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School Holidays Special: Our Top 5 Kid-Friendly Restaurants In Singapore

Some of the biggest headaches in the life of a parent have got to do with eating.

When they refuse to eat, we find ways and means to get them to eat something. When they eat only what they choose to, we try our best to get them to have a balanced diet. And when they eat almost everything, we hope they can eat quietly and not create too big a mess. That is the reason why most parents prefer to feed their kids at home – That way, they can manage the noise and mess a little better. At least there won’t be strangers staring.

Thankfully, in recent years, more and more kid-friendly restaurants have sprung up all over the island, making dining with kids a little less stressful for us parents. These restaurants are godsend – with activities to occupy kids, play area and menu that caters to the little ones, so that the adults get to eat in peace. I think I speak for most parents – We are grateful for that. Today, I share our list of Top 5 Kid-friendly restaurants in Singapore. You’ve got to check them out this March school holidays!

1. Eat.Play.Love Cafe

It’s hardly a surprise that this made it to the top of my list, right? There are many reasons why this little cafe on Aliwal Street charms many parents including myself. The interior decor is dreamlike and whimsical, with pretty awesome Thai-Western fusion food and best of all, comes with craft activities to occupy the little ones. If you have not been there, you really need to!




There are also accessories on sale in the cafe at really affordable prices. It’s very hard to resist them!


Eat.Play.Love Cafe
28 Aliwal Street

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2. Rochester Playhouse

The Rochester Playhouse is a little out of the way for me, but a really perfect place for families to enjoy a relaxing afternoon together. It’s a got good food for both adults and kids and a playhouse for kids to enjoy. Inside the playhouse, the kids can do pretend-play with their little dress-up corner, ball pit and kiddy cars. I like it because it feels like a home, so it’s extremely cosy and comfortable.

The last time we went there, it was near Halloween so the decorations in the playhouse fits the theme. They even have a Halloween dress-up party for the kids, but it was full by the time we heard about it.


Apparently, some friends told us that they have some of the best party hosts around, so the kids would always have a good time when birthday parties are held there. The budget’s on the high side though.


The playhouse is manned by staff and the kids cannot enter and exit on their fancy, so parents can be assured that they are in good hands while enjoying their food. The prices are not exactly cheap but this is certainly a choice venue for those once-in-a-while indulgences.


The Playhouse
7 Rochester Park
Singapore 139218

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3. Food For Thought

I love visiting our Botanic Gardens – It’s got so much to offer. Large open spaces, fresh air, greenery and interesting attractions for kids. Every time we visit, we will dine at Food For Thought, located at the entrance of Botanic Gardens, opposite the road from Gleneagles Hospital. I like it that the restaurant big and spacious with high ceiling and many seats especially for big groups. Such big dining venues make it less stressful for parents because the noise that our kids make are minimized in a way. Right outside the restaurant, there is also a small playground to occupy the kids and whether you are sitting inside the restaurant or alfresco area outdoors, you can have a good view of your kids.


The last few times we visited Food For Thought after a walk in Botanic Gardens, we took the alfresco seats and enjoyed some desserts while the kids played at the playground. Pretty relaxing, I say.

Food For Thought (Botanic Gardens)
1 Cluny Road,
Tanglin Gate, #B1-00, S259569

4. Ikea Restaurant

I have no idea why I love Ikea so much and I know I am not alone. Going to Ikea means I get to drool over the beautiful furnitures, interior decor and furnishings, and also GOOD FOOD. I love their meatballs, french fries, salmon… virtually everything on their menu. To the kids, having our meals at Ikea means that they get to play while eating. They love it when they get to play inside the really small play area while we take the seats around that area.


Plus, I must say that Ikea offers quite a good yet affordable menu for the kids and they love their pasta, french fries and mushroom soup! Feeding them is a breeze at Ikea and because there are usually many other parents and kids around, we don’t need to worry about the noise - Everyone just joins in and make noise and it’s OK!

5. The Bank Bar & Bistro

This made it into my list because KID DINE FOR FREE during weekends with every main course ordered! The more kids you have, the more you would appreciate this, I suppose. And to gain the greatest mileage from this ‘Kids dine free’ deal, just ask your friends along and make their order main courses too so that more of your kids get the free meals. They don’t even need to know what you were trying to do. =P

Anyway, what makes this place awesome during the weekends is how quiet it is, virtue of the fact that it’s located at Shenton Way, which gets deserted during the weekends. No squeezing with crowds and no need to talk at the top of your voice because the whole place’s crazy noisy. The kids are entertained in the play room where there’s cartoons looping on TV and toys in a room that looks like a comfortable lounge. Again, the adults get to dine in peace. Another wonderful thing about The Bank Bar & Bistro is their desserts. Sweet endings to a weekend is bliss.




Bank Bar & Bistro
1 Shenton Way, One Shenton

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