! =D

To commemorate 50 years of tourism development and promotions in Singapore and to thank Singaporeans for their support, Jurong Bird Park hatches the inaugural Eggy Day Out from 18-20 April for Singapore residents to discover little known aspects of the park. This carnival weekend will feature many interesting activities such as a behind-the-scenes tour at Lory Loft, to see the colorful lories and how their feed is being prepare, Junior Eggs-pert Tour that showcases how eggs are incubated and a bird’s life stages at the Breeding & Research Centre, as well as a Memories Trail, led by Jurong Bird Park’s General Manager who will bring participants down memory lane and share how the park has evolved through his 38-year experience as a veteran. I am particularly excited about the program at Lory Loft because my kids had such a great time there the last time we visited the Jurong Bird Park.

 2. BTS Lory Loft
Lory Loft Behind-the-Scenes (Photo Credit: Wildlife Reserves Singapore)

1. Game for a name
A salmon-crested cockatoo chick at Jurong Bird Park’s Breeding & Research Centre, whom visitors will get to name in Game for a Name, part of the gamut of activities during Eggy Day Out. (Photo Credit: Wildlife Reserves Singapore)

To top it off, children between the ages of 3-12 years will enjoy 50% discount on admission tickets during Eggy Day Out by flashing a coupon that can be downloaded from between 10-20 April. Holders of Feather Friends, Friends of Night Safari, Friends of River Safari and Friends of the Zoo membership cards are also entitled to five complimentary child admission tickets when they purchase up to five adult tickets during the Easter long weekend (18-20 Apr).

There is a whole host of fun and educational activities happening at the Jurong Bird Park over the Easter long weekend, so you can expect to spend one whole day there with your family. The best thing is all the activities are free-of-charge unless otherwise stated, and registration is needed for some of them at or at the Activities Registration Booth at Penguin Coast. I’ve put together the full list of activities you can go for – Makes the admission tickets super worth it! I think I’ll go for the Lory Loft BHS and Egg Treasure Hunt! :D




Follow the Lens Tour
Beginner shutterbugs will follow our resident photographer on a photography trail; own equipment needed

90 mins

18 & 19 Apr 2014
(limited to first 30 participants per session)

Lory Loft Behind-the-Scenes Tour
Get to know vibrant lories and how their feed is prepared.

30 mins

19 & 20 Apr 2014
(limited to first 20 participants per session)

Egg Treasure Hunt
Grab a treasure map to hunt down giant eggs. Complete the maps and receive a prize at the end.


18-20 Apr 2014
10.00am – 4.00pm

Junior Eggs-pert Tour
Tour of the Breeding & Research Centre.

15 mins

18-20 Apr 2014

Memories Trail
General Manager of Jurong Bird Park, Mr Raja Segran, who has been with the Park since 1976, walks you through the grounds, sharing anecdotes of the park and how it has evolved.

60 mins

18-20 Apr 2014
11.30am (limited to first 30 participants per session)

Discover more about eggs through fun experiments, with a chance to witness how a chick is fed.

30 mins

18-20 Apr 2014
11.45am & 2.15pm (limited to first 20 participants per session)

Compete in a series of challenges to win prizes.

30 mins

18-20 Apr 2014


Didi & Dodo Meet-and-Greet
Meet egg mascots and take a souvenir photo.

30 mins

18-20 Apr 2014
12.00pm & 2.30pm

Totes Fun
Complete the virtual egg hunt on WRS Facebook page and redeem a limited edition tote bag on site.


18-20 Apr 2014

12.00pm – 2.00pm (limited to 100 bags daily)

Celebrity Eggs-cursion
Go on a mini excursion and take a group photo with your favourite celebrity guides.

60 mins

18-20 Apr 2014
4.00pm (1 English and 1 Chinese tour) & 5.00pm (1 English and 1 Chinese tour) [Limited to 30 pax per session]

Game for a Name
Name a salmon-crested cockatoo chick for a chance to win a Feather Friends family membership.


18 Apr - 30 May 2014
8.30am – 6pm

For more information about Eggy Day Out and the discounts, please visit

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Get your Legoland Malaysia Annual Pass Today! (4 Standard Tickets To Give Away!)

