Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Peek-A-Boo Indoor Playground

In yesterday's post, I shared about Joey's experience at the Robotics Workshop. The workshop was conducted in Peek-a-Boo Indoor Playground located in Kallang Leisure Park. It was the kids' first time there, but as you know, no kids can resist a playground. Especially the J Babies.

My first impression of the place was that it was not big, at least compared to many indoor playgrounds we've been to. But as I stepped in, I realised that though it's not wide, it's quite tall! In fact, the owner shared with us that the whole structure is 4 storey high! Lots of climbing to do, I see. Thank goodness my kids don't need me to climb with them anymore. I seriously don't think my old bones can take it.

Apart from the tall structure, there are also many cars for the kids to ride in, and a small bouncy castle by the side. There is also a trampoline in the centre, which is an absolute favourite of many kids. The playground thus is able to cater to kids of different age groups.

Joey sprinted off the moment she went in. It took me very long to spot her again. =.=

Ball pools are essential for every indoor playground. Not only are they visually colourful and attractive, it is really fun to roll in them. I remember it was my favourite part of a playground too as a kid. =)

I think indoor playgrounds is a fabulous idea, especially if your kids can play independently by themselves. Just let them play, and the parents can relax with a book and coffee by the waiting area or cafe area. The kids run and exhaust all their energy, have lots of fun and at the end, would eat heartily because they are hungry from all the running and climbing. Win-win.

I had a chat with the boss of Peek-a-boo, and he shared that hygiene is strictly maintained at the playground. The whole playground is cleaned by their own staff everyday. Professional cleaning services are engaged three times a week. Every six months, the playground also goes through an intensive industrial cleaning. Socks must be worn by everyone who enters the playground, including parents. And hand sanitizers are used on everyone as well.

You can choose to do your kids' birthday parties at Peek-a-boo, where they will run the whole party for you. Themed parties are their forte, and that includes decorations, same-themed cutlery and utensils, food and games as well. The cheapest package is for 10 kids at $450.

As Peek-a-Boo is located within a shopping mall, they also provide Drop-Off service for parents who wish to do some shopping, or go for mani/pedi/haircut and deposit their kids at the playground. That's a really useful service, I thought. =) Way better than letting the kids be bored waiting for their parents.

Do check out Peek-a-boo if you are near Kallang Leisure Park. I thought their entry fees are rather reasonable as compared to many others.

Adults and babies up to 9 months: FREE
10 months to 23 months:
$12 per entry
24 months and above:$15 per entry
Drop-off (4 yrs and above):$20 per entry