Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Dressing Up: When Do They Start?

Nobody prepared me for this when I first knew I was pregnant with a baby girl some 7 years ago.

The common things that people told me were that I would have fun dressing up my girl, tying her hair with pretty ribbons and helping her dress up her barbie dolls. I was excited over the lovely dresses and shoes I would buy for her and how I would parade my beautiful princess down Orchard Road every weekend.

Turned out, life is just like that – It usually doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would be. If you are very lucky, about 50% turns out the way you hoped it would be.

The 50% that I got right was that my girls LOVE dressing up in pretty clothes and shoes. Except, they would wear only clothes and clothes THEY APPROVE OF. Now, I can’t go shopping for their clothes without them anymore because they generally won’t wear clothes they didn’t approve of. That doesn’t bode very well if their sense of fashion is not exactly my type of fashion, if you know what I mean. On a really bad day, Joey would insist on wearing a striped orange blouse with a green polka dotted skirt and matched them with patchwork-design leggings and shocking pink shoes. I could do all that it takes to stop her from leaving the house but that would usually entail some violence which I’m trying to refrain from using. So you see, life has not been a bed of roses.

Thankfully, the really bad days are few, and mostly, I only need to endure mild versions of the mis-fashion in the form of 3-different-hairclips+hairband+2plaits combo on her head. Really busy head fashion was my personal limit.

In case you are thinking that I would put up photos of those mis-fashions, you are wrong. I am a responsible mother who would protect my kids from all kinds of unglamorous photographs published online. Private message me if you wanna see.

Anyway, today’s post was inspired from one Saturday breakfast outing we had. It was just another Saturday when we would go out for breakfast, and the girls had to dress up. Joey dressed herself up in a nice red spaghetti strapped top and denim mini skirt. She also had her favourite hello kitty pearl necklace on. That, we really didn’t approve of but we just let her wear it, since it’s a Saturday after all. Jayne was dressed in hot pink from head to toe. Not my idea.


Observation #1: Both girls brought their bags along. Just choosing which bag to bring sometimes take them more than 10 minutes. And we were only going for breakfast, remember?


Both girls would take time to slowly comb their hair in front of the mirror, and Joey would carefully put on her hair clip or hair band, or ask me to tie her hair in ponytails or plaits. Yes, she decides those stuffs, not I.


I guess in a way, it’s good my girls are conscious of their outward appearances and make sure every time they go out, they look nice and presentable? I wonder if little boys do that too. Nope, not going to have a son just to find out.


Observation #2: Both girls wore pretty shoes and both parents wore old slippers. Tells a lot about sacrifices of parents. We couldn’t even afford nice shoes just so that they could have nice shoes. Yep, that’s life.