Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Snapshot: Mundi Market & Bar By The Sea

I don’t know about you, but I am a big fan of flea markets. I love the atmosphere of such markets, seeing different stalls set up everywhere, and you can freely walk around to ‘window-shop’ and look for little knick knacks to buy. Such a free and relaxing feeling.

So when I heard about the Mundi Market & Bar By The Sea event, I was excited to share with all of you! This is a new outdoor event, a family-friendly weekend market by the sea, based in Pasir Ris Beach Park, with up to 60 market traders and was launched last October with the support of NParks. The event hopes to attract Singaporean and Foreign Expatriate families to chill out and mingle at the same place, while their children can play and explore the beach park, which also has the only horse stable and mangrove swamp on that side of Singapore. It is currently held on a once-a-month basis and they eventually hope to establish a weekly presence as per the weekend markets in Europe and Australia, etc. Some of their market traders include an eco-friendly 3D arts workshop, a handicrafts workshop, an organic farm, a photography works, children clothing and more. The next date for the market is on 25 Feb 2012 (Sat), 3pm – 9pm.


I’ll be sure to check out this market on 25 Feb with my kids, and come back with reports on how it was like! =) It sure looks like a family-friendly event!

*This is not a sponsored review.