Thursday, December 18, 2014

Have A Whole & Hearty Breakfast!

Media Invite

Ever since I jumped on the bandwagon of having cold soaked oats for breakfast, I’ve always thought that it would be a wonderful idea if there are shops selling ready-made cold soaked oats so that I can save the hassle of having to prepare them everyday. It must be a fantastic idea because finally someone heard my silent prayers! I almost gasped when I got an invite to visit Whole & Hearty, that sells (get ready for this) COLD SOAKED OATS! And they offer way more than just that – you get a whole big selection of healthy nuts & grains to add to that! I say it’s absolutely perfect because the healthy nuts and grains do not come cheap and I would never be able to stock up on everything at home without burning a big hole in my pocket.

Now, before we even get into how awesome the oats are, the shop itself is praiseworthy. I love cheery-looking shopfronts like this one and I can imagine how perked up one will feel when they pick up their healthy breakfast from this shop every morning.


So, Whole & Hearty is Singapore’s first Breakfast & Homemade Yoghurt Bar! I wonder why nobody thought of it earlier?!


The prices offered at Whole & Hearty looked very reasonable to me. If you are not a big eater for breakfast, a small bowl will work fine for you. With all that goodness offered on the bar, you’ll be off for a great day after a nutritious breakfast.


The boss prepares the cold soaked oats everyday so you can expect really fresh supplies. Don’t underestimate these – They are extremely high in fibre and all kinds of nutrients and fills you up easily.


For the uninitiated, you choose a cup size, fill your base with cold soaked oats (or you can skip it if you do not like it), top it with all the nuts and grains offered then scoop in a generous serving of yoghurt. Basically, whatever you can fit into your cup size, you can bring it with you. :) Apart from the nuts and grains, they also offer cereals and granolas. I love mine with honey drizzled and lots of granolas. The only thing I wish was that they had more fruits on the bar though as I prefer my oats topped with many different types of fruits.

IMG_5471IMG_5473 IMG_5464 IMG_5466 

These butters were so fragrant, I love them!

IMG_5485 IMG_5486

If you think that kids may not enjoy such breakfasts, you may be wrong. My Jayne loves it! I am more than happy to give her a few more servings because everything here is so healthy and wholesome.


Apart from the oats, you can also purchase other pre-packed organic products here.

IMG_5459 IMG_5460 IMG_5461

It was a relaxing morning as we enjoyed our breakfast at Whole & Hearty. I am full of envy of those who work nearby and can grab their breakfast from here everyday!

IMG_5490 IMG_5475 IMG_5480

Whole & Hearty is located in Icon Village, 12 Gopeng Street #01-84.