Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Financial Literacy Class With Richminds Academy

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Some time back, I blogged about the Day Camp that Joey was invited to go for with Richminds Academy. It happened last weekend, and Joey had so much fun at the class! Frankly, I was expecting the class to be more educational and informative rather than 'fun' because of the subject matter. But surprisingly, when I picked up Joey after the class, she had so much to tell me about the class, and how much fun she had. =)  The class attempts to impart four core values to kids between 5 to 10 years old - Spend, Save, Earn and Share. Basically, it's teaching kids all about financial literacy in a manner they can understand. For Joey who will be starting Primary School in a week's time, I thought those were important concepts to teach her at this point. She'll need to manage her pocket money, and make decisions on what to buy during recess time!

The Day Camp took place at Tampines East CC, and Joey attended the class for the younger participants who are between 5 to 7 years old. I also did a giveaway previously, and I met the winners of the giveaway there. Always thrilled to meet up and have a chance to chat with my blog readers and their kids! =D The 1st task of the camp when Joey arrived was to decorate her own file with stickers provided by Richminds!

The class was very girl-dominated from what I saw! =D They all had fun decorating their own files.

Then the class started with ice-breakers, and that's when I left. But thankfully, fellow daddy blogger, Andy of Sengkangbabies, stayed on and sent me photographs he took of Joey during the class! Thanks so much, Andy! :)

Throughout the day, even though I was not with Joey, I could log on to Richminds' Facebook page to check out the progress of the class, as they upload photographs of the kids very frequently.


Love it when Joey's all focused in class! It's evident because she could tell me the concept she learnt in class. =)


From what Joey shared with me, the kids were given 'fake money' to buy their lunch and toys during lunch break. The older kids pretended to be stall-owners, while the younger kids went to them to make their purchases. If the kids chose to buy toys, they may end up with no money to buy their lunch (Mc'donalds!) Deciding how to apportion their available finances and prioritizing their wants & needs were all part of the learning process. Andy captured Joey thinking hard over her choices! Haha!


I heard that the elder kids also had a chance to visit Guardian Pharmacy to learn about bundle discounts and how to make wise purchases with limited finances.  The younger kids made a piggy bank and wallet during the class as well, which Joey proudly showed me. Sounds like fun! =)

Thanks Richminds for such a fun & informative class for Joey. She definitely has gained a greater exposure and awareness of finance-related issues. I believe that will come in really handy as she starts Primary school!

The J Babies received a complimentary class for purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% mine.