Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Tu-Tu Portable Sterilizer (A Giveaway!)

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I’ve always dreamt about this product, quite frankly.

When my kids were still very young, and I have to bring them overseas or for long journeys outdoors, one of my main concerns has always been how to keep their bottles teats and pacifiers hygienic and clean. Parents with young kids would know that hygiene is the top priority for us, as it affects the kids’ well-being and health. While my mother’s generation would heat up a wok of water just to steam milk bottles and pacifiers, most households use an electrical sterilizer now, which is a lot more convenient. I’ve always thought that it would be very neat if there is an invention like a portable sterilizer which I could bring out with me. I could sterilize the teats anytime anywhere! So when I was asked to review My Tu-Tu Portable Pacifier And Bottle Nipple Sterilizer, my first thought was, “What?! There really is such a product??!”

My second surprise came when I saw the actual product. It was so small and compact! Comes in green and orange, and shaped like an apple.


My Tu-Tu is light and portable, and eliminates up to 99.9% of harmful germs in just 6 to 8 minutes! It is environmentally friendly, safe and very hygienic. My Tu-Tu uses UVC, which is a type of ultraviolet light known as germicidal light, long used in hospitals to sterilize air in operating rooms. Care for the product is also easy – Just wipe clean with a damp cloth!


With the instruction manual included in the package, I set up My Tu-Tu for a trial! All you need is two AAA batteries to operate the product.


If your kid uses a pacifier, you can put it into the empty space just below the green cap.


But since my kids have already been weaned off the pacifier, I only needed to sterilize the bottle teats. It’s very simple, just need to remove the bottom cover, and place it directly above the milk bottle so that the teat is inside the container.


With the press of a button, a blue UV ray lights up and the sterilization process starts. Once it’s completed, the light goes off by itself.


Very simple and fast to use!

The only shortfall about the product in my opinion, is that it does not sterilize the bottle itself. As a mom, I don’t only sterilize the teats, but the bottle as well, as germs can accumulate inside as well. However, I do agree that it is more important to keep the teats clean and hygienic as the kids have direct oral contact with them. The fact that it is portable and light, this is already useful enough. The product will come in very handy when I travel overseas with my kids and need to sterilize the bottle teats every night! Now, if you think about it, you can sterilize anything you want with My Tu-Tu, for example the kids’ spoons, forks, etc. Just stick them in through the hole at the bottom! =)


For those of you who wish to get a My Tu-Tu, just follow the instructions and I would randomly select a winner from the entries. Deadline for submission: Sun, 18 March 2012, 12pm. =)

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