Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cicaplast Baume B5 Works Wonders! (Promo Code & Giveaway)

Product Review

During my growing-up years, I was fortunate that I never really had any skin-related problems. But things changed radically after I became a mum and little children came into the picture. When I was introduced to Cicaplast Baume B5 by La Roche-Posay recently, I was told that it was a ‘miracle’ balm that it not only works well at repairing my skin, it works fast too! That suddenly brought me back to ten years ago when I first became a mum.

One of the things that really bothered me when I was taking care of my newborn baby then was the skin problems she had. From milk rash around her mouth and on her little cheeks to nappy rash that filled her entire bum in just one night, I was constantly finding ways to get rid of the rashes and make my baby feel better. As if motherhood was not stressful enough, having to deal with all the skin problems made it worse. But well, that’s motherhood ya?

Even when my kids are a little more grown up now, skin problems are never far from my household. There are days when they come home from school with grazes and cuts on their arms and legs, or even a day out at the beach may easily get them several mosquito bites.  Because of that, I always need to have good medication at home to help relieve itches, sooth the irritations and speed up healing of wounds on the skin. The last thing I want is for my kids to be so affected that they cannot rest well at night - That just means I won’t get any sleep either!

Cicaplast Baume B5 is a cream suitable for adults, children and even infants, and it helps to soothe and repair irritated skin very quickly. That means that it  would be effective on skin problems ranging from nappy rash & redness in infants to eczema and dry skin in adults. To be frank, there are many similar creams in the market that can soothe and repair skin problems as well, but I was curious to find out if Cicaplast Baume B5 was really able to do it quick enough. Most of the other products I’ve used so far may be effective but takes several days for the results to be obvious. Or my kids cannot stand how ‘minty’ and ‘hot’ they feel on the skin.


Well, I didn’t have to wait long to test the Cicaplast Baume B5 at all. The moment I reached home, Jayne came to me with a sullen face, “Mummy, I got bitten by a mosquito and do you know where it bit me???????!” and proceeded to show me her chest. The bite was right in the centre of her chest and it was all red with obvious fingernail scratch marks around it. Obviously, somebody couldn’t stand the itch and had been scratching non-stop while waiting for me to get home. I had to stop myself from laughing because Jayne looked extremely annoyed that of all places, the mosquito had chosen to bite her chest! =P


“Oh, that looks really bad! It must be really itchy huh?” – Well, a mummy’s got to be compassionate and caring, right?
“But don’t worry, I’ve got just the right thing that you need!”

Five minutes after I applied a thin layer of Cicaplast Baume B5 on the mosquito bite, Jayne said that it was less itchy and looked happier immediately. =P Anything that stops itch fast is a lifesaver for parents because children have very little restraint when it comes to scratching an itch, which always makes it worse. Visually, I could also see that the redness has started to go down.

The next morning, the bite looked like this:


The redness and swell had subsided substantially from the previous night and she was obviously not scratching it anymore. I was pretty amazed at the result just after one application of the Cicaplast Baume B5! We continued to apply the balm twice that day and by the next day, the bite (and scratch marks!) was almost all healed as you can see below. Smile


The Cicaplast Baume B5 contains La Roche-Posay thermal spring water (and if you would like to read more about the effectiveness of this spring water, you can click here), and has a minimalist formula where ingredient and preservative numbers and quantities were limited to strictly necessary so that it is effective, yet suitable for use even on infants. It is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, and is light when applied on the skin. I absolutely dislike greasy or sticky feeling when I apply anything on my skin, but the Cicaplast Baume B5 does not give me that feeling at all. Best of all, it leaves a protective film on the skin after application, without any white streaks.

Apart from bites, Cicaplast Baume B5 works effectively on eczema and skin irritation on infants and children as well, as mentioned earlier on. Just check out the following real-life examples of Singaporeans who benefitted from using the balm. I guess the best part of it is that it not only is effective, it works very fast as well. I have friends who struggle with eczema on a daily basis and they always tell me that the irritation does not go away so easily. I thought the result on the eczema patient just after one day was pretty obvious and amazing, don’t you think?



If you head over to any of the following stores* to purchase the Cicaplast Baume B5 and tell them the promo code generated by clicking on this link: Generate Code, you can redeem a free gift worth up to $15! Online purchase is also available if that’s what you prefer. :)
* Participating stores: Watsons (Ngee Ann City, Toa Payoh, Bugis), Guardian (Paragon, Vivocity, NEX) & Dermacenter @ Westgate.

