Friday, April 27, 2012

From Daddy’s Era

One fine day, my mother-in-law was clearing out the storeroom and brought out a toy from the ancient of days. Apparently, it was a game that entertained Papa Isaiah and his brother during their childhood days, and they would spend hours playing the game with their dad. I’m sure some of you know this game called Carrom, or have even played it before. But I haven’t played it before. This game is totally not my era. Remember I’m only 18 years old.

The girls however got very excited when they saw the carrom board. It was something new and refreshing to them. They are not familiar with antiques, you see. And not everyone appreciates vintage. But my girls – They totally see it as some treasure dug out from the depths of our…. storeroom.


And thus begun an hour of bonding between the Papa and the girls. I can imagine Papa Isaiah must be quite an expert at the game, seeing how confidently he positioned the carrom pieces, and how he did his shots. The girls were completely won over by his charm all over again.



Ahem, pardon the random mixture of chinese chess in this container of carrom pieces. I bet it was another of those games Papa Isaiah played as a kid. I have to commend my mother-in-law’s special talent at keeping things safe for YEARS. It’s been 30 years, and everything was still intact.


The girls all tried playing the game to the best of their abilities. Joey, being the elder one, obviously had more developed motor skills, and could send some of the carrom pieces into the goal pockets after a while. Jayne didn’t bother trying very hard. She would take the carrom pieces and put them directly into the goal pockets and proudly declared herself the winner many times over. Not playing fair of course, but who cares when everyone’s having fun?? =P


Though carrom may not become the girls’ favourite game, but this passing-on of childhood games from generation to generation is so precious and meaningful. I should teach them zero-point sometime soon. Quite sure they would fall in love with it just like I did as a kid. =D