Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Extremely Playful Kids Of Mine

Kids are playful by nature. Mine seem to be even more so, I don’t know why!

Maybe I’m reaping what I sowed as a kid, but I really cannot fathom the amount of energy they have in them every minute of the day, until they fall asleep at night!

On Monday when we were at home, Joey kept pestering me to let her go out and play. By playing, it means she wants to ride her bicycle or scooter along the corridor. When she’s out, Baby Jayne was not contented with just watching her sister in her cot, and wouldn’t stop screaming. So, she too got what she wanted.

In her kiddy car! She was all excited to join in the fun!


The kiddy car came with a handle at the back for the parent to navigate the car if the kid is not old enough to cycle.


Look how excited she was! All because….


… her Jie Jie was fast riding away in front of her!


We went a few rounds, the 2 sisters chasing after each other… See how sweaty she was after a while!


But she was having so much fun, she refused to get off… Haha!


Both played to their hearts’ content and sweated like crazy! It’s fun to have siblings to share our fun, I guess. The fun gets doubled instantaneously!