Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Juice Cleanse With Antidote (Review & Giveaway + Discount Code!)

Product Review

Juice cleanse periodically does wonders to both my body and my soul. :) Especially when these juices from Antidote taste so good.


Some people have this misconception that juice cleansing is a torture, but in actual fact, having done this cleansing routine twice (You can read about my first experience here) and coupled with the fact that I am such a food-lover, I can tell you assuredly that it’s actually not so bad. In fact, I felt a lot cleaner and more alert during my juice cleansing. My digestive system has not been too good in recent years (must have something to do with old age!), so I often felt bloated. A periodic juice cleanse helps me to get my body back into good rhythm again and I become happier as a person because of that too!

So, since my last juice detox programme with Antidote, they have come up with new and improved juices and flavors, so I embarked on another three-day juice cleansing with them this time round. I have to agree that the juices taste even  better now, and right after my first day of juice cleansing, I could already feel the effects in my body – Toxins were purged, and I felt lighter as well.


For those of you unfamiliar with juice cleansing or detox, it’s actually a very easy thing to do. If you have the perseverance, you can go on total juice cleansing – Meaning no food at all and just replace all your meals with juices, or you can supplement the cleansing with clean and light meals or small snacks of nuts, fruits etc. There is really no hard and fast rule about it – I personally feel it’s all about balance and your personal threshold. I’ve got friends who are very vigilant about it, and will go 3 or 5 days completely without food. The juices contains nutrients, vitamins and proteins that can sustain you, no worries. But there are others (like me) who cannot survive for days without biting something solid, so I had light meals in between. It is really up to you!

Antidote juices and nutmylks focus on a huge variety of fresh green vegetables, root vegetables, nutritious fruits and organic SuperFoods meticulously crafted and combined to ensure that you are receiving an immense amount of nutrition from every bottle. You can choose from different sets to achieve your desired goals – Some people juice cleanse for health reasons, while others use it as a means to slim down. The last round of juice cleansing I did, I lost 2kg in a matter of days – Slimming while cleansing is kinda win-win, don’t you agree? =P Hop over to see which cleansing programme suits you best.


For me, I took on the 3-day Skinny Cleanse. Everyday, I have 5 bottles of juices and 1 bottle of milk. The Skinny Cleanse is a light cleanse with low-calorie juices and ingredients that aid in fat-burning and increasing the rate of your metabolism from within. I like it that the juices contain potent fat-burning ingredients such as Cayenne pepper, grapefruit and ginger root, which made the juices so refreshing!


Every bottle of juice is labelled, so that you know which bottle to drink next. This was my bottle #1 for the first day!



Tried Spicy Tonic for the first time and I LOVED IT! It was slightly spicy, tangy and very refreshing. I thoroughly enjoyed this one.


If you are a newbie to juice cleansing, I would recommend that you go for three-day cleanse to try it out first. Subsequently, you can opt for longer durations if you like it! =D To get started on your juice cleansing, check out Antidote’s website or contact them directly:

Whatsapp Helpline (Text only): +65 8571 6420
Address (Self-Collect 5.30-6.30pm): 11 Sin Ming Road, Thomson V Two, B03-09, Unit 10
Delivery: SGD20 (Free delivery for month of October!)
Email: hello@antidote.sg


Antidote has kindly extended a 10% discount code for all of you! Just quote “mummykless” upon checkout to enjoy your discounts! Best time to order your juices now! =D


I have one 6-pack juice cleanse trial to give away to ONE reader of The J Babies, so if you are interested to win it for yourself, please participate via Rafflecopter below!

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Friday, October 06, 2017

Starting Our Chiropractic Journey With Asia One Chiropractic

Media Review

My husband, Isaiah, has been complaining about nagging aches in his neck, shoulders and back for as long as I can remember. He is one tall and lean guy at 1.87m, so he has very typical bad posture problems like many tall people do. When the opportunity arose for him to try out chiropractic treatment with Asia One Chiropractic, he was all excited to start. Having consulted different experts and specialists, he knew that chiropractic is the long-term solution to all his problems. So, what exactly is chiropractic and who needs it? As we move along this journey, I will be sharing more about our experiences and how chiropractic has helped to improve quality of life for our family. In today’s post, let’s first cover some basics!