Cicaplast Baume B5 is priced at $21.90 for 40ml and $45 for 100ml.

And that’s not all! After you’ve purchased a Cicaplast Baume B5, show the effective results on your skin by posting a photo (on Instagram) by hashtagging #repairmyskin and tagging @LRPsg to win a La Roche-Posay hamper worth $200! Repair your skin and win yourself awesome prizes – How awesome!


One of the things I was really impressed about when I received notification of this challenge is how confident La Roche-Posay is of their product. Courtesy of them, I have five Cicaplast Baume B5 to give away to five readers. If you or your kids have any skin irritation or problems, I WANT YOU! You will be given a Cicaplast Baume B5 absolutely free of charge. All you need to do is to apply it daily and share with me the results! If you are up to this challenge, please leave me a comment on this post or on my Facebook post with your name, email address, and a brief description of the skin irritation or problem you want to deal with. Or you can also choose to email or PM me at or PM: if you are shy to share in public.
Closing date for submission of entries: 3 May 2016.


Come on– I’m waiting for your entries!! =)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

5 Money-Saving Tips For Singaporeans Travelling To Indonesia


The long weekend beckons, and my family will be making a short trip to Batam on Saturday! Like any good and hardworking traveler, I did my fair share of research even though Batam is so nearby to us. If you are planning a short trip to Indonesia as well, here are some money-saving tips that you may find useful!

1. Take the Ferry!

Indonesia is huge and there are many different places we can travel to for holidays. If you are on a tight budget and want to keep your travel costs as low as possible, opt for destinations that you can reach by ferry rather than flight. Batam is one such destination and there are ferries you can hop on at Harbourfront Ferry Terminal. The journey is less than an hour and is comfortable. The tickets are very reasonably-priced and on some days when there are promotions going on, ferry ticket can be as cheap as $5/way! (Other taxes & surcharges apply). Tickets can be purchased conveniently online as well.


2. If You Need To Fly, Go Budget!

This is a no-brainer. If you want to venture to further Indonesian destinations that can only be accessible by flights, always opt for budget flights. Tigerair, Airasia and Jetstar offer daily flights to many of the popular destinations. Seriously, Indonesia is so nearby, there is really no need to spend your money on luxurious full-board flights! Budget flights are comfortable and safe too. Most importantly, the money you save on the flights can be used on food and entertainment during your holiday!

3. Go For Cheap Accommodation!

Cheap accommodation does not equate to lousy accommodation. With so many options out there, competition is stiff and many hotels are now offering good value at very affordable prices. Travelling as a family need not be expensive, and make sure you do your research and find an accommodation option that is friendly on your pocket. I found one such hotel – Stevie G Hotel Bandung - that I thought looks pretty nice and very affordable too! Prices start from $52/night – How affordable!

4. Eat Where The Locals Eat!

Local food is a must-try when travelling in Indonesia. Forget the expensive restaurants and go for the local experience! Where the locals eat at, the food must be authentic and delicious. Plus, you will save lots of money this way!


5. Bargain Hard!

I know of people who hates to do this, but I also know of those who have a real passion for it! I personally seldom bargain but if you are in a place where bargaining is a culture and norm, please make sure you do it so that you can stretch your dollar the best way possible. The only thing to note is that you should only bargain if you have a genuine desire to buy at the end if the deal goes through. Vendors will be very upset if you bargain and bargain, and walk away without buying in the end.

There you have it, planning a short trip to Indonesia is not tough at all, and very easy on the pocket in fact! Looking forward to my family getaway this weekend. Be back to share more. :)

Monday, April 25, 2016

Celebrate Mother’s Day At Fish & Co!

Food Tasting

We had an early Mother’s Day celebration at Fish & Co Glass House over the weekend, and as always, the food never disappoints. Everyone in the family loves the food at Fish & Co, including the husband who doesn’t even fancy fish and the kids who are usually picky about food when we dine outside. This year for Mother’s Day, Fish & Co introduced Mother’s Day Set Menu for two ($59.95) and four ($111.95) - We sampled the platter for four and enjoyed it tremendously! In fact, we had 4 adults and 2 kids but the food was still more than enough. We felt so satisfied at the end of the meal and left with big smiles on our faces. :) If you are still looking for a place to celebrate Mother’s Day, this is one for your consideration.


Check out what’s served to us from the Mother’s Day Set Menu for 4:

1. Crispy White Baits

Super crispy & savory – Once you start, you cannot stop popping this into your mouth!


