Monday, July 09, 2012

The MRT Playground

Nope, you're not missing out on the latest attraction in town. There has NOT been any playgrounds built inside the MRT. At least not yet.

Since we sold off our car late last year, we have been travelling by cab everywhere we go with the kids. With the hikes in cab fares, we have been feeling that it's time to cut down on our cabbing expenditures. Of course, there are times when cabbing is inevitable, but on a Saturday afternoon when we have no where to rush to, we decided that taking the MRT would save us some pennies, as well as inject some excitement into the lives of my kids. And it did, though I hoped it was not at the expense of the other commuters in the same MRT as us. I have to admit - We were pretty liberal at letting the kids swing around the hold poles, and jumping on and off the seats every other minute.

Now, stop giving me all those disapproving stares. The kids were so excited about taking MRT! It's off-peak hours! The MRT was not very crowded! And you must admit that swinging round the hold poles is pretty fun, alright??!!

The kids love looking out of the windows. The scenery is a lot more interesting that those you get to see from inside cabs, according to them. Not very logical, but I see their point.

I must say that SMRT is quite smart. By changing their hole poles to three-prong from the previous single pole, it kind of prevents kids from swinging non stop on it. Truth be told, it takes skill to attempt swinging on something like that.

The elder sis was told to sit down because near-Primary-Ones don't swing like that anymore, don't we all agree? Image is the key. Babies can do all they want and it's still cute, but not for grown-up toddlers. Something along that line.

Yes this may scare you, and I was frankly a little embarrassed that Hubby did this. He actually carried Jayne up to the handrails and let her hang there???!!

All I did was start snapping photographs of my monkeys hanging from the handrails with an adrenaline I couldn't comprehend. I seriously don't know who is more atrocious - Hubby or me.

I think motherhood has somehow thickened up my skin over the years because I was embarrassed for all of 5 seconds. Then I thought, what the heck. As long as the kids' happy! =P

And as if we were not creating enough din in the MRT, the girls started playing "我们上,我们下,我们后,前,脚. 我们一二三,我们四五六,我们七八九,我们 cherry cherry lom jiam pass!" (Say 'I' if you've played this game before as a kid too).

It was actually quite entertaining to watch. I taught them that game. And it's such a great game I'll personally make sure they teach their kids next time.

Then we reached our destination and alighted from the MRT. From the glee on my kids' faces, I am sure they felt like the MRT ride was awesomer than any cab ride we've taken so far.

I have to agree. =)