Thursday, August 16, 2012

Zespri 14-Day Challenge: It's A Wrap! (+ Giveaway)

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Given the fact that I've never been a lover of fruits, it feels really surreal that I've completed a 14-day Challenge centred around this furry fruit called kiwifruit. I'm actually impressed with myself.

It's been a really fun journey so far. The benefits are many, and I'm glad I took on the challenge:

1. My hubby & I became healthier.
2. My kids became healthier (Bowel movements improved).
3. Kiwifruit became our most talked-about fruit at home.
"Mummy, can I have another kiwifruit, please?"
4. Talking about the nutritional value of fruits so much has increased my consciousness to stay healthy.
5. Many of my friends meet me and the first thing they ask is, "How's your Zespri challenge going?"
6. Different friends messaged me after they came back from the supermarket and bought a box of Zespri kiwifruits because they saw them in on the shelves and thought of me.
*super sweet friends I have*
7. A friend whatsapped me a photograph of her daughter eating Zespri kiwifruits with the message, "We were inspired by you!"
8. My brain's being used more creatively now because I have to think of ways to cook & eat my kiwifruits.
9. I learnt so much about the uses of kiwifruits (meat tenderizer) and how much nutrition they have.
10. My MIL's impressed with me because I'm feeding the kids fruits like finally?!! (LOL!)

Thank you to all of you who have been faithfully followed me on this 14-Day Challenge. My greatest wish is that you have been inspired to live healthier and started including kiwifruits into your daily diet. Keeping our bodies healthy can also make us happy people! :)


Zespri kindly sent me some kiwi-related items to be given away to my readers. I love them - so super duper cute! So, I've packed them into gift sets to be given away to 5 of you:


Want them?? You can participate by following these three simple steps:

1. Leave a comment on this blog or drop me an email at with your FACEBOOK NAME, and name me one nutritional fact about Zespri kiwifruits. You can find clues from here.

2. Like this blog entry and share it on Facebook.

3. Like The J Babies Facebook page.


The first THREE readers to participate in this giveaway by leaving a comment on this blog entry will receive a limited edition Zespri kiwifruit thumb drive!


Awaiting your entries! Winners will be announced on Fri, 24 Aug 2012! :)

* * * *


Announcing the winners for my ZESPRI Giveaway! :) Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway and for showing interest in the merchandises! Hope that everyone was inspired in one way or another, to live healthier with a good balanced diet including fruits! :)

Winners of the Zespri Thumbdrives (First 3 commentators):
1. Serene Tan Si Lin
Geraldine Gigi Guo
3. Angeline Sim

Winners of the 5 goody bags (Selected by random generator):
Chiong Xiao Ting
2. Geraldine Chan
3. Cindy
4. Geraldine Gigi
5. Delphine Tan

Can all the winners please drop me an email at and we can discuss on the collection of the prizes. :)

Congratulations once again to all the winners! :)