Monday, March 11, 2013

The Day We Met Mr Peacock

The only place in Singapore that we get to come up, close and personal with peacocks would be Sentosa.

We've met several peacocks in Sentosa before, and the kids were always intrigued by them. Peacocks are such peculiar creatures - They are loners, don't make much noise, and love hanging around, strolling here and there without doing anything much. But they have such pretty tails, which they do not display often. You'll be very lucky to catch them open!

Last weekend, we were in Sentosa for a training (more on that another day) and while waiting for our bus at the bus stop, we spotted Mr Peacock resting under one of the pavilions!

We immediately did what we knew best - I whipped out my camera and phone and kept snapping non stop and even posted on Instagram. Joey kept taking photos on her iphone too. Haha.. We are city dwellers who get insanely excited over such beautiful Nature encounters!

There were several occasions when Mr Peacock croaked really loudly to some nearby birdie friends. Frankly, it was my first time hearing a peacock croak. The first crock was so loud, it scared Baby Jayne and she came running to me! LOL.

In the 10 minutes we were watching him, he walked up and down the slope, back to the pavilion and repeated the sequence several times. He was very cute!

What beautiful feathers right??! I am so amazed by God's creation - He makes such beautiful creatures!

We were already grateful that we got to admire Mr Peacock at such proximity, but as if he knew we were admiring him, he decided to open up his tail! What a rare opportunity! You should see the way I ran up the slope to snap him when I saw it!!! The girls ran screeching behind me, "開了!開了!" It was all too surreal.

I think I've seen a peacock in its full glory before, but this was definitely the first time I came so close to one! Mr Peacock was not in a hurry to close up. In fact, he stood on the spot and turned 360 degrees for us to see all the angles - God is so good to us!! =D

Have you seen a peacock's back view before? Way too cool. :)

Just then, I spotted our bus turning in, and we hurriedly made our way down the slope and back to the bus stop. Thank you Mr Peacock, for this wonderful encounter. On the bus, the girls couldn't stop talking about it, "I can't believe he opened his tail, Mummy!!!"

I think we will remember this for a long time. :)