Monday, January 14, 2013


Media Invite

Hubby and I were invited for RWS' Incanto media event over the weekend at Festive Grand, and not only did we catch the spectacular 'Incanto', we also managed to get behind the scenes to see how the act was put together. To say that 'Incanto' was spectacular is an understatement. It was a show packed with so many exciting and interesting elements that we were totally captivated from beginning till the end. It is my first experience watching a 'live' illusion & magic show, and like everyone else, I was left in bewilderment how the various acts happened right before my eyes, and I caught no loophole whatsoever!


Apart from the performances by the renowned illusionist, Joe Labero (a three-time recipient of the Merlin Award whose shows have reached worldwide audiences of more than 100 million, by the way), my favourite parts of the show had to be the really exciting acrobatic performances by some of the best people in this field who came from around the globe. One segment that particularly kept me on the edge of my chair was one involving two gigantic 'hamster's wheels' known as the Wheels of Death. The acrobats from Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe did stunts, somersaults and even skipping on rotating wheels high up in mid-air. Whether or not done deliberately, I was so nervous when the acrobat looked like he nearly fell off the wheel while attempting a highly dangerous move that I grabbed hubby so hard on his arm. Needless to say, the whole act received thunderous applause and much woos and ahhhhs from the crowd.

Other acts you can expect from the near-2 hour show include magic segments where a very sexy and beautiful assistant was saw into half, floated up into mid-air and disappearing-and-reappearing acts. All in all, I felt that the show was a good mix of music, sound effects, pyrotechnics, illusions and acrobatic sequences. It is definitely a good choice of entertainment and alternative from the usual movies and theatre performances that Singaporeans are used to. Adults would definitely enjoy this show that is senses-wowing, but is it suitable for children? I did not bring my kids along for this media invite because I know my kids are very sensitive to loud sounds and pyrotechnics, and would likely be scared by the special effects during the show. Some of the other bloggers brought along their kids, but they seemed alright! The show that I attended also had many children in it, probably because it was a Saturday afternoon show. I have to say that very young kids might be somewhat frightened by the opening scene where there were people cloaked in back from head to toe and wearing skeletal masks, with really creepy background music. That scene also ended up with loud pyrotechnics which took me off guard. Apart from that though, the rest of the show was pretty okay - but of course, you might need to do quite a bit of explanation when your kid wonders why the pretty auntie was saw into two but later appeared alright again. =X They would be thrilled by the acrobatic acts though - Most of the kids would be greatly amazed by that segment.

We had the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes to know more about 'Incanto' - what a great privilege! It was an eye-opener really, seeing the dancers and performers doing their warm-ups, and actually walking on the very stage that the show happened. It was quite an experience. :)

The Festive Grand is apparently the largest theatre venue in this region, and it is incredibly large-scale in terms of stage size, height and depth.

We stood on the stage and the acrobats did some simple acts for us. Part of their preshow warm-up, I suppose! :) They were all incredibly talented, many of whom started training since 5 or 6 years old.

The movements were really fast, so I did not manage to get good shots of the demonstration. So here's a short video clip that I captured. :)

One of the person-in-charge of the show explained to us that the stage has an exceptionally high ceiling where some of the structures used during the show are stored, and it goes four storeys below the stage itself where performers are elevated onto the stage from basement for the show's purpose. Really amazing setup, methinks!

Then we went to the backstage area where the performers were doing their warm-ups. There are more than 50 performers on the show and they come from all over the world. I even heard that two of them competed in the Olympics! It was all in good fun when they asked us to join them to learn a short sequence of dance, and then later performed for us the finale segment of the show. I was impacted by their passion and energy!

The makeup and costume room was the next that we visited. With such a huge cast, the makeup and costume-change was a massive affair. Some of us tried on the show costumes, and some tried having make-up done on their faces and arms.  There was even a hair-wash section in the room - Cool!

The costumes were elaborate and really fun to try on. Haha!


Before the show started, there were casts walking around promoting the show and taking photographs with the crowds. They created quite a buzz, I must say!

If you are looking for something spectacular and something that will invoke your senses, go watch 'Incanto'! Show times and ticket prices are as follows! Click on the photo to go to the online booking link. :)


Yes, I sneaked a photo at the very end. =P


Thank you RWS for the invite!