Thursday, October 17, 2013

Give Your Kids 50% More DHA


Apart from the total breastfeeding champion mums, most of us would have to make this important decision at a certain point in our parenting journey, and that is, which brand of milk to feed our babies. There are many considerations of course, such as reliability of the brand, nutritional value, cost and even taste. Some babies reject certain milk brands simply because they didn't like the taste. And for us parents, the challenge is always to find the best choice that will provide the nutrition for our babies at a reasonable price.

Making the right choice of milk is very important. After all, we are talking about the first few years of our babies' lives and every parent wants to give the best to their kids. Did you know that 90% of a child's brain develops during the first five years? The growth is so rapid that the brain grows from 25% of its adult weight and volume to an approximately 95% of its adult weight by the age of 5. An important ingredient found in baby milk powder known as DHA is an important building block for such brain development.

Joey is 7 years old now, and she has been drinking Dutch Lady milk for the last 4 years. Not only does she like the taste, it also gives her the nutrition that she needs and is a good supplement to her daily diet. It is therefore a very trusted milk brand in my house. Dutch Lady has recently introduced a new product - ActivGold Growing-Up Milk, specially formulated for children aged 1 year onwards. It contains 50% more DHA and important nutrients such as iron, zinc and vitamins for a child's daily nutritional needs. The European Food Safety Authority recommends for young children to take in a minimum of 100mg of DHA per day. Children, unlike adults, cannot synthesize sufficient DHA in the body, and therefore, it is necessary to ensure that they have a direct intake of DHA. Two servings of the Dutch Lady ActivGold Growing-Up Milk would help the kids meet that requirement!


Baby Jayne is younger, so she takes more milk than Joey on a daily basis. As a mom, I would certainly opt for a milk brand that will not only provide the nutrition for her body, but can aid her in her brain development. After all, she will be moving on to Kindergarten next year and that's when some academics get incorporated into her curriculum. Brain power is much needed! Thankfully, Jayne loves drinking milk, so it's not going to be a struggle at all. She tried the new Dutch Lady ActivGold Growing-Up Milk and she LOVES IT!


With more nutrients and DHA packed into such an important component of their daily diet, I know that my kids' potential can be unleashed and they can accomplish so much in life. Sometimes when I think about it, I get amazed at how fast my kids are picking up new skills, new knowledge and new methods! They never fail to surprise me with their talents and abilities, and I have certainly learnt never to underestimate them in any way. Take the recent skill they picked up in a span of a few days - Rollerblading. From kids who know nothing about rollerblading, they picked up the skill from a qualified coach, overcame their fear of falling and enjoyed themselves so much. I don't even have the confidence that I can pick up a new sport as fast as them! Truly, our kids' smartness is not measured by their academic excellence. They display their talents all the time everyday, and every one of these talents - big or small - should be celebrated!

Because Dutch Lady believes in unleashing the potential within every kid, just as we parents do, they have created an instagram contest for all you parents who wish to flaunt the talents of your kids as well! The mechanics of the contest are simple, and attractive prizes are waiting to be won!


1. Take a photo of your kid displaying his/her talent.
2. Upload your photo onto Instagram.
3. Tag your photo with #50xBRIGHTKIDS.


50 kids will be selected from the contest and they will get their pictures featured on Dutch Lady ActivGold advertisement as form of recognition. Each winner will also receive 1 carton of Dutch Lady ActivGold products worth more than $200 and $100 gift vouchers!

And of course I'll be participating in the contest as well, because my kids are super talented! This is my photo for the contest - Oh, I hope I win! =D

Come on, join me by participating in the Instagram, flaunt your kids' talents and tag away! Remember to tag #50xBRIGHTKIDS ! Who knows, your kids may be chosen to be featured in their advertisement! :) The contest runs till 30 November 2013, and winners will be notified via Instagram message by 15 December 2013.