2. Grilled Calamari

Always love Fish & Co’s calamari. Cooked to perfection so it’s never over chewy!


3. Mother’s Day Deluxe Platter + Paella Rice

This was da bomb. It had everything I love in it (Yes, the full works – Scallops, mussels, prawns, fish…) And the sauce …. you must try it for yourself to know how good it is.


4. Best Fish & Chips

The kids’ absolute and all-time favorite. Period.


5. Shrimp & Clam Aglio Olio

This was done exceptionally well too. Love how al-dente it was with a fragrant garlicky taste. I always struggle between choosing clams or prawns with my pasta – But this is like a dream come true. =P


6. Two Hot Fudge Cakes

A meal would not be perfect without sweet desserts, and we couldn’t have asked for a better dessert! Love the strong chocolate taste of the cake and the icy ice-cream that matched so well! Comfort food FTW.


7. Four soft drinks

The set comes with four drinks as well!


‘Mums in the (Glass) House’

Apart from the Mother’s Day set menu, Fish & Co is also organizing a special Mother’s Day event – ‘Mums in the (Glass) House’ on 8 May 2016 and it’ll be a special event for mums and families to hang out at the Glass House before its impending closure [Yes, I know :(]. The Set Menu for four will be available that day at $130nett, and prior registration is required. You may register from now till 28 April 2016 at any Fish & Co. outlets or email your interest to Take $10 off the bill when you send a picture of you and your mum + a short clip with your Mother’s Day message. AND, stand a chance to win a 4-Night cruise vacation with Costa Cruise and CTC Travel! A total of 3 families will each win a cruise vacation for 4pax worth $4,316! Winners will be announced on Fish & Co.’s official Facebook Page on 13th May 2016.

For more details, do check out Fish & Co.’s website.

Happy Mother’s Day in advance to my two lovely mummies! Smile


Disclosure: The J Babies was invited for a food tasting session for review purposes. All photographs and opinions expressed in this post are solely ours. No other financial compensation was received.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Oktho-K Lenses Gave Joey A New Vision!

Product Review

To be frank, I’ve never heard of Ortho-K lenses until it was introduced to me. You would think that as a mum to a little girl who suffered from serious myopia since the age of four should know better, right? Thankfully, I do now. In fact, it is not exaggerated to say that Ortho-K lenses have given Joey a new lease of life and a new vision everyday, literally.

The Beginning of Joey’s Myopia

Joey was diagnosed with myopia at the age of four, and it was a very serious case from the get-go. Her myopia was 300 in her right eye and 600 on her left. Naturally, we were all in a state of shock! None of us could imagine how she went about everyday with such poor eyesight! She was too young to know anything of course, so it was only when her teacher noticed her screening her eyes in class that she told us to get her eyes checked. We went for countless appointments at the National Eye Centre and many different types of eye drops were used on Joey. In the end, all the doctors could advise us was to do regular eye exercises with her to strengthen her eye muscles and limit reading or TV watching time to prevent the myopia from deteriorating. Both the husband and I have shortsightedness since young, and the husband’s myopia is as serious as 800-900 degrees on each eye. The doctors told us to expect Joey to reach that kind of shortsightedness as well due to her genes, but we should try our very best to slow down that progression because she was still so young. That started Joey’s spectacle-wearing journey.

What Are Oktho-K Lenses?

In January this year, we were introduced to Brian from AeroV and he specializes in customized Oktho-K lenses. Brian explained the benefits of Oktho-K lenses to us and it sounded like something Joey would really benefit from!


What exactly are Oktho-K lenses and what do they do, you may ask? Simply put, Ortho-K lenses are specialty hard contact lenses that are worn to sleep to reshape the eye overnight, resulting in clear vision without spectacles or contact lenses on waking. That means that even though Joey’s myopia was as high as 700 degrees (at the point when she started on Oktho-K), she would wake up to perfect eyesight after consistently wearing them for two weeks. Sounded too good to be true, but it happened! Of course, this is not a permanent healing – The myopia slowly returns after about 10-12 hours and that’s when you need to wear the Oktho-K lenses again (at night!). That is to say, if you stop wearing the Oktho-K lenses for about 2 days, the full myopia returns. The Oktho-K lenses have to be replaced every two years.

In fact, Brian tells us that there are standard and mass-produced Ortho-K lenses available on the market, but because every one’s cornea are shaped differently, a person may have to try on many different pairs of standard lenses before they find a pair with a good fit. Customized Oktho-K lenses, on the other hand, are customized according to the shape and fit of your eyes and would definitely fit perfectly and comfortable for wearing, resulting in much better results. That is the reason why he only sells customized Ortho-K lenses.

