Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mummy In Her Eyes

I don’t know whether it’s psychological, but Joey seemed to be able to draw much better after the lesson she attended at Wow! Art Studios on Saturday!

It used to be that whenever I ask her to draw me, she would refuse, saying she doesn’t know how to draw. She mostly draws the sun, spiders (i know, weird) and shapes, but when it comes to drawing people, she usually finds it difficult.

But on Sunday, while she was doing her drawing, I asked her to draw Mummy again, and she agreed readily!

This is Mummy Kless, in Joey’s eyes.. =)


So, in her eyes, I have big round eyes, long hair, big ears and a smile! =D

Quite frankly, I was getting a little worried when we went for the art class and met a little girl who is 4 years old as well, and she could write her full name (Can’t remember her name but it was a long name!) as well as draw people! That’s pretty intelligent, I thought! And immediately, I felt a little worried that my Joey could do none of those yet! Kiasu mummy syndrome. =P

Then I came home and suddenly Joey could draw ME and write her name (well almost – Her Y looks a little weird.. heee..)! Is that a miracle or what??

I can’t imagine what it would be like when Joey goes to Primary School and I start getting jittery about her grades. Gah! Will I turn out to be such a scary mummy who forces my kid to learn spelling all day long??! Gah! Too early to think about that.

It actually was quite comforting to see her draw such a good picture of me. =) Goes to show that she could transfer the images in her mind onto paper in the form of drawings. It’s a fine intellectual skill. =)

Next, I shall ask her how she draws her house, tree and bicycle, and see whether her drawings are similar to mine. =)