Thursday, November 16, 2017

I Tried HYPOXI®’s Unique Vacuum & Compression Technology!

Media Review

Yes, that’s me suiting up for my first ever HYPOXI® experience.


Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s move on to what I want to introduce to you today – HYPOXI® and its unique vacuum and compression technology. I tried it for the first time a couple of weeks back and I was so intrigued by it!


I met up with HYPOXI® director, Berlin Lee, at their studio conveniently located just opposite the road from Tai Seng MRT Station at Breadtalk IHQ, and got to know about this unique technology that boasts of burning stubborn fat deposits at three times higher efficiency than conventional fat loss methods. As a busy full-time working mom of two children, my lifestyle often does not allow me much time to exercise or work on those post-partum tummy fats. Needless to say, I’ve got cellulite in all the areas that I didn’t want them and when I heard that HYPOXI can improve the appearance of cellulite on those problem areas while simultaneously burning fats, I knew this is TOTALLY FOR ME! (and perhaps you who’s reading this as well)


After taking my basic measurements, Berlin explained what the HYPOXI®-Method is all about.


The method focuses on the Power of 3 – Fitness, Nutrition & Technology. When low impact exercises are combined with advanced technology and healthy nutrition, the result is that your body burns fats smarter and faster, without you having to work doubly hard for it. Because of its unique technology, independent studies have shown that it is three times more effective at targeted fat burning than regular exercise. I can burn fats, stay healthy in lesser amount of time AND have fun while doing it all  – What’s not to love about this?! =D


Berlin assessed my body shape and told me that I’m an APPLE. Apparently, for a body shape like mine, I tend to gain weight on my waistlines and usually have thinner arms, legs and hips. When I heard that, a lightbulb hit in my head immediately! I often find out that I’ve put on weight a little too late because everyday when I look into the mirror and see my thin arms and legs, I think I’m doing pretty alright, but that’s only because my body structure is genetically so! If I religiously measure my waistline everyday, I will know that I’ve been overeating and need to watch my diet more.

The HYPOXI®-Method uses different types of equipment to cater to the needs of different people. I had the chance to try out the HYPOXI® Dermology Comfort (HDC), which is ideal for people starting a detox program and those who want to accelerate fat burning around the stomach region (That’s me!). Before I start, I had to be properly suited up – Don’t underestimate this suit: It is made up of a complex network of 400 integrated pressure chambers located around the stomach, hip, buttock and thigh region. The HYPOXI® HDC chambers act in a similar way to manual cupping – Non-invasive and holistic treatment that simulates a deep-tissue massage!


The 20-minute program was so relaxing, I wish I could do it everyday! The best way I can describe the feeling is that it feels like having bubble wraps bursting all over your body at the same time – It’s completely painless, and totally comfortable! While it felt like a relaxing massage, the equipment was actually improving the tone and texture of my skin and cellulite! Can I have this equipment in my house, please? =P

See the proof marks of how hard the suit worked on my body while I was relaxing away? Awesomeness.


After the HYPOXI® HDC, I went on to try another equipment called the HYPOXI® Vacunaut, which is ideal for apple-shaped women like myself. The central feature of the HYPOXI® Vacunaut is the complex network of 122 integrated pressure chambers which get to work on those stubborn areas of your midsection while you exercise on the treadmill. No more than a brisk walk, the HYPOXI® Vacunaut will get to work on your tummy and love handles – In fact, it’s the training device of choice for many celebrities as well!


Again, I was suited up and got onto the HYPOXI® Vacanaut. The suit was very tight and because it was connected to a machine at various points, I initially found it hard to even brisk walk. But after a while, I got the hang of it and even managed to go into a slow jog. I felt clumsy, to be frank, but after a 20-minute jog and taking off the suit, I realized how much I had sweated! Without putting in much effort, I had been burning fats effectively simply because technology was used to speed up the process – I love it!


Berlin decided that I should be put on the Intensive Program –> 3 days workout + 1 day rest + 3 days workout. Coupled with a balanced healthy diet, I should be seeing results at the end of the fast program, and I can’t wait to share then! I am definitely looking forward to a more well-toned body with a thinner waistline hopefully!