Joey’s Oktho-K Journey

And so, Joey’s Oktho-K journey began. We went for numerous consultations with Brian and many reviews after Joey started wearing the lenses at night. To be frank, it was not easy for a little girl who has had no prior experience with contact lenses to get used to this nightly routine. At the beginning, I had to help her with the wearing and removing of lenses everyday, but as the days went by, she gradually learnt how to clean her lenses meticulously, put them on and remove them easily. After 3 months, she’s an expert at it!

IMG_5511  IMG_5515

While it may feel tedious having to go for numerous check-ups and consultations, it was all for the good really. Brian must be the most patient optometrist I’ve ever met. It is not the easiest to coax and explain to kids about lenses, especially when they may be whining and asking why they must wear them. But Brian never once lost his cool. In fact, he was always smiling and joking with the kids to make them feel comfortable. I’m convinced that it’s so very important to find a good and reliable optometrist – It makes life so much easier. =P


Joey was also given a Travel Box to keep all the necessary solutions and cases for her Ortho-K lenses, with many cute stickers thrown in for her to customize her box. That made her day totally! It removed her fear and apprehension, and gave her motivation for wearing the lenses every night. Smart move by Brian, I must say! A little extra cost for him, perhaps, but he won the kids over.


This is everything Joey needs on her Oktho-K journey – Saline for cleaning, Oxysept for storing the lenses and lubricating solution for wetting the lenses before putting them on. Brian also included a LED mirror and a white cloth that makes the wearing and removing of lenses easier. He emphasized on the importance of hygiene and gave us tips on how to set up the ‘station’ at home so that the entire process is seamless and hassle-free. The travel box will also be useful when we go travelling overseas – Everything is in one box!


Joey was also given two pairs of new spectacles to tide her over during the initial period when she started on Oktho-K lenses. The effect was the most obvious after just one night of wearing the lenses. Her myopia power decreased significantly by half! I was really amazed. It continued to improve until her vision became perfect at 6/6 in both eyes after wearing the lenses for about 2-3 weeks. The two pairs of spectacles are at half and quarter power of her original myopia to tide her over during this period of correction.

IMG_5629  IMG_5633

For a mum who witnessed her daughter experience serious myopia at the young age of four, wearing spectacles and grumbling about how they fogged up and even losing them while swimming on several occasions and now seeing my daughter without spectacles and having perfectly clear vision, is pretty amazing. Joey used to be a little resistant to this idea, but now she cannot be happier. Her life has changed so much all thanks to Oktho-K lenses - She goes to school without having to wear spectacles and she does not need to worry about breaking or losing her spectacles. She can wear hairbands and earrings without worrying that she looks too accessorized. She goes swimming, wears normal googles and sees perfectly underwater. She doesn’t struggle with myopia anymore!


Are There Risks of Eye Infection?

That was the first question I asked! Which mummy would expose her kids to such dangers, if any, right? As with all lenses, Oktho-K lenses are not 100% risk-free of course. However, you can rest assured because Oktho-K lenses received United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval in 2002. When the lenses are fitted well, used and care for according to instructions, the risk of eye infection is low.

Why Customized Oktho-K Lenses?

With many vision-correction options available in the market, you may be asking “Why Oktho-K”? It’s a legit question that even I asked myself at the beginning. Here are some reasons why people chose Oktho-K lenses and perhaps one of the scenarios is familiar to you too:

1. You Are Not Suitable for LASIK procedures

Some people have corneas that are too thin for LASIK (LASIK is basically a procedure where cornea tissues are removed to correct the myopia, and those born with thin corneas cannot go through this procedure), or perhaps they had gone through their first LASIK but their power regressed and they cannot do a second LASIK due to thin cornea or other issues. Some people have prescription that are too high for LASIK as well. Those with existing dry-eye conditions also do not have the option to do LASIK as the procedure will worsen the condition.

2. You Have An Active Lifestyle

People with a very active and outdoor lifestyle will benefit from Oktho-K lenses because they basically have perfect vision during the day, and no other lenses or spectacles to obstruct them while doing sports, etc. Soft lenses can be dangerous or too dry while doing water sports.  For kids, this is one reason why they should wear Oktho-K lenses as well. The husband and I both lost count of the number of pairs of spectacles we broke while growing up. It’s worse when we get hit by flying balls while playing sports – Bruises and cuts on our nose bridges were common. Thankfully, Oktho-K lenses would prevent Joey from having to go through that!

