Monday, April 22, 2013

Eat. Play. Love Craft Cafe

Last weekend, I visited the Eat. Play. Love craft cafe as recommended by some of the mummy bloggers in SMB. I saw the photographs of their visits and knew for sure it is a place I will surely like. True enough - I LOVE IT! If i were to open my own cafe one day, it's going to look something like this. :P

The first thing that grabbed my attention were the buntings hanging above the counter. Too pretty!! Love all the decor in the whole place - what a whimsical & fairy-tale-like cafe!

There was a private party that day when I visited, so it was very crowded. For those planning to visit, do note that their kitchen is closed from 3pm to 6pm everyday, and during this time, you can only order cakes, desserts and drinks. Otherwise, their menu consists of many staple dishes, many of which are below $10. Of course, the usual sides such as chicken wings, french fries etc, are also offered there.


The cafe has a section where kids and adults can make their own crafts for a price. I didn't find out the cost details that day because of the private party, but it sure looked interesting! I will go check it out with the kids another day, and attempt some of their crafts. I think it'll be the perfect place to spend a relaxing Saturday afternoon.

Showing you around the cafe!

The craft corner is full of pretty stuffs that I love!

The corner is really busy with all the kids from the private party. Most are them are making plush monsters! Soooo cute. :)

The sock monkey kit sells at $35. For such a big plush toy, it's pretty reasonable??

These are the monsters you can create with the materials provided there! Pretty cool.

Love the vintage buttons! My kind of thing. :)

There are many accessories on sale there too.. Very affordable, mostly below $5 each.

In the cafe, you can also find lots of vintage snacks from my childhood! What a happy sight. =D

The food we ordered were good. $5.50 each.

Mango with glutinous rice

Waffle with ice-cream

I tried ordering latte but they don't have it. Instead, they offered me the traditional kopitiam Kopi-O. It was not nice though, too blend for my liking.

Check out the place if you are interested! I'll be sure to go back again one of these days. :)