To find out more about HYPOXI® and how it can work for you, check out their website & follow them on social media platforms:

Location: 30 Tai Seng Street #02-14, Breadtalk IHQ, 534013
Tel: 64430500


Stay tuned for my results reveal after my intensive program! =D

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

My Little Climbing Room–Review & Passes Giveaway!

Media Review

My kids are a little confused sometimes – They are active and mostly outgoing, but they are pretty scaredy cats when it comes to adventure or height-related activities. So when we were on our way to My Little Climbing Room a few weeks ago to try their indoor rock climbing facility for kids, I was a little skeptical whether they would back out at the last minute. Just before we reached the place, I tried to prep them so that they know what to expect and both of them gave me looks of apprehension. I was all prepared to say to the folks of My Little Climbing Room – “Sorry guys, I think my kids are not ready for this. We’ll come back another day.” Turned out…. to be completely OPPOSITE. LOL!


The moment we stepped into My Little Climbing Room, the kids literally went wild. With a room as colorful and fun-looking as this, I think it’s quite hard for any kids to contain their excitement. It was great that we went during a weekday morning, so we were the only ones there until another family joined us half an hour later. The kids had the whole place and all the facilitators to themselves!


The Little Climbing Room is really an indoor rock-climbing facility built specially for kids. The rainbow colors in the room, along with little games you can play while climbing the rocks make it a very fun experience for the kids, I assure you. Even the very young kids can attempt to climb up a short distance on the easiest wall, and feel happy that they have achieved something. That’s the thing about rock-climbing – It builds courage and strength, and develops perseverance and tenacity!

The kids quickly got suited up and were raring to go! - Such a big contrast from a mere 15 minutes earlier when they were all apprehensive and scared! =X


Safety briefing before they start. Necessary for safety sake.


The facilitators are superb – They were able to gain rapport with the kids almost immediately.


Some warm-ups before attempting those walls!


It was Halloween season when we visited, so there were costumes for kids to dress up before climbing.


I thought it was hilarious to see a pink witch do rock-climbing. LOL! The costumes, especially the hat, made the climbing more challenging, so the kids ditched them very quickly. Hahaha!


And the kids climbed and climbed – They were each given a score card to get points for every challenge they overcame – On some walls, they must touch different points on the wall in numeric order; on others, they can only step on a certain color, etc. There was a fixed number of walls in the room, but the different variations made it interesting and fun for the little ones.


If you are concerned whether your kids are too young to do this, there was a four-year-old boy who could complete the green wall (which was the most difficult wall), and even my 11-year-old Joey had difficulty completing it! So it really does not depend on the age, but the strength of the kid and how many times the kids have tried it.


The kids rounded off the session with a mass game – “Sharks!” where music will be played and the kids are to run around the room. Once the music stops, everyone is to climb up the rock wall to avoid the sharks! The kids went crazy! Haha!

Check out to find out more about this place. I guarantee that your kids will love it there! My kids can’t wait to go back again, and this time round, they want to bring their friends too!



My Little Climbing Room is giving away two admission passes to two readers of The J Babies! Participate via Rafflecopter to qualify! All the best, and hope to see you at My Little Climbing Room soon!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  • A usual session consists of 30 minutes of free play, followed by group game, and lastly more free play (1.5 hours in total).
  • Weekday sessions are unlimited play time and the group game is run every 2 hours.
  • Max capacity is 15 children at each time.
  • Due to limited capacity, online booking is highly encouraged.
  • Each admission pass admits one child and one adult. Additional adult at $5 each.
  • Multi passes may be shared. Adult admission included too. Which means you can use 5 x Multipass for 1 child and 1 adult for 5 sessions OR 5 children and 5 adults in 1 session OR any combinations you can think of.   
  • Although the facility is built for kids, the whole facility is rated safe even for adults who are much heavier.
  • The walls are built by the parent company of Climb Central (the one at Kallang Wave Mall @ Sports Hub)
  • Yes, they do parties too!

Thursday, November 09, 2017

3 Reasons Why You Should Get Ergonomic Furniture For Your Kids

Product Review

This is part of my Making Of Our Dream Home series. Click to read the other entries in the series.

