Monday, September 16, 2013

The Fabulous Baker Boy

Jayne and I had a relaxing afternoon with my University hall mates last Saturday at The Fabulous Baker Boy. My first time there, and I am already thinking of going back again.

There's nothing fanciful about the cafe actually, but it's got a very casual, laid-back feel. Interestingly, only the ordering counter & kitchen are located in the air-conditioned indoors, while the sitting area for the customers is all outdoors, alfresco-style. It was a little warm when we were there at mid-afternoon, but I kinda like it.


With such a name, I would expect that their cakes are good, but my friends told me they were not fantastic, so I didn't order any. Anyway, I didn't have lunch that day, so I was hungry for a fuller meal.


There are a mix of tables & chairs and sofa area. Very casual and free-style as you can see.


Love the wooden crates used as tables - Adds a rustic feel to the whole cafe.


Their latte was not bad, and quite huge portion.


Tuna melt was nice with caramelised onions and tuna drizzled with cheese on crispy toasted bread. The portion's pretty huge for one person, so this is best shared.


My chocolate chip pancakes was good. Generous amount of chocolate chips with fluffy pancakes. I added bacon for $4 more because I always need savoury after sweet. :) The cafe also serves brunch items such as poached eggs, sausages etc.


I thought this might be a nice afternoon tea place for families because the kids can run around outside the cafe. Jayne was very well-entertained by the IPAD while I had a lovely catch-up with my friends.


The cafe's located at Fort Canning foothill, just across the road from Liang Court. Check it out if you are interested!