  The March school holidays just passed us by, and before we know it, the June school holidays are coming. As much as I would like to bring my kids for overseas vacations far away, finances is often a concern. Even to nearby destinations, every holiday costs at least a couple of thousands for a family of four. So, I was glad that just across the Causeway, we have a really fun alternative – The LEGOLAND MALAYSIA!

There’s so much to see and so at Legoland – Apart from the main Legoland with all the fun rides and Mini Land, there’s the Water Park next door. To make it a complete Legoland experience, be sure to stay a night at the new Legoland Hotel. To the kids, it really doesn’t matter where we go to, as long as they are having fun and we are doing it together as a family. Plus, they have lots of fond memories of the Legoland and don’t mind going back again and again!







If you plan on visiting Legoland more than once, you can consider getting their Annual Passes, which is definitely more worth it. Basically, there are two types of Annual Pass offered and it is valid for 12 months and can be used at any time during normal operating hours, including weekends, public and school holidays.

In a nutshell, these are the benefits of getting Annual Passes for you & your family:

Now, if your kids enjoy the Legoland as much as mine did, you really should consider getting the Family Annual Pass. For only RM888, you get 4 annual passes (any combination of adults and kids) – That translates to less than S$100 per person for a year’s unlimited access to Legoland’s Theme Park (Yes, including weekends, public and school holidays!).

Family Annual Pass

For a limited time only, there is a special promotion going on for the Annual Pass holders, and it’s open to both Malaysians and Non-Malaysians! Non-Malaysians can simply renew your Annual Pass and save up to RM40. For Malaysians, the promotion extends to those interested in paying through their Maybank Ezypay Master or Visa credit card. If you are staying at Johor,  there is special price for you to purchase or renew your Annual Pass for as low as RM195 for adults and RM150 for children or senior citizens (Saves you up to RM80).

Legoland is a wonderful place for a quick getaway over the weekends that won’t burn a hole in your pocket!
Get your Annual Passes here!

* * * * *


For those of you who have not been to Legoland, I am giving away 4 Combo tickets* to 1 reader to experience the wonders of Legoland! I’m sure you will be enticed to get the Annual Passes after having a good time at the Park with your family and friends! Simple steps to join this giveaway:

1. You must be a fan of The J Babies Facebook page. If you are not yet one, you can like our page here.
2. Like and share this blog post on your Facebook page with this comment, “Get your Legoland Annual Pass today!” Please tag me at Klessis Lee or The J Babies so that I may track your participation.

Go, go, go! Let’s spread the good news on Legoland Annual Pass promotion! Closing date for this giveaway: Sunday, 20 Apr.

* Each Combo ticket admit one pax into the Legoland Theme Park and the Water Park on the same day. Tickets are valid until 04/05/2014.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Weekend Special at USS

Media Invite

Easter came early for us this year!

Last weekend, we joined 70 underprivileged children at the Universal Studios Singapore for a preview of their Easter Special event – Easter Egg Island - and the kids enjoyed themselves so much! There are many places you can choose to spend your Easter weekend with your family, but if they are fans of USS, this is certainly one option you can consider.


We arrived at USS bright and early, and we were ushered to the Marty’s Casa Del Wild Food Court for our Easter breakfast buffet. Just look at the spread – SO SUMPTUOUS! There’s local delights such as Nasi Lemak, western item such as sausages and bacon, an egg station that served omelettes and scrambled eggs, dim sum, cereals and cakes etc. (The full breakfast menu is here.)

IMG_7710 IMG_7713 IMG_7711 IMG_7712  IMG_7714 IMG_7717 IMG_7715 IMG_7716  IMG_7718 IMG_7719


After a hearty breakfast, the kids got started on their Easter Egg Hunt! I thought it would be challenging to find the eggs, but obviously, the organizers wanted the kids to bring home a great harvest of eggs that contained candies – They were literally everywhere! Imagine the kids going hysterical grabbing all the eggs they could find and filling up their baskets in less than one minute flat.

IMG_7634 IMG_7631

See what I mean??!! They were everywhere!

IMG_7642 IMG_7636

My happy basket of colorful Easter eggs! A good workout on early Saturday morning!


The kids were thrilled, of course! Easter egg hunts happen once a year, and they always enjoy it. :)



After the adrenaline-rushed egg hunt, the kids got back to the cafe to do some Easter Egg Painting. Don’t you just love the creativity of the little ones? Everyone had their own interpretation of what Easter eggs look like.