What is Chiropractic?


This is a question most people ask, including myself, because it is still a fairly new field even though it is gaining popularity nowadays. Chiropractic is a healthcare treatment which focuses on optimizing our health, preserving and restoring our spine, nervous system and our joints through a natural hands-on approach without the use of drugs or surgery. Our spine is one of the most important parts of our body that is made up of 24 moveable bones (vertebrae) that supports our weight, hold us upright and plays an important role in our movements. Its most important function is to protect our spinal cord and nerves as they branch out to all the other parts of the body. As we go through life, accumulation of stress in the spine can lead to the vertebrae misaligning or losing the ability to move, thus resulting in the body not functioning properly and symptoms such as backaches, migraines, joint pains etc would appear. Such was the case for my husband, and we are glad to embark on this journey at Asia One Chiropractic.

Detailed Consultation

Before any chiropractic treatments can be given, a detailed consultation process is necessary. During our first appointment, Isaiah filled up a form, giving information on past medical history etc.


Thereafter, our Chiropractor – Dr John, did orthopedic, neurological and bio-structural examination on him. A detailed postural analysis was also carried out to ascertain the problem areas, and determine what needed to be corrected. Isaiah shared openly about the aches and discomfort he had been feeling – mainly neck, shoulder and lower back aches, hip joints aches and tight T-Band.


After a preliminary examination, Dr John explained to Isaiah where are the areas that were misaligned, thus causing pains and aches in the areas mentioned by him earlier. His legs were different in length, hip bones were tilted, spine was not aligned and there might also be possible degeneration of the spine. He then recommended that Isaiah go for a full spine X-ray to locate areas of subluxations, mechanical problems and any signs of degeneration. This information is crucial for Dr John to determine the right course of chiropractic care to correct his problem, and how the spinal segments involved are to be adjusted.


Is Chiropractic Only For Adults?

Since the kids were with us that day, Dr John also examined them. In case you had misconceptions like me that chiropractic is only for adults, we need to renew our mindsets! Chiropractic treatment is suitable for everyone including newborn babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, busy working adults, elderly, pregnant women and sports enthusiasts. As we age, the misalignments get more and more serious, and most people would only do something about it when the symptoms become unbearably painful and affect their daily lives. But the truth is, we can all do something at the early stage so that we do not need to suffer unnecessarily.


Personally, I was surprised to see many kids receiving chiropractic treatments when I was at the clinic – In fact, many families go every week and receive treatments together because while some need chiropractic care for pain relief or to correct certain misalignments, many use it as a form of wellness and to prevent future problems from arising. Because Jayne is still young and generally has good posture, Dr John merely did some slight adjustments and that was it. Joey has a slightly more serious problem in her posture and would need more follow-up treatments. We were also surprised to hear for the first time that Joey has flat feet! It’s no wonder that she would often complain of aches when we had to walk long distances during our overseas trips - On hindsight, it all makes sense now!


X-Ray Findings & First Adjustments

After Isaiah has had his full spine X-ray taken, Dr John brought him through his analysis at the second appointment with him. The X-rays confirmed his preliminary diagnosis – His neck spine area has some degeneration symptoms, neck spinal is curved in the reverse direction and the lower back spine area has degeneration symptoms. He is at Degeneration Phase Two, and chiropractic treatment can help to rectify his problems. His recommendation is for Isaiah to go through 40 sessions of chiropractic treatment, beginning with twice a week and eventually once a week.

IMG_0992IMG_0994 IMG_1037IMG_1039

At the second appointment, Dr John also started Isaiah’s chiropractic adjustments. Frankly, it was interesting to watch, and I took a video clip of the adjustment process that I will be sharing in my next post, so watch out for that!


Joey also did her first adjustment on the same day! She was very apprehensive before it, but at the end of it, she commented that it was not so bad after all! =P Dr John recommended for Joey to go for two months of weekly adjustments, just to rectify some minor issues in her posture and misalignment. Along the way, I’ll share more about the benefits of letting your kids try chiropractic treatments – I’m sure it’ll be very relevant information to all you parents out there. :)


After First Adjustments

After merely one session, Isaiah commented that his neck and shoulders are a lot “looser” after the adjustments done by Dr John. Another obvious difference was in his rib cage – His left rib cage was slightly protruding before the adjustment due to his bad posture but after the adjustment, it was no longer protruding! The adjustment must have rectified his tilted posture. Of course, more sessions would be required to rectify the whole problem, but it was exciting to see the improvements step by step. Seriously can’t wait to see more visible improvements as he continues his sessions at Asia One Chiropractic. :)

More updates to come along the way – Stay tuned! If you have any questions pertaining to chiropractic, feel free to email me and I’ll try to address them the best I know how. =)

Asia One Chiropractic
111 Somerset Road #07-26
Singapore 238164

Disclosure: This series of posts on Chiropractic is done in collaboration with Asia One Chiropractic. We are sharing our experiences as we receive the treatments for review purposes. No other financial compensation was received and you can trust that our experiences will be authentic and honest.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Halloween Spooktacular At The Polliwogs (Tickets Giveaway!)

We’ve reached the month of October, and every October is the month when my kids get really excited about Halloween happening at the end of the month because we usually go collecting candies around our neighborhood, which is a whole load of fun for them.


This Halloween, The Polligwogs is running a special Halloween Spooktacular event, and I think it’ll be a great day of fun packed with programmes, games and good food with friends. Every ticket costs only $50, and admits one child and two adults – Very value-for-money, don’t you agree??

Halloween pumpkins and dark castle

Here’s what you can expect when you sign up for the event:

  • Halloween Themed Competition and Games
  • Spooktacular Halloween Show,  featuring our Polliwogians!
  • Monster Hunt (Held in the play arena – Children collecting Monster Cards with different rewards )
  • In-house Halloween Buffet @ 7pm
  • Finale Pinata-breaking ceremony + Lucky Draw Segment (Grand Prize includes Furama RiverFront 2D1N Room Stay & Party Package @ The Polliwogs for FREE)
  • Every child to walk home with 1 Goodie Bag with x1 FPP worth $28.00
  • Unlimited Playtime + 1 FREE Adventure Bundle on event day worth $22.00 (Sign-ups can come before event time for free play.

This is also the second year that The Polliwogs will be running their “Courageous Kids Challenge”, where kids will take on Halloween-themed games, obstacle courses and enjoy Halloween Shows! Along with a Halloween Plot, participants will embark on a mission to recover the missing Halloween Treats! Children will have to brace themselves to face the challenges that awaits  them e.g. hunting escaped monsters in the play arena! Sounds like a whole load of fun, for sure!

Wait no more, buy your tickets here!

* * * *


Thanks to The Polliwogs, I have ONE TICKET (Worth $50 and admit one child & two adults) for Halloween Spooktacular event on 28 Oct 2017. Please participate via Rafflecopter. Looking forward to meeting all of you at the event! :)

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Friday, September 29, 2017

6 Awesome Features Of The POSB Smart Buddy Programme

Product Review

When I first heard about the POSB Smart Buddy Programme, I have to admit that I was VERY IMPRESSED. This is the world’s first in-school wearable Tech Savings & Payment Programme and students in 19 schools got to try it out. My Joey’s school is not one of the 19 schools, but I certainly hope that they will get to come onboard this programme as soon as possible!

In simple terms, the POSB Smart Buddy Programme allows kids to pay for their food, drinks and all bookshop purchases in school CASHLESS via a special watch that looks like this:


Every watch is fitted with a chip that is linked to their POSB bank account, and all payments are deducted from there. I know at this point, you probably have many question marks in your mind, but let me bring you through step by step. As a mom, I believe I share many of your concerns as well pertaining to cashless payments, but I assure you that careful planning and thoughts have been put into the whole programme to make it work.


