Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Entertainer App (VIP Pass Giveaway!)

Media Invite

I was introduced to The Entertainer App last week over a delicious lunch at Morganfield’s, and I’m glad I have jumped on the bandwagon to save as I enjoy the fine things in life!


If you have not heard about The Entertainer app, it is basically a free-to-download app that gives you 1-for-1 incentives at restaurants, spas, hotels and entertainment outlets so that you save as you spend on food & entertainment. By purchasing their mobile products, you get to redeem your one-for-one incentives when you dine at any of the participating restaurants and cafes (which means you order two main courses and pay for only one!), or purchase a spa treatment and redeem the free one on your next visit! Simple mathematical calculations tell you that as long as your savings exceed the amount you pay for your mobile product (S$85.00), you start earning! With the amount of dining and beauty services we pay for every month, I dare say this is a super worthwhile deal to go for. In no time at all, you would have accumulated more savings than what you paid for. I just wish I discovered this app earlier! A quick glance at the list of participating restaurants at Suntec City where I worked, I already foresee how much savings I can get – I dine so frequently at some of those partners (Think Mad For Garlic, Pimp My Salad, Bistro 1855 etc!) Check out the list of participating merchants over here.

I downloaded the app, and loved how user-friendly it is! The welcome page is colorful and easy to navigate around. Since my main interest is in F&B, I clicked on that icon to see the restaurants and cafes who are merchant partners of The Entertainer.


To make it easier to locate these restaurants nearby to where I was, I could use the Search function. I was running errands in Orchard Road and wanted to find a place to have my lunch. Within seconds, all the merchant partners popped up in a list for me to choose from!


Of course, apart from restaurants and cafes, there are good promotions for lifestyle stores as well. Spotted that The Comb was one of the merchant partners as well – Maybe it’s time for the hubby and I to get a haircut together. :)


As I navigated around, I also spotted my kids’ current favorite playground – Bounce! Using The Entertainer App, I can get a one-for-one General Admission – Perfect for my two kids! Can’t wait to bring my kids after exams end in two weeks’ time! Yay!


I love The Entertainer app already! Who won’t be?!

And so, we had a most lovely lunch at Morganfield’s last week because they are one of the F&B merchants on the Entertainer App offering one-for-one main courses at its Star Vista and Suntec City outlets. I’ve tried their famous sticky bones (ribs) before and loved it. But at the media lunch, I tasted their other signature dishes and realized that everything else was also delicious, OMG! That means I would have to plan another trip back to Morganfield’s again with my colleagues very soon – One-for-one deals cannot be missed, especially for food as good as these.

The Chilled & Blended Coolers ($6.90-$9.90) served to us at the beginning of the meal were so refreshing and tasty, and definitely whet my appetite for the yummy food to come.

IMG_0533 IMG_0537

We are familiar with Pop Corn Chicken, but how about Pop Corn Pork ($9.90)?? This was a basket of crispy and well-marinated spiced pork cubes that was so very good. I could not stop popping more into my mouth before the main courses arrived. They were served with garlic & BBQ ranch sauce – SO AWESOME. This is a must-order when you are at Morganfield’s!


Next up, the Loaded Chili Nachos was also an appetizer that made everyone go for many servings. If you are not super hungry, this can definitely be your main course for lunch. In this dish, you get corn tortilla chips baked with cheese, topped with Chili Concarne and chunks of tender pulled ribs with a dollop of sour cream! I love jalapeno and this dish worked everything together so well!


The signature Sticky Bones (Full slab: $41.90; Half slab: $27.90) were served next, and every one of them was uniquely delicious, depending on what type of flavors you prefer. My personal favorite was the Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs – Sweet & savory all at the same time! The other flavors include Spicy Asian, Garlic BBQ and Smoked Peppercorn. Every flavor is served with their unique side dishes. If you have not tried Morganfield’s, this is a must-order on your first visit. It’s very, very, very good. Not exaggerating.


We next tried the Beer Battered Fish Fillet ($19.90) – So lightly-crisped and fresh. It was a big difference from the strong-flavored sticky bones!


The Crayfish Mac & Cheese ($23.90) was delightful. The chunks of crayfish in the creamy mac & cheese, served with tequila prawns on the side – Great for seafood lovers!


Finally, we tried the Burgers ($19.90 – $22.90) from Morganfield’s – Can you see the huge patty and generous ingredients between those two buns??! Comfort food at the highest level!


Thanks to Morganfield’s for hosting us to lunch, and for kicking start my saving journey with The Entertainer App. I can’t wait to start saving already! Judging from the quality of food we were served and a quick glance at the list of merchant partners of The Entertainer, I think it’s obvious that every one of them is reputable for serving good quality and excellent food. Now, if you can’t wait to start saving away while enjoying good quality too, download The Entertainer App from the App store or Google Playstore now! It’s free to download, and when you are purchasing the mobile product, use this promo code to get a $10 discount –>>> SGBLOG2016


Thanks to The Entertainer App, I have 4 VIP passes to give away (Every pass costs $85, and entitles you to enjoy the 1-for-1 incentives at participating merchants). Participate via Rafflecopter to qualify!

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Furama Riverfront Hotel Staycation (Review)

Reviewing different hotels is always fun for us, especially when we come across a hotel that is family and kid-friendly, and makes us feel really at home. Our recent staycation at Furama Riverfront Hotel was one such wonderful experience.


Furama Riverfront Hotel has been around for quite a while, and its lobby exudes a timeless elegance as you enter it.



One of the first things my kids look forward to checking out at any hotel is the room, so imagine the kids’ delight when we walked into a room that looked like this:


This is one of the Themed Rooms available at Furama Riverfront Hotel, and it comes with a double bed and a double-decker bed, so this is perfect for a family of 2 adults & 2 kids. Truth be told – Any room that comes with a double-decker bed will thrill the kids, and when it comes with a full wall of colorful murals like this, it’s excellent in their opinion. I love how the wall was not just a painting, but it’s lighted up as well, so it makes the whole room feel really dreamy – as if we are really underwater!

