Monday, May 10, 2010

Wow! Art Learning (Part I)

Privileged to be invited for a trial class at Wow! Art Learning Centre last Saturday and I had great fun because the others who went along were mostly my friends! =D


Wow! Art Learning Studio is a centre that encourages creativity among children through the use of discovery, exploration and experimenting with art & crafts. The trial class that I went for was called ‘Parallel Learning’, and was not offered at the centre yet. Parents and children were separated into different rooms and they would do exactly the same exercises and art activities. At the end of the classes, the artwork of both parents and kids would be compared and the teachers would bring forth the learning points and explained what parents could look out for when doing art & craft with their children. I thought it sounded pretty interesting. =)

We were the 1st family to reach the place and we went around exploring the place!










The teacher for the kiddo class preparing her materials for the class. =) She was coy when I asked to take a photo of her, saying nobody has ever done that to her! Muahahaha!


This is the classroom where the kids would do their art & craft session, just next to their daddies & mummies next door.


The different art & craft equipment for the session!


The centre is nicely decorated with different colours! Apt for an arts school, of course! I feel happy just being inside. =)


Joey got her nametag with her name & age written on it. At this point, she was excited to go for the class. Note: AT THIS POINT.


While waiting for the rest to arrive, the Principal of Wow!, Nancy, played a small game with Joey – Finding pairs of cards in the stack. :) Educators are just different – They have the ability to connect to children almost immediately, using the right words to draw them out from shyness and invoke creativity in them. With a founder & Principal like her, it’s no wonder the centre is popular among parents.


The other kids started arriving!


Doing doodling while waiting for the class to start. When I move to a new house in future, I’d love to have an art & craft room like this one, complete with all kinds of paper, paints, crayons, scissors, glue, glitters and what-nots!! It’ll be awesome!


The kids’ session started! The kids were all excitedly putting on their art apron for a great time of fun! All except……

MY JOEY!!!!!!!!!!!



Can you believe it.. I prepped her before we went, and we explored the whole place for a good 30 minutes before the class started, and yet at the 11th hour, she got cold feet about being separated from Mama??!!

The rest of the kids were happily waiting  to start,, but she was just sulking and sitting on a chair near to the door, refusing to join the kids. I just feel sad that my daughter didn’t get a chance to sit among her peers and played… She’s at this awkward stage now where everything is embarrassing! Sigh… In the end, she sat in the class together with me and had a hand at her own art piece. Well, at least she participated..

Wanna see what we did or made??! =D Come back tomorrow for Part II!