After trying it out for a week, there are some features that I absolutely love about the programme. Here’s sharing 6  awesome features of the POSB Smart Buddy Programme:

1. No Worries About Cash Lost

I’ve been through episodes of ‘lost-my-wallet-and-got-scolded-by-mom’ as a kid, and now I have those with my own girls. I’ve lost count of the number of times they’ve misplaced their wallets, water bottles and books etc. With the POSB Smart Buddy Programme, they do not need to handle physical cash at all. All they need to do is to tell the stall-owners what they would like to eat, and then pay simply by tapping their watch on the kiosk at every stall. It works the same way for the bookshop as well. Absolutely no concerns about cash being lost or getting the wrong change back. Makes the whole process way faster as well, and the kids get their food quicker.

2. Seamlessly Linked To App In My Phone


Perhaps one of the most ingenious features about the programme is that I get to monitor everything via the POSB Smart Buddy app on my phone. There are many great functions I can do on this app -

a) Set daily allowance limits


I know what you are thinking – By allowing my kid to pay for all expenses just by tapping the watch that is linked to the bank account, wouldn’t he/she use up all my money without my knowledge? Don’t worry! That would not happen because you can set the daily limit for your kid! So if your kid’s daily allowance is $2, that is the maximum he/she can spend on any given day. This is very useful for me because my girls need to stay back late in school on certain days, and on those days, I need to give them more money to buy lunch as well. There were days when I forgot to give them extra money, and they’ve had not enough money to buy lunch and had to borrow from their teachers first. This system makes sure that I set the correct limit on different days, and they get the right allowance every single week without me thinking twice.

b) Increase the limit anytime, anywhere

This is a super useful feature for me personally. There had been instances when my kids called me from school to tell me that they needed to buy a new exercise book urgently for a lesson that day. It used to be that I couldn’t do anything about that because I was at work. But now with the Smart Buddy Programme, all I needed to do was to increase the daily spending limit for that day and they would be able to make the purchase immediately. How convenient is that?!

c) Monitor every expense by my kids


One of the safeguards of the programme is that I get to see everything that my kids purchase everyday. I know which stall they bought from and what they ate for recess and lunch, or whether they spent all their allowance on erasers and rulers from the bookshop. =P Need I say more about how awesome this feature is? I love being in control and all-knowing! =D

3. Monitor Your Kids’ Fitness Level

The POSB Smart Buddy Watch not only pays for things, it tells the time and also monitors my kids’ fitness levels by tracking the number of steps they walk every day! On days when I see a spike in the number of steps they take, I know they probably played catching during recess time. =P My kids have no issues with fitness at the moment, but I reckon for parents who have kids that are overweight, this is a good way to monitor if they have been exercising enough on a daily basis.

4. Secured

Incase you are worrying about your kid losing the watch and putting your bank account in danger, fret not! Parents can feel secured knowing that the watch can be remotely disabled immediately via the app.

5. Save More!


All daily allowances that are not spent or used will automatically be put into Savings on the app. Accumulated savings can be automatically transferred into your kids’ POSBkids account. How convenient! In fact, whenever I show my kids the savings, they get motivated not to spend unnecessarily on items they don’t need from the bookshop anymore. They want to save in order to buy big-ticket items they want in the future! I like it that this programme encourages saving!

6.  Can Be Used Outside of School Too!

More and more merchants are now accepting payment via the Smart Buddy Watch including Popular Bookshop, KFC, Pizza Hut etc. Soon enough, all merchants that accept Nets payment will be able to accept this mode of payment as well. Joey paid for her first purchase at Popular Bookshop last weekend and was super duper excited! I think this is a good way of empowering them as well.


The programme is constantly being reviewed and improved. Upcoming features may soon feature an in-school locator, which allows parents to track their child’s location within the school compound (canteen, library, classroom, etc.), and a school bus locator where parents can track the real-time location of the bus and be notified when their child boards or alights from the school bus. Both features are currently in the testing phase. Plans are also underway to introduce a biometric payment solution, to provide an even simpler payment journey. I can’t wait for this update to come!