IMG_9912 IMG_9927IMG_9913

At one corner of the room, there is a cosy resting space of beanbags for the family to hang out together. Little table & chairs are provided for the kids to do some writing & drawing as well.


Love the little details all around the room that completes the themed look.

IMG_9915 IMG_9923

If you are planning to spend some time relaxing in the room, don’t have to worry about the kids getting bored at all. There’s many channels on the TV available, as well as an Xbox console for the kids to have some fun! Games are available for borrowing from the hotel’s reception counter.


Welcome snacks in the room include a plate full of fruits, as well as packets of local old-school delights such as iced gem cookies, bean paste pastries and rice crackers! Tourists would have a taste of what Singaporeans grew up eating, and the locals having staycations in the room would definitely enjoy the rush of nostalgia as they munch on these all-time favorites.


The usual coffee & tea are provided complimentary in the room, along with Milo packets and plastic cups for the kids. Another local touch in the hotel room.


The bathroom is basic with the essentials provided for your convenience. A bath tub is always welcome for a family staycation, and you can spot wall stickers of fishes on the walls as well, in line with the theme of the room. The kids have special toiletries provided just for them, so that they too can have a great and comfortable stay.

20160911_134651 20160911_134727 20160911_134705



Needless to say, my kids’ favorite activity whenever we check into a hotel for staycation is to swim. I don’t bring them swimming often enough, so pardon their over-enthusiasm. But seriously, with a pool that looks so fabulous, it’s really hard to resist, don’t you agree?


The swimming pool is reasonably big for a hotel, to be frank, and it is very kid-friendly because it’s shallow and there are sunbeds scattered all around the swimming pool for parents to keep a close watch over their little ones. At one end of the swimming pool, there is a sheltered Jacuzzi tub as well, perfect for soaking.


As if the swimming pool was not fun enough for the kids, see what Furama Riverfront Hotel recently added to the rooftop area!


This made the kids scream when I brought them to it. Water slides are fun, period.


As expected, the girls spent lots of time at this waterslide. Thankfully, the weather was pretty good and not overly hot! So awesome to be able to soak in some cool water in the warm weather actually.


For some indoor entertainment, there is also a playroom for kids at Level 1 of the hotel. There are no staff supervising the kids, so parents will have to watch the kids. It’s not big, but it’s got a trampoline, TV and toys, and should be able to entertain the kids for a couple of hours at least.



For business travelers, you will be happy to know that there is a Club Lounge in Furama Riverfront Hotel with meeting room facilities for free usage. For families, this is also a perfect place for a cosy and quieter meal time. Unlike many business hotels which have Club Lounges but not open to children, the Club Lounge at Furama Riverfront Hotel is friendly and makes my kids feel really welcome. The Club Lounge has an open concept and can be seen from the Level 1 lobby, thought access is restricted to guests with Club benefits only. Breakfast and cocktails can be enjoyed at the Lounge, and I have to say – the food is good! Service is great as well, as the staff are very attentive to our needs.



We had our breakfast at the Club Lounge as we preferred a quieter meal. The selection was good, and it was such a relaxing and enjoyable breakfast for my family.

IMG_0074IMG_0075IMG_0076IMG_0077IMG_0078IMG_0079IMG_0080 IMG_0081IMG_0082IMG_0083 IMG_0084IMG_0085 IMG_0087IMG_0086IMG_0090


Cocktail at the Lounge was also a very enjoyable experience, with a sumptuous spread to fill the tummy before dinner time!

IMG_0001 IMG_0002IMG_0003 IMG_0004IMG_0005IMG_0006IMG_0007 IMG_0008IMG_0009 IMG_0010IMG_0011IMG_0012



We adjourned to the main restaurant in the hotel for our dinner buffet. Love it that the restaurant has a play area specially cordoned off and decorated for the little ones, who very often get restless when meal times get longer. The adults get to enjoy their buffet a little longer while the little ones have fun at the play area – Perfect arrangement!


Now, let’s check out the buffet spread – It was amazing! And there is no better way to tell you its awesomeness than by spamming you with all the photos I took before I dug in!

IMG_0020IMG_0021IMG_0022IMG_0023IMG_0024IMG_0025IMG_0026IMG_0027 IMG_0028IMG_0029 IMG_0030IMG_0031IMG_0043IMG_0044IMG_0045 IMG_0046IMG_0047IMG_0048IMG_0049IMG_0050IMG_0052IMG_0053IMG_0054IMG_0056IMG_0057IMG_0058 IMG_0059IMG_0060IMG_0061IMG_0062IMG_0063

If you are considering booking a staycation at Furama Riverfront Hotel as well, here are other room types that I thought are worth considering as well, especially if your kids are not the themed room types.

The Courtyard rooms are right in front of the swimming pool, and have outdoor dining area where the sunlight comes right in. I love this room type! The next time I stay at Furama Riverfront Hotel, I’ll choose this!


That wooden door there opens out to the swimming pool. So awesome!


This room type comes with a beautiful bath tub like this, and looks so chill!


Or how about a Family Room with 2 double beds? Perfect for families with teenager kids? Love that colorful wall as well.


So, wait no more. Start planning & booking your year end staycation now! More on http://furama.com/specials/furamakids/ Check out their Family Holiday Escape package as well! Thank you Furama Riverfront Hotel for a wonderful stay. :)

Disclosure: The J Babies was sponsored a 2D1N stay at Furama Riverfront Hotel for review purposes. All photographs & opinions used in this post are solely ours. No other financial compensation was received.