Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How To Be A Mum & Rock At It

I must have guts of a lion to even attempt to pen an entry like this. I mean, if the title was ‘How To Be A Mum & Suck At It’, it would be so much more natural and easy for me to write it. I probably don’t even have to think.

But I seldom feel so inspired to write about a certain topic, so I shall. And yes, I need to make it super funny so that at the end of reading it, you would forget what the title was anyway. Except, I am not funny and witty, so I should just stick to being honest. That should score me some points.

So, how does one be a mum and rock at it? I humbly offer my four-point sermon:

1. Meditate on the goodness of your kids DAY & NIGHT.


It would be good if you can list down the good points of your kids on a big piece of paper and stick it on a wall so that you can see it all the time. A mum’s job is tough simply because you are surrounded by a bunch of hyperactive, boundless energetic and extremely mischievous monkeys kids 24/7, and you can’t throw in the towel and leave any time you want. We need to fill our minds with good and positive thoughts. When the kids misbehave or refuse to listen to us, think about how great they are, how much joy they’ve brought to our lives, blah blah blah. Otherwise, the IMH would be full of mothers by 2020, I tell ya.

2. Give Occasional Treats

You know how something becomes precious suddenly because it’s only given occasionally? My kids are like any other kids – They love titbits and sweets. But we all know titbits spoil appetites, so the kids are not allowed to have their favourite snacks all the time. Even though the answer is usually a NO, they would still ask me for it relentlessly. Once in a while, when I feel magnanimous, I would say YES and they’ll worship me like a goddess. It’s not like the kids would grow up to be junkies by munching on titbits once in a while, right? Plus, it makes them happy, and I love to see my kids happy.


3. Have Regular One-To-One Time

Life gets too busy too often. I need to make effort to spend one-to-one time with my kids so that they get my undivided attention and focus during that period. Quality time speaks volumes into every kid’s life, and one can never underestimate the power of it. For families with many children, this is especially important. Everyone of us only has 24 hours a day, and while we sometimes think we are supermen and wonder women, the truth remains that we are all limited. If we have to divide our attention and time between many different ones, it gets spread very thinly.

For Baby Jayne, our one-to-one time usually happens at bedtime when we were lie down and chat for a while about nothing important. Most of the time, Baby Jayne would be the one blabbering away, about what she did during the day, what she heard people say, what she watched on TV or some general comments about something she saw before. During such time, I would keep piling loving words of encouragement and affirmation on her, because that’s when her mind’s the most open. I would keep telling her how much I love her, what a darling she is to me, and what a smart & beautiful baby she is. There’d be lots of hugs and kisses and I love the affection between us.


Joey is older and sleeps in my MIL’s room, so I don’t have bedtimes with her. I have to purposefully schedule one-to-one time with her, by bringing her out to have fun or just hang out together. I love conversations with her, because she has an opinion and idea about everything in life. She makes me really proud of her, and I love hanging out with her so much.

4. Enjoy Life Together

Everyone of us has only one life, and while it may feel like the kids take forever to grow up, I know I would look back one fine day and wonder why has all the years gone to. So, while we can, enjoy life together and live it to the best we know how. I love bringing my kids out because to me, that’s having shared experiences and memories that we own together. Those are stuffs we would think back and talk about when they grow older. They may not remember every single detail, but whenever we look at the photographs we’ve taken, we would remember the good times we had, the places we visited and the things we’ve done together. That’s what makes us one family – We live life together and enjoy it together. Awwwww


Truth be told: You don’t really need to do anything to rock at being a mum. You already rock simply because you are a mum. I say, whether it’s the good or the bad times, BRING IT ON! Cos mummies ROCK ALL THE WAY! =)