Tuesday, May 15, 2012

“As For Me & My House, We Will Serve The Lord”

Last weekend was the Family Weekend Service in my church. It was our second time doing it, and we enjoyed every bit of it.

For those of you who do not know what is a Family Weekend Service, it is essentially a service where we invite all the members, both young and old, to attend the service together. On such a weekend, the Chinese-speaking members as well as the children, who usually do not join in the main Sunday English services, would also join in. Literally one big family. =)

The weekend is usually very pumped up with excitement because kids are inside the hall with the adults, so you see a lot of buzz everywhere. The service is shorter with special programmes to keep the kids entertained. We also have children leading praise and worship on stage or delivering announcements for the week, so it’s very cute. Oh, you’ll also find cute little ushers just outside the hall, showing you the way to service. Having the opportunity to serve God from a young age is such a blessing.

My kids are especially excited for Family Weekend service. In a bit, you’ll know why.


Love the bulletin for the weekend – So much love and fun!


To sufficiently entertain the kids, every kid was given an activity pack like this! Inside, you’ll find activities, colouring pages, stickers & color pencils! Every kid also received a snack pack of chocolates, biscuits and lollipops. Super cool, if you ask me. My kids were thrilled! Kudos to our fantastic Children’s Church!



This is one of the rare times people would take out their cameras to shoot during the services. I love how beautiful my church services are. I may be biased, but I think my church has the best media team anywhere.


We played pre-service games with two families to pump up the atmosphere!




During the praise, cute mascots joined the singers on stage! It was like a happy carnival! =D



It was a very blissful feeling to be able to worship God together as a family. I am reminded about the goodness of God to me and my family and it is my prayers that my kids will grow up to love God and serve God all their lives.


It was a magical weekend with my natural family and also my spiritual family, all in one place. I love City Harvest Church! It’s the place where relationships are forged and strengthened. I’m glad I’m planted in this House of God. =)