These eggs are not the usual sized ones – Bigger eggs make it easier for the little hands to paint. :)

 IMG_7653 IMG_7662 IMG_7664


While waiting for their Easter eggs to dry on the rack, we went to catch the special show put together for the Easter weekend. This is an entertaining performance with catchy tunes featuring the Easter Bunny! Showtimes are at 11am, 2.15pm and 4.30pm during the Easter weekend.

IMG_7675 IMG_7678 IMG_7680 IMG_7681 IMG_7684 IMG_7690

The kids really got excited when gazillion bubbles appeared at the end of the show!

IMG_7696 IMG_7700

What a very fun Easter celebration for the kids! If this is how you hope to spend your Easter holidays, be sure to hop over to now to check out their Easter packages! For a more complete experience, you can also book their staycation packages to enjoy a really happy Easter holiday.


Adult: S$118
Child: S$93
Senior: S$81

Package includes:
▸ 1-Day Pass to Universal Studios Singapore
▸ Easter Breakfast Buffet at Marty’s Casa Del Wild Food Court
▸ Early entry to the park at 8am onwards for Egg Hunt followed by breakfast

More details at

Friday, April 11, 2014

Birthday Goody Bags Made Easy with 3M Tapes!

Product Review

I seriously thought that when my girl enters Primary School, I do not need to worry about birthday goody bags anymore but I AM SO WRONG.

The girl came back home one fine day and declared aloud that her classmates held a birthday party in school during their 30-minute recess time and that, as a matter of fact, she would like to have the same. It took much persuasion on my part that a birthday party in school would not be necessary, because she would be having a party elsewhere. She agreed on the party part, but insisted that goody bags are COMPULSORY. I thought initially that it’s pretty easy to prepare goody bags for her class, but her list became longer and longer because there were many friends from other classes that she would like to include. In the end, I have to prepare a grand total of 42 goody bags (Her class only has 29!). Thankfully, I was able to get all the goody bags decorated and packed in time – All thanks to 3M’s decorative tapes!


If you still do not know, 3M has produced a series of expressions tapes which are functional as well as adhesive and colorful. These tapes not only make our crafts prettier, they also make the whole process faster and easier! This is especially useful for busy moms like me – Saves me lots of time, and it’s so easy to use them that even my kids can help me. With more than 55 colours and patterns inspired by the latest trends, you can unroll something amazing with Scotch® Expressions Magic™, Washi, and Masking Tapes and turn anything into a whimsical celebration!

3M sent over some tapes just in time. Love the prints on these tapes – So cheery-looking!

IMG_7345 IMG_7347

Bought brown paper bags and I decorated every bag with two different patterned tapes each. This whole process is fuss-free and simple, and can be done in no time at all! As you can see, the green masking tape was my favorite. =P

IMG_7351 IMG_7350

When the decorations’ done, we started our production line and the girls helped to put the titbits into the bags.

IMG_7553 IMG_7554

For every bag, I also made tags that had matching tape designs to go along.


All 42 packed! After the titbits were put into the bags, I did a single fold at the top, punched a hole and tied up every bag with its tag.


How do you like this?? Love the matchy matchy! The husband asked me whether anyone would notice the matching bags and tags – But it’s for my own satisfaction more than anything else I guess! =P


Thank you 3M for helping to make my life easier! :D

image clip_image003

You know, if you allow your creative juices to flow and just be a little crazy, the new 3M tapes can be used in so many other ways. Apart from decorating birthday goody bags, you can give your stuffs (or your kids’ stuffs) a quick makeover or create your own crafts.

Get a head start by visiting and have fun with various creative projects using the 3M Scotch® Expressions Tapes, or upload and showcase your own imaginative works! There are many interesting projects you can do!

Suitable for a variety of home and office uses as well as projects, the Scotch® Expressions Magic™, Washi and Masking Tapes are designed to stick on a wide variety of surfaces for both permanent and temporary applications. They can be removed cleanly, and can also be written on with a pen, pencil or marker. These tapes retail at $3.90-$9.90 (w/GST), and are available at selected POPULAR bookstores and other leading retailers from mid-March 2014.