Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Otah Buns - Heat Up & Enjoy!

 I love convenient food, I really do. They are lifesavers especially when hunger pangs hit late at night, and you just need to fix something up really fast. These otah buns that Baowow sent over are really good! I love that they are not too spicy and full of coconut fragrance. All you need to do is to steam them real quick, and you get some comfort food in your tummy!

Look what was sent to me! The otah buns were frozen, and you only need to steam them when you want to consume them. Very convenient and easy for storage!

Otah is one of those food that makes me happy. It's appetizing (sweet, spicy and salty) and when eaten stuffed in a soft bun, it's delicious and filling! Baowow offers other options for the buns such as pandan and charcoal buns as well. The buns are really soft and chewy (especially when you eat them right out of the steamer). But the star is of course their otah! Baowow perfected their recipe in Muar, a place in Malaysia, using only the finest Spanish Mackerels, imported spices and hand made shrimp paste. Baowow only uses mackerels caught with line, to maintain quality consistency for their products.

I sent some of the otah buns to my friends to try and they loved them as well! See how much otah filling there is? It's such a classic comfort food! Love it!

Baowow offers free delivery for all orders above $100 (otherwise, it's $6/order). Always good to stock up such convenient food in the fridge - you will thank yourself when you feel like fixing something easy to eat and you can just reach out to these! Plus, they are so reasonably priced! Prices start from $7 for 5 pieces (one box), so why wait? Place your orders for yummy otah buns now!

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Time Capsule At The Singapore Flyer (Media Review)

 It's been ages since we last flew to anywhere, with international flights restricted in the last one year, and expected to be so for another year or so. So, when the Singapore Flyer invited us to check out their latest attraction - "Time Capsule" and to take to the skies in the Singapore Flyer, we gladly agreed because that's the best we can get during this season. With the March school holidays in full swing now, consider bringing your whole family to check out this new attraction to learn all about the history and development of Singapore, and enjoy some quality family time together in the Flyer! Some highlights of the 'Time Capsule' just to give you a sneak peek. For the full experience, you need to visit yourself. It's really an exhibition with a full immersive experience like none of the other attractions I've been to. Honestly, I was quite impressed!

What I loved about the whole attraction was how immersive it felt. The light projections were changing rapidly all around, even on the floors! It made me feel like I was literally going through the time machine, spiraling through history. Very nice!

For my kids, they were intrigued by the wonderful graphics and informative news about what Singapore has gone through in terms of culture, heritage and landscape, especially for my 15-year-old who's majoring in History in school. We love an educational exhibition anytime! 

The attraction spans over two storeys, and you can choose to end with a ride on the Singapore Flyer - It's supposed to be a seamless experience from the past to the modern Singapore we live in today!

The graphics were impressive, really! You need to be there to experience it for yourself!

Before we exited the attraction, we left a family print on their digital wall! One for the memories!

The Time Capsule is a standalone attraction, but of course, your experience will be more complete if you purchase the package that comes with the Singapore Flyer ride as well. The package price for both Time Capsule and the Singapore Flyer is SGD40 for adults (13 years old & above) and SGD25 for children. Book directly online for special discounts! Get your tickets here.

Sunday, March 07, 2021

Happy International Women's Day From Farm Florist!

 International Women's Day falls on 8 March, and it's another 'excuse' to make the women in your life feel appreciated and loved! And what says it better than flowers and cakes?? Farm Florist knows it so well, and came up with this special bundle of a bouquet of fresh flowers and a whole Okinawa Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Jelly Cake! It was a delight to receive it at my doorstep a few days back! Look how pretty the cake looks!

Milk tea flavored items are all in trend now, and I was glad they picked this as a special flavor for such an occasion. Women make this whole world a better place, and they deserve all the love and appreciation anytime any day, really! :) And sweet things always make a woman's day! (Even though we refuse to admit it sometimes haha!)

This bundle goes only for $80 and that's a really small price to pay to make someone's day! Make your order today at ! =D

Thank you Farm Florist for making my day too! Happy International Women's Day to all! 

Thursday, January 07, 2021

Pineapple Tarts & Other CNY Goodies! (Review)

 Before we know it, 2020 is over and we are already nearing the second week of the new year. That just means that my favorite festival of the year is coming! I love Chinese New Year - the festivities, the atmosphere and vibe in the air and of course, all the yummy snacks we get to enjoy! It is just a very happy and wholesome time we get to spend with our loved ones. With barely a month to Chinese New Year, let me introduce you to Pineapple Tart Singapore, where you can get a wide variety of new year goodies and snacks, delivered right to your doorstep! :)~

I was spoilt for choice when I browsed their online store, because even for pineapple tarts (my absolute favorite and most definitely, their signature products), there are many to choose from! And if you are like me, just go for one of each, haha! Finally made my selections and these were delivered to my house within a few days. Superb! What a happy sight.

