Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Our Sky-Land-Sea Adventure With Singapore Flyer

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Baby Jayne and I went for our Sky-Land-Sea Adventure with The Singapore Flyer last Saturday, in commemoration of their 4th Anniversary. Only 1 Adult & 1 Child sponsored for this trip, so I decided to bring Jayne with me since she has not been on the Singapore Flyer before. It was also our first solo trip out, I think! Quite unbelievable because she's already three!

It is really so much easier to manage with only one kid. She's not as active when her big sister is not around, so I enjoyed the time together with her very much. =) The event started about 45 minutes late, so we spent quite a while waiting. Thankfully, Jayne didn't make a fuss, and I had other blogger friends to chit-chat with. When the event finally started, we were ushered to take the Singapore Cruise boat.

Baby Jayne was naturally excited as it was her first trip on a bum boat. The ride lasted about 30 minutes, and took us down Singapore River where we saw many famous landmarked buildings in Singapore.

Along the way, Jayne would point out buildings familiar to her. She definitely recognised the 'pineapple' (Esplanade) as we just went there recently for the Festival Village. Interesting that she saw it as a pineapple rather than a durian!

It was basically a scenic ride that tourists would probably be interested in. For locals like me, I just enjoyed the breeze and the relaxing time cruising along with my baby. =)

We were excited that the cruise brought us where we could look at the Merlion close-up! Baby Jayne kept asking me how come the Merlion doesn't talk. =P

I think the Merlion's quite cute. =D Lots and lots of tourists were snapping photos at the platform nearby, and probably feeling very jealous that we could get so up, close & personal with it.

The city skyline is quite lovely, methinks. =)

15 minutes into the ride, Baby Jayne didn't want to sit anymore, and we decided to venture to the front portion of the boat. It was pretty steady, but I was still paranoid that we might fall off the boat. =P So I kept reminding her to hold on tight.

Jayne met many new friends on this trip! It's fun going on an excursion with other parents and kids - Like a mega play-date! =D

The sun was beginning to set during our ride. What a peaceful and calm sight. =)

After the boat ride, we were ushered to our ride on the Singapore Flyer. It was a Saturday evening, and the queues were horrendously long. Thankfully, we were in the priority queue and did not have to wait at all! We were ushered right to our private capsule. =)

Kids have no fear of heights! It took me a little courage to stand right at the edge and looked out of the capsule down from a great height. These kids didn't even blink an eye!

It was yet another scenic ride and Baby Jayne walked to every part of the capsule to look at the different views. After 10 minutes, she started to get bored of it, and started hanging on the bars with the other kids. =) I just thought it was relaxing to see such beautiful sights from high above.

Baby Jayne took this photograph of me! Not bad eh?? =P

For Jayne, the fun part was probably hanging around with the other kids. The attention span of kids is short, so by the time we reached the mid-point of our ride, the kids were running around and monkeying around. =P

If you've never been on the Singapore Flyer before, these are some of the panoramic sights you can expect to see.. =)

Our final ride for the day was the Hippo Open-Top Bus! I'm the more excited one for this, because I've been wanting to ride the bus for the longest time! I really miss those open-top buses we used to be able to take on Sentosa Island!

The Hippo bus ride took us to some cultural, civic and heritage sites nearby. On this ride, we had a guide who introduced the various attractions and landmarks to me along the way. I definitely felt like a tourist. =)

Being on the open-top of the bus, we enjoyed the breeze and pretty sceneries along the way. It was all a very familiar part of Singapore to me as my office is just nearby!

If you're interested to go on this Special Sky-Land-Sea Adventure during this June school holidays, you'll be pleased to know that the triple deal is available every weekend from 5 May to 24 June at the price of $20.65 and $29.50 for kids and adults respectively. I personally think it's a good deal for a triple package like this, especially if you've not been on all three rides before. Fun for the kids too! =)

I received 2 complimentary tickets for the Sky-Land-Sea Adventure (1 Adult & 1 Child) from The Singapore Flyer for this event through omy. All opinions expressed are my own.