Friday, February 17, 2012

One-To-One Time with Baby Jayne

Last Monday when Joey was in school, we brought Baby Jayne out to check out the newly opened shopping mall – Changi City Point Mall. It was a lovely one-to-one time spent with our little baby girl.


We were there on Valentine’s Day Eve, so the whole mall is decorated with heart shapes everywhere. =)


My girl was like a little model – I was snapping photos of her everywhere she went. =P





She was such a cutie. She would check out every shop we passed by. I say she might grow up to be a shopaholic. Even window shopping seemed to thrill her! Unlike Joey, she has yet to reach the age where she would pick out stuffs in every shop and ask me to buy them for her. She’s happy just browsing. Thank God.


This photo of Dad was taken by Baby Jayne herself. =D Not bad eh??


We popped by the arcade for a while, and she was happy fiddling with the machines that played loud music and were brightly lit, without putting any coins in. Phew.


We ended our shopping with some ice-cream at Marble Slab Creamery. Yummy chocolate ice-cream with fudge and chocolate chips!


Personal time with my kids is always a joy. Giving them undivided attention and just hanging around them one-on-one is something I aim to do more of this year! This really helps to fill up the love tank of the kids and allow them to express more and become more confident as a person. Try it too if you are a parent yourself! =D