3. You Want To Control Myopia Progression

This must be the most enticing reason for parents to let their kids go on Oktho-K lenses. Typically, a kid will experience a progression of myopia by 1.00D (100degrees) per year. Wearing Oktho-K lenses will control that! This was especially applicable to Joey because she is currently at 700 degrees and she has every potential to reach 900 degrees very soon if we do not do something about it! (Because genes play a part and Daddy has 900 degrees myopia in one eye!).

4. You Have Serious Astigmatism

Soft lenses can correct astigmatism to only –2.75DC (275 degrees) while fully customized Ortho-K lenses can correct up to 6.00D (600degrees). There is hope for you if your astigmatism has gone so high!

Wait No More!

Now, if you are thinking of knowing more about fully customized Oktho-K lenses or any kind of eye aids, I strongly recommend booking your appointment with Brian at Aero V, not because this is a sponsored review but because both Joey and I really, really, really like him! He’s the best optometrist we have ever met, honestly. Meticulous, friendly, professional, always contactable and very funny! He can be contacted at or +6598581308 or find out more on his website: Free trials are available too. Let him know Klessis recommended you! Haha. :)

Onward for a brighter vision!


Disclosure: The J Babies was sponsored a pair of fully customized Oktho-K lenses for Joey for review purposes. All photographs and opinions expressed in this post are based on personal experiences and the experience may differ from person to person. No other financial compensation was received. Prices of product depend on prescription.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hua Hin Travel: Vana Nava Water Theme Park

Our first trip to Hua Hin was a very relaxed one. We didn’t go for all the usual touristy spots such as the Santorini Park or the Sheep Farm. Instead, we opted to go for Vana Nava Water Theme Park because my kids love water play and as guests at Hotel Intercontinental Hua Hin, we were given complimentary admission to this park, with free shuttle service there! This is a sure-win for families who enjoyed spending a day doing all kinds of fun water play – I strongly recommend it! Hotel Intercontinental Hua Hin is such a family-friendly hotel and we tremendously enjoyed our time there. But that’s for another post later on. :)


The park map – Looks fun already?? =D


The park works with tags like this – Every guest must wear the tag at all times, and before entering the park, you can ‘top-up’ cash amounts into these tags and they can be used to purchase food and drinks within the park. All unused amounts are refunded when you exit the park.


The first place to head to is the lockers’ room when you can rent your towels and lockers. Yes, it’s not free but it’s not expensive either. One family can share just one locker.


Before you enter the ‘Water Jungle’, there are some facilities you can have fun at – The Ropes Course as well as the Rock Climbing Wall. We skipped there and went straight to the water!


The first thing that we came across was the Surf Zone, and saw one of the lifeguards practicing his moves on it. It’s definitely not easy to master this!


For the adventurous, this sight would definitely excite you! Not for the faint-hearted people like me though. =X We stood there and watched one group of screaming people after another. Everyone reached the ending point with lots of laughter, so I reckon it must be very fun! Perhaps, one day I would find the guts to try it myself.


There are many of such thrilled slides in the whole park, but each looked scarier than the previous one. Haha! Of course, we went straight for the safer options like the lazy river, water playground and the peaceful infinity pool. They were a lot easier on my heart. =P Of course, make sure you don’t miss the Wave Pool as well – There are huge waves at interval, and you can float along while resting on giant floats.


And this is a must-try at the park! We had so much fun walking through this water obstacle course! You are safely secured with harness and you walk on narrow planks and cross from point to point while water splashes on you all the time! So much fun we went round many times!!! =D Joey could complete it all by herself with no problem but Jayne still needed someone to be with her at all times, as it can be quite scary when buckets of water splash down on your head! This must be our most favorite attraction in the park. :)

IMG_7937_thumb2  IMG_7935_thumb2
IMG_7938_thumbIMG_7945_thumb1IMG_7948_thumbIMG_7959_thumbIMG_7961_thumb1  IMG_7967_thumb1

Such happy memories at Vana Nava Water Theme Park! Would love to go back again! =)

Vana Nava Water Theme Park
Ticket prices:
Adult ticket: 1,000 baht;
Kids (91-122cm): 600 baht
Kids (below 91cm): FOC
Seniors (60yrs & above): 600 baht
Online ticket purchase:

P/S: Hua Hin is accessible from Bangkok via a three-hour car ride. You can either book a private vehicle to bring you to Hua Hin, or hop on a mini van at Victory Monument Station at a very cheap fee.