Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Sol’s Playground Cafe

Finally, we managed to book our dear friend, Tristan, for lunch last Sunday. It was a long belated birthday treat for him, but he has soooooo many friends. Finally it’s our turn! Yay!!! =P

We decided to check out Sol’s Playground Cafe at Turf City, because the kids were going along as well. If we want to have a nice peaceful meal, it’s vital that we find a place that can entertain the kids. With an outdoor dining area just in front of a playground, this sounded like a perfect place.


The playground may not be big, but it’s sheltered, so even though we were there for lunch, I didn’t have to worry about my kids getting scorched by the sun. The only minus was that there were no fans installed at the alfresco dining area, so it can get a little warm and stuffy if it was not a windy day.


The kids dashed off without a second look. It doesn’t take much to excite these kids of mine. =D


Our favourite friend, who’s also a favourite uncle of the girls. They are always crowding around him!




We arrived barely 10 minutes before Tristan did, but see how much Joey was sweating by the time he arrived. =.=


Sol’s Playground Cafe also has a small indoor corner for the kids, with toys and books strewn all over the place. A little messy I think. =P


On weekends, the cafe also engages a balloon sculptor to entertain the kids. Completely free of charge!


Balloons always thrill the kids!!! =D



Finally, the food arrived!! We ordered Tom Yam soup with Vermicelli, Seafood Paella & Meatball Pizza to share. We were told that the Spanish dishes served at this cafe were unique and their speciality. Turned out the paella was indeed my favourite dish. There’s a kids’ menu for $12 each – Comes with a main course (pasta, pizza, hotdog bun, burgers etc), a drink and a single scoop of ice-cream.




I think it’s worth checking out the place if you have kids! However, prices are not exactly cheap. Average spending per pax is about $30. But the fellowship was priceless though. We had a great time! =D



Sol’s Playground Cafe is located at 200 Turb Club Road #01-21 Turf City, Singapore 287994.