Monday, March 12, 2012

Kids-Friendly Dining Venue: PizItalia

Read about this new restaurant in town from San’s blog, and decided to head down to try!


It’s almost impossible to miss this restaurant, because it’s got a moving dinosaur right at its entrance! It totally works because many kids were attracted to it. My kids were no exception.



The best part about this restaurant is the fact that it has a FREE indoor playground for kids – Jurakids Land! They even have a staff who’s stationed inside to watch the kids when they play. Before the kids enter, parents have to fill up a form, indicating their contact numbers and table numbers, so that in case the kids want to leave the playground, the staff can bring the kids back to their parents at their tables. Nice idea.


And mind you, the free playground is not a simple setup. It’s 3-storey high, with slides, ball pool and lots of stairs!


The kids could hardly wait to get in and play. We were there on a Saturday mid-afternoon, and we were the only customers in the shop then. The kids had the whole playground to themselves. =P





On to the food, I must say I was not very impressed with the pastas, but their fried chicken wings and salad were very yummy. This salad was sweet & sourish – Very appetizing!


This plate of chicken wings (3 pieces) cost us more than $6, but I like it that it’s dry and crispy.


The best pasta among the few we ordered should be the seafood pasta with a spicy sambal taste. The rest were just so-so.




Ordered creamy mushroom pasta for the kids. $5.50 for kids’ meal, and you can choose between nuggets, spaghetti bolognaise, creamy mushroom or fish & chips. The kids’ meal does not come with any drinks or ice-cream.


If you are looking for a place where you can dine in peace while the kids sweat it out free-of-charge, this is one of the places you can consider. They also offer pizza & pasta making classes for children, as well as party-hosting services. =)

PizItalia is situated at:

East Coast Seafood Centre
1204 East Coast Parkway
#01-06 Singapore 449882

Opening Hours:
5pm - Midnight on Weekdays
12pm - Midnight on Weekends
Hotline: 6445 8554