Tuesday, May 07, 2013

What's In My Bag?

When the kids were still babies, 90% of the stuffs inside my bag belong to them - Diapers, wet wipes, milk powder, milk bottles, extra clothes, wipe cloths (you get the idea). I'd at most have my wallet & mobile phone in it, that's all. But ever since I've escaped from the clutches of babyhood, my bag has reverted to its original state and purpose (Thank goodness!).
Being a naturally messy person, my bag totally portrays who am I as a person. Today, I am going to show you what's inside my bag. It will be my first time ever doing this on my blog. Hyperventilate.
First, my bag. This is my current everyday bag from Forever 21. My bag's always big and spacious because I have lots of nonsense to bring everyday. Which probably explains why I am growing shorter and shorter by the day - My bag is grossly overweight.
And these can be found inside every single day. Plus a laptop & my Samsung Note II.
a. Adidas Jacket
b. G15 Camera - I seldom leave home without my camera
c. Wallet
d. Handiplast - for all those little cuts & blisters
e. Wires pouch for all the laptop adaptor, HP charger, mouse etc
f. Vouchers - Who knows when I'll pass by anyone of those shops & need to buy something, right??
g. Keys pouch
h. Mini photo album (with no photos inside :P)
i. Earphones pouch
j. Clear folder with my events calendar & other printouts (Too many events & blogging deadlines confuse me sometimes, so this is necessary)
k. Pilot blue pen
Not in picture: Random receipts, strips of unwanted paper etc. =P
This is of course the version of my bag during weekdays when I go to work. Come weekends, you'll find diapers & extra clothes for the kids in it as well. Ironically, while I am a person who loves sweets & titbits, you won't any of those in my bag. I don't understand why either.
What's in your bag?? :)
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