Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good Entertainment For Kids

Being a mom of two hyperactive-and-cannot-sit-still-for-more-than-five-minutes kids calls for the need for abundant entertainment ideas all the time.

Because whether I like it or not, the kids would still devise their own little games at home – Be it chasing each other from one end of the living room to the other end (and my living room is not even big), or jumping off the sofa or the dining table – Both of which are life-threatening. So as part of the hubby and my survival instincts, we spend two hours every night lying on the bed brainstorming for new ideas to entertain our kids (ok, not really).

I have to give it to my hubby for remembering this great game called BADMINTON, and what great contribution the game has made to our family bliss. The girls tried badminton for the first time and Joey fell deeply in love with it. Jayne doesn’t quite take to the game yet, for obvious reasons – She hasn’t succeeded in serving her first ball yet. Some motor skill improvement programme is in order.

She’s good at posing though. And you could almost believe she’s a pro.



Joey, on the other hand, is making fast improvements. Her best record so far is to continue hitting the ball back and forth with Papa Isaiah for 5 times in a row. Not bad for a beginning I say.


Papa Isaiah made her practise hitting the shuttlecock first, to stabilise her hand movements. Worked pretty well.


In times like these, I thank God that Joey inherited her dad’s good sports genes and not my nua genes. =P


After a while, Jayne ditched the racket and went practising on her scooter. It’s something she recently learnt. Joey was the one who taught her how to ride on a scooter! =)


Some badminton, scooter time and quality time with daddy & mummy make two happy kiddos!



Another weekend settled. Time to think of what else to do next weekend.