I was recommended the Award Winning Melt-In-Your-Mouth Pineapple Tarts, so of course I went for that, but seeing that there are different types of pineapple tarts available, I included them all into my cart as well. As a personal preference, I like open-faced pineapple tarts (Nonya Pineapple Tarts), so that was an obvious choice for me. And because my family are all big fans of SCS butter, I also included a canister of Premium SCS Butter Pineapple Tarts. We can never have enough of pineapple tarts, can we?=P

I was also intrigued by their Mango Tarts, which is basically similar to pineapple tarts but made with mango instead, so that definitely went into my cart as well. And most certainly, I cannot miss out my husband's favorite love letters and Mala fish skin crackers which I love! Oh, and did I also mention I love the Spicy Hae Bee Hiam Rolls? Yes, that too.

By now, you probably think I sound like a kid in a candy store, but that's reality for you when you get to my age. Chinese New Year is such a happy and celebratory time of the year, and we should all just feast and enjoy the yummy goodies! I am happy to say that all their offerings passed my taste test, though I do feel that the Nonya Pineapple Tarts are a little on the sweeter side. If you have a sweet tooth, it'd be right up your alley. For me, I had to down it with some Chinese tea, which made it perfect and absolutely enjoyable. I totally recommend this combination!

But don't worry too much about the sweetness, because the paste is homemade from scratch using the sweetest pineapple from Brazil, and they promise no artificial sweeteners or flavorings! You can totally put your heart at ease on that.

I am trying very hard not to finish everything before Chinese New Year arrives, but I probably do need to get another batch by then. Get yours soon so that you can thoroughly enjoy the best feasting season of the year!

Get yours from Pineapple Tart Singapore today! You can also send in your orders or queries to Enjoy! =D

Monday, December 21, 2020

Cosmo Quantum Instant Hot & Cold Water Dispenser (Review!)

Have you been thinking of getting a water dispenser for your home but have been procrastinating to do so? I really don't know why you are still waiting, because I personally have been using a water dispenser for more than 5 years now and I am still feeling grateful every day for getting it! So when my brother and sister-in-law shifted into their new place recently, I thought this was the best gift for them. They will be welcoming their first baby by mid 2021, and a water dispenser will be extremely useful and convenient for them! And it was at this time when COSMO approached me for a review of their latest water dispenser - How timely and perfect!

There are so many reasons to get a Cosmo Quantum Water Dispenser and in today's post, let me outline some of the benefits for you:

Sleek & Space-Saving

What I love most about Cosmo's water dispenser is how small and sleek it is! I understand that many BTOs and new houses come with really compact kitchens these days, so if space is a concern to you, this water dispenser will work perfectly for you. It measures merely 445mm (L) x 185mm (W) x 394mm (H) and weighs 11.5kg. It only takes up that little counter space, next to your sink (because it must be connected to a water point). It's small size is also because it doesn't come with a water tank - as mentioned, it connects directly to a water point/source and I like this feature because one less component means one less thing to clean and ensure hygiene. 

And of course, who wouldn't like such a sleek-looking machine with ergonomic touch interface? It's so easy to operate by touch screen - Technology rocks!

Instant Hot/Cold Water

This is the biggest reason why I would encourage anyone to get a water dispenser for their home. You can stop boiling water forever and get hot water instantly at a touch of a button, literally! I cannot emphasize how useful this feature is, especially if you have babies or young children at home. It is too convenient and fuss-free. The Cosmo Quantum water dispenser dispenses water at 3 different temperatures: Icy water (5-10 degrees C), Luke Warm Water (30-45 degrees C) and Hot Water (89-97 degrees C). Making milk for your babies is a breeze with this dispenser! When it comes to entertaining guests at home, I also use the cold water function to make chilled drinks very quickly for my guests. I used to have to make them hours beforehand to get them into the fridge long enough to chill! I cannot emphasize how much time a water dispenser has saved me.

Filtered/ Alkaline Water

You can opt to go for alkaline filter or not for your dispenser. Alkaline water has many health benefits of course, such as anti-oxidant properties, healthier teeth, skin and bone, etc. However, if you are not a fan of alkaline water, you can always opt for a normal filter which purifies and sterilizes the water. Germicidal UV wavelength eradicates the presence of micro-organisms and bacteria. Always good to know that what we are drinking is good for our bodies! Especially useful for families with young children, don't you think?


The Cosmo Quantum water dispenser is now sitting in my brother and sister-in-law's kitchen and they are happy users so far. No more boiling water and instant beverages can be made anytime of the day conveniently! When their baby comes next year, they will enjoy even more benefits and convenience from the water dispenser, I'm sure! So happy to be able to make their lives easier and healthier! For more information on the product, click Cosmo Quantum. You will be happy to know that they are currently running a Christmas promotion where you will enjoy tons of savings as well!

Cosmo is working with Liquid Gateway, a payment service provider who provides a comprehensive range of centralized and secure in-store transaction management services. Thanks to recommendations by Best In Singapore that make choosing easier - Read more here: Best 5 Water Dispensers in Singapore

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Monday, December 07, 2020

An Italian Christmas At The Cliff, Sofitel Sentosa (Food Tasting)

 I'm not sure about you, but I am exceptionally excited for Christmas this year! Maybe it's because 2020 has been an extraordinary year like no other or perhaps I am just looking for a good and restful break after a whole year of hard work. Or maybe it's the thought that 2020 is finally ending and we can start anew in 2021! Haha! But I really find myself looking forward to the Christmas season with great anticipation. Thanks to Sofitel Sentosa, I got an early head start to the festive season at The Cliff, when I went to taste their Christmas dinner menu!

