Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New York Grand Kitchen

Suntec City has become a very wonderful place after all the upgrading works. The shopping is fantastic and you will be spoilt when it comes to food choices. Last week, I had a department lunch at New York Grand Kitchen, and we like it!


The most wonderful thing about the restaurant to me is that you get a eat-all-you-can salad buffet when you order any main course! Salad bar buffet just makes me happy, and the salad was good!


Apart from pasta, there's also a choice of two soups for you to choose from - On the menu that day, we had mixed mushroom and clam chowder!


The specialty dish at the restaurant is their rotisserie chicken and you can opt for quarter, half or whole. If you do not like chicken, you can also opt for pork, but in my opinion, the chicken's way better. You can also choose among four different sauces to have your meat served with. I love it that my chicken was served on a wooden tray like this, and with roast potatoes no less! =D


Other dishes my colleagues ordered: Gumbo (a kind of curry)


Fish & potatoes


Deep fried salmon


I don't think the main courses taste that fantastic though the rotisserie chicken was not too bad, but I would go back again because of its yummy salad buffet bar. :)


Suntec City Tower Three
Basement 1