Thursday, November 03, 2011

Pilot FriXion Colors

Sponsored Review

Sometime last week, Pilot kindly sent over a pack of their new FriXion Colors for Joey to try. FriXion Colors is a new range of marker pens from the FriXion erasable ink series. Erasable - Can you believe it?? That’s totally awesome for kids who love to doodle and regret what they doodled five minutes later.

Check out the many lovely colors available!


The technology in the pen allows writing to be done and also erased cleanly by friction with the same pen – the ink vanishes with a simple rub using the durable rubber stud on the cap of the pen. No more mistakes or ugly marker pen smudges you can’t erase and even more exciting ways to create art like never before! This series basically share the same ground-breaking thermo-sensitive ink as its predecessors, the Pilot FriXion Ball (ball pen), Pilot FriXion Light (highlighter) and Pilot FriXion Point (gel ink). Check out this cool ‘secret letter’ I received from Pilot!


The card had some very faint writings which cannot be read easily…


I left the card in the freezer for 30 mins…


And TADA! The message appeared! =D Very fun indeed!


My girl couldn’t wait to try the pens of course. Just check out the glee on her face!!!


The fact that coloured pen ink can be erased so easily totally amused her. It was unlike anything she’s ever seen! =D Now, she can make all the mistakes she wants, and still complete a perfect piece of art at the end! =D I have to say Joey’s very pleased with her new set of pens!


My verdict on the FriXon Colors? They are easy to use, available in many lovely colours and are very affordable. The additional erasable and thermal-sensitive ink property definitely added interest to drawing! Now, something interesting to share with you guys: Pilot has created a fun app on Facebook to revive the age-old tradition of romantic letter writing in five easy steps!

  1. Tell Pilot what you want to say to your crush/buddy/loved one
  2. They’ll handwrite your note using Pilot FriXion Colors and send it to your crush/buddy!
  3. Pick 2 decoys so that your crush/buddy/loved one will have to guess who the card is from
  4. Carpe Diem (Seize the day)!

If any of you are keen to try out the FriXion Colors and handwrite your own love note on the FriXion Colors postcard, you may also head down to any of these Pilot Pen Roadshows:


Watch this final video to have a better idea how it works!