Friday, May 14, 2010

Why You Should Not Stop At One

Just the other day, I had a sudden random thought that my girls will never be alone because they will always have each other in this lifetime.

Awwwwww… I know. =)

I am sure some of you who have siblings grew up fighting and quarrelling with them. I am no exception. As a kid, I never really liked my little brother. I thought he was noisy, rough and just plain irritating. I hated it that I had to teach him to do his Maths homework, and I hated it that he was always making fun of me and disturbing me. =.=

But like any other siblings, as we both grew up, we started to appreciate each other more and more. We talked and shared what we were going through all the time. We were kinda like best friends. Except that we were related by blood and we lived together.


So, I can really understand how wonderful it is to have a sibling to grow up with, and someone who will always understand what life is like, since we grew up in the same environment. Our siblings were the first people we turn to when we  get scolded by our parents, and they were the ones who saw the worst and best in us. So when I thought about this, I can’t help but smile. =) I am so glad they will have each other for life!


Of course, having just ONE kid is easy and manageable, and some say they can give all the best to that one kid, but to me, even though it meant that a 2nd kid meant double the expenses, double the loss of freedom, double the tiredness and double the busyness, I was glad I still went for it. It’s all worthwhile just by watching the 2 of them. =) I learn so much from the 2 of them every single day.


So friends…… never stop at one!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha!