Monday, July 29, 2013

Her Good 90 Years

How many people have the good fortune to live to ripe old age of 90, surrounded by children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who love them?

My hubby's grandmother is one such blessed woman. Over the weekend, we celebrated her 90th birthday at a restaurant in JB, but more than the good food, it was the presence of all the children and their children + children's children that made it all the more meaningful.

Hubby is her eldest grandson.

And Joey is her first great grand-daughter. :)

So blessed that my kids have the opportunity to know their great grandmother. They may not be able to communicate with her because she speaks Hakka and they cannot understand the language, at least they will memories of such a gentle great grandmother in their childhood. So precious. I only have faint memories of my own grandmother taking care of me until I was about three years old, and I guard those memories with great fondness.

I always love to see the affection between hubby and his grandma - So heart-warming. :)

All the grandchildren & great grandchildren with Old Grandma! :D

The food was nothing fantastic, but like I said, it was the fellowship that mattered.

It is only during such occasions when the second-level cousins get to meet and play together.

Happy birthday Great Grandma! May the Lord continue to bless you with good health, energy, joy and peace in your heart everyday. :)