If you want to skip the crowds expected during the week leading up toe Christmas, I would encourage you to go for an early Christmas feast! It's never too early to soak ourselves in the most wonderful time of the year - The Cliff is offering their Italian-themed Christmas lunch and dinner from now all the way till end of December! 

The hotel was already beautifully decorated for Christmas. Always love Sofitel Sentosa for its beautiful landscaping that makes you feel enveloped by nature and greeneries. It is always relaxing to step into the hotel grounds! We arrived at The Cliff before it got completely dark for the night, and got ourselves a table at the alfresco dining area that overlooked a beautiful sea view. The sunset was a gorgeous orange and really mesmerizing. It was a perfect date night setting for us!

For this year, The Cliff is offering an Italian 3-course lunch or 5-course dinner for Christmas .  Let me bring you through our dinner in pictures so you have a visual feast as well!

We were served bread basket and champagne (complimentary to media and not included in the Christmas menu) to start off!

The bread as so yummy I asked for second servings, unreservedly. =P

For the first course, we were served the Spiced Walnut & Ricotta Crostini. I am not a fan of dairy and cheese, but the ricotta tasted super good and not cheesy like I imagined. So glad I was brave enough to at least try it. The whole concoction was so magical - every ingredient worked perfectly together for an intense and satisfying burst of flavours in my mouth! The texture was enhanced by the crunchy-ness of the walnuts and toasted crostini. I was really quite impressed with the starter.

Next, we had an Endive & Persimmon Salad which was so appetizing. It was tangy and sweet, and the crunchy vegetables were really refreshing and light. I love the pomegranate and toasted pumpkin seeds in the salad, and how colourful it looked!

For the first main, you can choose between Pork and Veal Tortellini in Clear Meat Broth or Beetroot & Goat Cheese Ravioli. I had the former while the husband opted for the latter. The broth was deep with flavours (like chicken consomm√© boiled for hours!) and the tortellini were tasty as well, filled with minced meat. The ravioli might be a challenge for non-cheese lovers like me, but if you like cheese, you might want to choose that!

For the second main, you can choose between Braised Beef Short Rib, Polenta and Horseradish Gremolata or Caramelised Kabochua Squash Risotto. If you are not a vegetarian, I would totally recommend the braised beef short rib because it was just so delightful! The meat has become so tender after hours of braising and it falls off the bone easily. Every bite was flavourful and delicious! The risotto paled in comparison but tasted yummy as well, especially with the grilled squash. It would be a good option if you don't take beef.

The final course was the dessert and it was a Dark Chocolate Ricotta Yule Log cake that was delicious and satisfying. I love dark chocolate!! And the cherries were great additions to this dish!

We had such a wonderful time at dinner, just relaxing and chit-chatting while enjoying the wonderful ambience. It's definitely the most wonderful time of the year! Thank you so much, Sofitel Sentosa The Cliff, for your warm hospitality and delicious offerings!

Now, if you are interested to try out their Italian Christmas menu, here are the prices and some useful information. Early bird discount is available before 10 December! For Christmas Eve, there is a luxurious7-course menu (seafood included) waiting for you!

Lunch – $48++/diner
Top up for Wine Pairing – $98++/diner

Early Bird Discount!
Book before 10 December
Enjoy $248++/two diners with wine pairing

Dinner – $78++/diner
Top up for Wine Pairing – $98++/diner

Early Bird Discount!
Book before 10 December
Enjoy $298++/two diners with wine pairing


Dinner – $158++/diner
Top up for Wine Pairing – $138++/diner
For enquiries, please contact us at (65) 6708 8310 or email

Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Piza Delivery Review: Uncle Tony Pizza (Giveaway!)

Year 2020 has been a very strange and unique year indeed. It's the year I became extremely savvy in ordering food online and having them delivered to my doorstep! It's been a year with lots of inconveniences but out of that birthed conveniences in other areas of our lives as well, and for that, I'm grateful! We got introduced to yet another pizza delivery platform - and we ordered them in for a pizza party!

I'm quite sure all of us are online ordering experts by now, and Uncle Tony Pizza's website is easy peasy. Prices are reasonable and variety is good too. Plus, they promise to deliver under an hour! Really nothing else to ask for more! Check out what we ordered for our pizza party!

I had made an advance order a week earlier and the delivery was right on time within my requested timeslot. Love that the food arrived still HOT! That's the most important, isn't it??

We ordered their Sharing Bundle - "Let's Go Party", which came with four large pizzas of our choice, side dishes such as chicken wings, honey mustard prawns, fish fingers and nuggets, and 2 bottles of drinks. It was a feast (both for the eyes and our tummies!).

My favourite was the Pepperoni Pizza (classic and just the way I love it), and the side dishes were all quite good as well.

Needless to say, my kids enjoyed the food - One can never go wrong with pizzas, can we? =D Check them out for your next family gathering and party. Hey, Christmas is coming (hint hint!)!

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