Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sights & Food At Woodlands Waterfront Park

Woodland Waterfront Park

The closest place from home we can get to Mother Nature to breathe in some fresh air and get some sunlight is the Woodlands Waterfront Park. The place is huge and spacious with a huge playground, and a jetty that extends all the way out to the sea. It's such a lovely place and my mood gets lifted up every time I go there.

Woodland Waterfront

Recently, I got to know that a new restaurant opened up at Woodlands Waterfront Park, and thought of checking out the place. Turned out, the restaurant is located right smack on the jetty itself! What totally blew us away that evening when we visited was the beautiful and glorious sunset sky. It was almost impossible to imagine that we could see such skies in Singapore! The sea was sparkling like diamonds too!
The restaurant is located at this junction of the jetty. There were so many people fishing on the jetty, even though the 'No Fishing' signs were everywhere! =P
We had to wait a while for our table, but I love the atmosphere in the air while waiting on the jetty.
The Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant is halal-certified, so many of the customers were Malays that day. Compared to Chinese, I feel that the Malays are more closely-knitted as families, and they always hang out in big family groups at such parks. Really heart-warming. :)
Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant Sign
The restaurant usually keeps their windows open, so it has an alfresco feel. I personally liked it that way, because we can dine while feeling the sea breeze and people-watch. Really quite nice. :D That evening, one family complained that it was a little stuffy, so the boss ordered for all the air-con units to be switched on and closed all the windows, and the alfresco restaurant converted to a comfortable air-conditioned restaurant.
Sunday dinners with my family always make me feel happy & blissful. :)
Ordered some simple dishes, and I thought the dishes were pretty tasty!
Stir-fried green vegetables
Yam Basket
Salted Vegetables Soup
The skies got a lot more dramatic after our dinner. It was really beautiful, and I stood in awe of God's creation.
My most favourite photo of the evening. I feel so calm looking at this scenery. :)
Then one week later, we went back to the restaurant again to celebrate my mum's birthday! I love it that the restaurant serves a good selection of BBQ food, as my mum loves BBQ Stingray. I'd try their satays the next time round.
Tried different dishes that day. Hotplate toufu!
Hotplate beef with ginger & onions
French beans with spicy haybeehiam
BBQ stingy (The chili is good!)
Ice kacang
This may be a good supper place!
Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant6A Admiralty Rd West, Woodlands Waterfront Park, Woodlands, Singapore 757445
Opening Hours:
Mon - Thu: 2:00 pm - 12:00 am
Fri - Sat: 3:00 pm - 1:00 am
Sun: 2:00 pm - 12:00 am