Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Learning About Robotics (Trial Class Giveaway!)

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Last weekend, we were invited by In3Labs to attend the Robolabs Robotics Workshop. I know what robotics is, but I was curious how they could possibly make something so technical and complicated easy to understand for children. And so, we went for it. =) It was definitely the first time Joey attended a workshop of this nature.

The workshop was conducted at Peek-a-boo indoor playground situated at Kallang Leisure Park. Robotics can be found everywhere around us now, so starting the kids early and spark off their interest in this area is good. Through the course, kids can learn and acquire essential skills in Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering, and it also helps to strengthen their cognitive development, as well as other academic areas such as strategic thinking and goal-oriented thinking.

Before the workshop started, we saw several robot models. The instructor told us that at the end of the course, the kids would have learnt how to build their own robots and programme them to be able to respond to signals and move accordingly. That's amazing, don't you think?? =)

The one that caught our attention was definitely the lego car because it was colourful and the thought that the lego car could move, was pretty interesting.

The kids went through a brief theory briefing on what robotics is, and how we can find robotics at work everywhere in our lives.

I thought it might be quite hard for the kids to understand such a subject, but surprisingly, the kids could even answer questions posed by the instructor. Joey was the only girl in the class that day, and I think compared to the other boys in the class, her interest was really not that high. She probably can't wait to get her hands on building the lego car. =P

True enough, when the instructor started getting the kids to try controlling some robots that he brought along, Joey started to show more interest, and even volunteered to try several times.

RoboKids is what the kids would build subsequently, and programme it to move.

It was really quite amazing that a simple robot can be built with just a CPU and DC motor. Some of the robots could also do quite complicated movements as they had been pre-programmed to do so.

Joey is a pretty hands-on kid. She loves trying her hand at a new thing, and seeing how it works. This part of the course appeals to her for sure.

This robot could kneel, dance and even do sideway moonwalk! It's no wonder it made the kids laugh. =)

This is what the Robokids look like. There are different types of lego blocks available for the kids to build their structures. As long as the CPU and DC motor are connected correctly, and programmed properly, the structure will be able to move.

See Joey and her classmate testing out their robot, and controlling it to move. I should think it's a very fulfilling feeling to create something and make it move - Especially for kids!

Joey & her completed (and successfully moving) robot! =D

Quite frankly, although Joey started off the course less than enthusiastically, she ended the course feeling she's accomplished something she's never done before. I think that's a nice learning experience for her definitely, and something she would remember at least for a while. =)

In3labs is a rather new company, but they have been doing many trainings on robotics in schools. They even conducted the trainings at the kindergartens! The kids may be as young as 5 years old, but because we now live in a world full of highly-advanced technology, the kids can actually understand the concept of robotics easier than we thought.

In fact, In3labs is now opening up registration for the Robolabs Beginner Certification Course that caters to kids of ages 5.5 to 8. Class commences on 26 July for 8 consecutive weeks at a central location, and participants are awarded a certificate upon completion. This robotic course will help kids understand technology and its application at a tender age, encourage them to create and think out of the box, and fosters a young scientist and inventor mentality that inspires kids to make a difference in the society.

Now, if you think your kids are showing interest in robotics (think Cars, Transformers!), you may wish to consider sending them to this Robotics course as compared to the other conventional courses that many kids are attending now. You never know - This could well be a great start for your kids in this arena! Click the poster for an enlarged version. Or you can visit www.in3labs.com for more information.

Robokids July edm

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And now for the GIVEAWAY, I'm giving away a Complimentary Trial Class (worth $75) for ONE reader. The details of the class are as follows:

Date: 29 July 2012, Sunday
Time: 1.30pm - 4pm
Venue: Waterloo Centre (Blk 261 Waterloo Street #04-37 Classroom N S'pore 180261)

Do note that this programme is only for kids aged between 5.5 - 8 years old. Kindly only participate if your kid is able to make it for the class. =) If you are interested, follow these two simple steps:

1. Give a creative name to this robot in less than 5 words:

 name this robokids bot contest (1)

2. Drop me a comment on this post or send me an email at inthedaisies@gmail.com with the following details: Your name, gender, mobile No, relationship to child: Mom/Dad, name and age of child.

I will be selecting a winner for this giveaway on 22 July 2012. Looking forward to your responses. =)