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My 11-year-old came home with a really black face yesterday because well.. it was injection day. =P Her arm was sore from the injection and she was upset because the nurse who did her physical examination commented that her back was not perfectly straight, and that if she doesn’t watch her sitting and standing posture carefully, she might have to go for further checkups at the hospital. It got me a little concerned because I had been worried for a while now for the kids’ postures as they don’t have a proper place to do their homework at home now.  They often have to bend over low tables or slouched at awkward angles because the tables and chairs are not well-fitted for their height and size. Thankfully, we are getting new and finally, proper, study tables and chairs when we shift house in December!

Having had good review experiences with Ergoworks previously, they were naturally our first choice when it comes to selecting ergonomic tables and chairs for my kids. We popped by their showroom at Marina Square and understood a lot better about why ergonomic furniture are necessary for growing children. It is certainly a worthy investment if you want the best for your kids, and with ongoing promotions now, I say it is absolutely value-for-money. Here are 3 reasons why you should totally consider ergonomic furniture for your kids:

#1: Promotes Healthy Postures

Possibly the most important, and only reason you need to get these ergonomic tables and chairs for your kids! Postures should be rectified and enhanced during their growing up years when their body structures are still adjusting. Good postures enhance the quality of life because we experience lesser aches on our shoulders and back, and the kids can focus better when they are studying as well. Upon reaching the showroom, the friendly Ergoworks staff recommended us to this series of study tables & chairs (Ergostars ES-8804) and showed us how the tables and chairs can be adjusted to the correct height suitable for my kids, so that their sitting, studying and writing postures can be at their best.


The footrest is important especially for younger kids like Jayne, so that they don’t strain themselves when trying to sit up straight but have difficulty resting their feet flat on the ground. The footrest also ensures better blood circulation without causing numbness on thighs and feet


The child should sit as close as possible to desk edge for upright sitting posture and allow full contact with backrest – or in other words, “have your back rest on it”, for optimal experience.


#2: Great Support For Their Tender Backs

Because Ergostars’ chairs are ergonomically-designed, they are comfortable and provides great support for my children’s backs. I tried the chair for myself, and the backrest actually wraps around my waist when I lean back - it was so comfortable! See the duo flaps of the backrest? They are of original German design and technology and the reason for the comfort! Beware of imitations in the market!


I can almost visualize my kids studying comfortably on their chairs in their new bedroom! =D


As you can see, the table top can be tilted at an angle (up to 25 degrees) so that the kids can sit and read comfortably without bending over and straining their backs. The grey wrist support patch also functions as a book holder and a good rest for the wrist.


#3: They Grow With The Kids

Because of their ergonomic nature, both the tables and the chairs are designed in such a way that they can be easily adjusted in height to suit children of different age group and height. In fact, these ergonomic tables and chairs can “grow” together with the kids all the way into adulthood because they can be adjusted along with their growth. Now, isn’t that a worthy investment?!


With a lever that can be easily attached and detached, you can adjust the height of the table when there is a need to do so. I also like how the tables and chairs are designed with rounded edge bumpers for that extra aesthetic and safety feature.

Other Useful Features

There are several minor features about the Ergostars study table that made the girls look forward to using them. There is a hook at the bottom of the table for the kids to hang their school bag after school everyday, and also a pull-out tray for them to keep all their stationeries and pens under the table.


All of Ergoworks’ ergonomic products are endorsed and recommended by The Chiropractic Association (Singapore) and Singapore Physiotherapy Association, and needless to say, many doctors, medical professionals and posture trainers are their customers as well because they know how important quality products are. You can also enjoy 3 years’ warranty for the furniture you purchase!

Great Promotion!

Ergoworks is having a good promotion now and the Ergostars ES-8804 Desk & Chair set is only going at a special price of $799 and comes with 3 years on-site warranty (Price includes delivery, installation and 7% GST). More info here: or make a trip to any of their showrooms (Marina Square, Causeway Point or The Centrepoint Mall) to try out the furniture yourself.


Looks like my kids are really happy with their new ergonomic tables and chairs from Ergoworks and are looking forward to their arrival at our new place next month! The tables come in a choice of pink, blue or grey and the chairs come in pink or blue as well. Can’t wait to share more about how these study tables and chairs can improve the quality of our lives, so stay tuned for upcoming posts! :)

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Disclosure: Ergoworks has sponsored the products mentioned in the post for  my kids’ review purposes. No other financial compensation was received.