Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Indoor Playgrounds In Singapore: Cool De Sac Opens At Suntec City!

If you’ve been to the newly renovated Suntec City recently, you might have noticed large groups of families with kids everywhere. There is a legit reason for this: Cool De Sac has arrived at Suntec City!

Cool De Sac is an established children entertainment provider in the United States, and recently, it opened its first store in Asia! There are many indoor playgrounds in Singapore, but when I stepped into Cool De Sac, it felt refreshing. You do not just find a multi-storey playground structure inside, like you would find in most indoor playgrounds, there are different sections catered to the different interests and needs of the children. I would say that every kid would be able to find something they enjoy doing inside Cool De Sac. Even babies will enjoy themselves! Best of all, I think the admission fees are very reasonable – Compared to many other indoor playgrounds that charge on a per-hour basis, this might be the cheapest in town.

So last weekend, I brought the kids to check out the place. I like how spacious it was! Not only was there space for kids to run around, there were many areas for parents to sit and watch their kids as well. If you are hungry, there is a cafe area for you to dine as well. Food is supplied by its restaurant counterpart, Bistro Cool, just next door. So, expect good quality meals – not just simple cafe standard.

The Blocks section is lovely – See the capsules on the wall containing colorful building blocks – Such an awesome design idea for children’s room, isn’t it? The kids could build their creations then test-drive their block cars down a mini slope.

IMG_7192 IMG_7201

For the kids who preferred drawing and coloring, there are tables and chairs for them to doodle, with all the materials provided.


And of course, it’s got what every indoor playground has – Treehouse with a suspension bridge, swings, slides, etc.


Check out the giant tic tac toe tiles on the floor – So cute right?!

IMG_7195  IMG_7196

Mini flying fox which was not open that day. This might be an activity corner for special events, I’m not sure.


If your kids are used to the usual indoor playground structures, you can find it here too, except on a much smaller scale.

IMG_7198 IMG_7199

For the little boys and girls who love dressing up, there is a section with costumes for them to change into and then parade and pose for photos on the stage! At certain timings, a face painting artist will be present to doll up the kids as well.


For the slightly older kids who may not be that interested in playgrounds anymore, there’s a TV console games section for them as well.


On the other spectrum, for the very young kids and babies, there is a section specially catered for them to crawl and run around safely. :)


As with most indoor playgrounds, Cool De Sac also runs themed birthday parties at a cost. And while the rooms look pretty interesting, you got to make sure that your pockets are deep enough for them. :P


While the girls were having fun, I ordered a latte & truffle fries and watched my Korean drama on my phone, haha! Their truffle fries are supposedly one of their specialties and they were really not bad.

IMG_7211 IMG_7213

I tried their Korean Kimchi Burger during my earlier visit a few weeks back, and it was nice – Very unique and appetizing! I definitely recommend a try if you visit Cool De Sac & Bistro Cool. :)


Looks like we parents have got another option on our list now. Cool De Sac is a pretty wholesome entertainment centre for kids – there is something for everyone, and it is certainly easy on the pockets as well for a whole day’s play. Pop by to check them out soon!

Cool De Sac
Suntec City Mall
#02-379 (Next to The Cocoa Tree)