Sunday, February 19, 2012

Greenwich V Mall Special Edition: Cedele & Soulworks

When we participated in the Greenwich V Mall blogger competition a couple of weekends ago, one of the restaurants we visited was Cedele. It took me by surprise that Cedele offers so many yummy food options because in my mind, Cedele serves only soup & bread! But I cannot be more wrong, because when they started serving us different dishes to try, I was amazed at how good they all tasted. The Celede at Greenwich V Mall has an open kitchen concept – I love how contemporary, hygenic and organised it looks.


Cedele served us cakes, specialty drinks, pasta, pancakes and sausages etc. The adults tucked in happily even though we were all still stuffed from lunch just a few minutes ago at another restaurant. The food looked too good to be missed!

Walnut cake, with generous chunks of walnuts!


Special Valentine’s Day drinks offered for us to try: Lovely Berry milkshake & Iced Chocolate Rose! Such lovely names they bore. =D


My personal favourite is the chocolate rose because it’s a refreshing iced chocolate drink with a tint of rose syrup taste. I love it!

Baby Jayne, on the other hand, loved the pink Lovely Berry milkshake and she had 2 glasses on her own! The Celede manager even joked that she was their youngest ambassador! Haha!


Seafood Pasta – Tasted GREAT with a tinge of spicyness. Totally whet my appetite!!!


And this was my most FAVOURITE dish at Cedele: Blueberry Pancakes with sausages!!!

The pancakes were freshly made and tasted sooooooo good with maple sauce & margarine. The salty sausages made the taste balanced. A very yummy dish.


Our final stop of the competition was at Soulworks by Koyee. Soulworks by Koyee is a new integrated (4 in 1) hair, nail, face and body care hub, that builds on over 30 years of personal service. It offers a welcoming, professional and value-for-money beauty & relaxation experience. Our challenge for this station is to take a photo with the most popular stylist in the shop, so here’s a shot of me with Elly!


Greenwich V Mall is a lovely place, perfect for families and gathering of friends. Visit it today! =)