Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Greenwich V Experience!

What an experience it was indeed! =D

Thanks to omy for their invitation, my whole family went for ‘The Greenwich V Experience’ event last Saturday. Greenwich V is the latest retail mall in town, nestled within the lush leafy surroundings of the established landed residential estate of Seletar Hills. The event was a fun, friendly competition between three teams of 5 bloggers each and through the competition, everyone got to roam Greenwich V and experience what it’s got to offer. What great fun we had because our team was made up of families. Dads+mums+children=VERY ROWDY! =D

We gathered at Empire State restaurant for lunch & briefing. We were told that we have to visit 10 retail outlets within Greenwich V, and there were specific tasks to be completed at each outlet – To finish the food served & pose for photo or to find out answers to specific questions etc.

Empire State Restaurant was very kind and generous and served us HUGE portions of food – Not just figuratively, but physically as well. Check this out:


The Empire State Burger serves 4 – 5 pax, and is a feast for the eyes literally. The kids, especially, screeched with delight when they were served. I was extremely excited too, because I was famished! Haha!

Turned out the burger was not only pretty, it was delicious as well. I loved the beef patty that matched so well with the mushrooms & onions, and the thick french fries!


They also served us pizza and pasta, which made us all extremely bloated. (Just then, we were told that we could expect ALOT more food during the challenge that was about to begin!)

Split pizza of teriyaki chicken & mushroom, one on each side.


Bolognaise pasta


Our 10-store challenge started after a very full & yummy lunch. The weather was glorious – Perfect for us! One of the distinctive about Greenwich V is that you get lots of the outdoors within a shopping mall, which is just fabulous. To celebrate its opening, there were weekend carnival stalls set up with popcorns, candy floss and game stalls.


The game master for our team- Team Lifestyle! She was the one who followed us on the whole game, and gave us the clues at every station. =D


We had two hours to complete our 10 tasks, thereafter we must upload our selected photos onto the official Facebook site together with captions created by our team. Judging was based on the creativity of our photos & captions. Our team was the BIGGEST in form because we had 4 men, 4 women, 9 kids and 2 strollers! Though it was a competition, we were just having lots of fun as our whole family was involved in the running here & there. Great family bonding on a Saturday afternoon!


Snapshots of how the two hours went!

Station 1: Berrylite! We had to finish 4 large and 2 small cups of yoghurt which were yummy & very refreshing on a hot day! The kids were of course happy to help to finish them up! =P




Station 2: Cedele Bakery!

They served us lots of food as well – Pasta, walnut cakes, freshly-made blueberry pancakes, (My FAV!) sausages, Chocolate Rose drink, Berry drink (Jayne LOVED it!)…



Station 3: Gong Cha! Got a drink, posed & moved on!


Station 4: Toast Box!


Their signature dishes: Curry chicken & peanut thick toast. =D


Station 5: Home-Fix! Our task at this stop was to search out two tools that could build a cabinet and pose! =D Well done by Handy Manny Andy!

Station 6: Prima Deli! Of course the feature is their yummy waffles!


Station 7: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf!


Tried their brewed tea, brewed with the Coffeebean & Tea Leaf’s DIY machine.

Station 8: Phoenix Medical Group! One of our team mates, Paul, experienced the best-selling facial wash here. ‘Refreshing!’ he said. =D


We all watched with much interest, especially the KIDS! Haha!

Station 9: Paradise Inn! Another place where we were served with super yummy food – Seafood fried rice, fried prawns in salted egg yolk, etc. Their signature dishes were wonderful!



By now it was near dinner time, so we were able to finish up almost everything by feeding the kids their dinner! =P


Final stop Station 10: Soulworks Hair Salon! I posed with their most popular stylist, Elly! =D

Finally, we completed all 10 stations and finished up back at Empire State (we were the 1st team to finish the race!) where we uploaded our photos & captions. Final results? Team Lifestyle won 2nd prize! We went home with wonderful goody bags and $200 vouchers for the whole team. The best part was spending a fun afternoon with good team mates, time with our families and a lot of good food & drinks!

Thank you omy and Greenwich V for the great GREENWICH V EXPERIENCE! =D

(Photo credits: Phoebe, Isaiah, Alvin)