Thursday, February 12, 2015

JJ’s Science Adventure: Heat & Light (Review & Giveaway!)

Joey has always shown great interest in Science, so you can imagine her excitement when she finally has the chance to learn about Science and step into the Science lab starting this year in Primary Three. When I was approached to review a new Science book – JJ’s Science Adventure by Harvest Edutainment, I know it would be something Joey would enjoy. And I was right.


The moment the book was sent to us, Joey started reading it and couldn’t put it down. In fact, she finished reading through the book in just one day and lamented at the end of it, “Why is the book so short??!” I guess that speaks volume about how engaging and interesting the book is. I picked up the book and browsed through – Immediately, I knew why it could capture the hearts of the young readers. It basically translates Science principles (sometimes complicated and abstract) into easy-to-understand and colorful comic strips! Seriously, what’s not to love?


And that’s exactly what the author, Aurelia, is aiming to do – To help children grasp and understand Science concepts and principles through the use of graphics and visuals. For children who are visual learners, this way of learning is perfect. For kids who may feel put off by traditional textbooks and how the concepts are being taught in a formal setting, this method helps to spark the interest of the kids in Science and removes any mental hurdle that prevents them from fully absorbing the knowledge. Not only that, this kind of learning typically helps in recollection as well, and is an excellent supplementary learning tool for children with learning difficulties.

The topics covered in the series are in line with the current MOE syllabus as well, so now that Joey has read through the book on ‘Heat & Light’, I’m sure she’ll be able to learn with a greater understanding when her teacher comes to that topic in school.


What I really like about the book is how the basic Science concepts are weaved into the adventure story seamlessly. Important concepts that should be highlighted for emphasis and parental explanation are in special boxes so that we don’t miss them.

IMG_7094 IMG_7095 IMG_7101  IMG_7099

At the end of the book, there are simple and fun exercises to summarize the learning points and keywords. Games is always a good way to wrap up any lesson. :)


Looks like our little reader at home is hooked to the series. I’ll probably go get the first book on Magnets for Joey as well and we are looking forward to new titles to be released, hopefully soon!

You can purchase the 1st and 2nd book on JJ’s Science Adventure here. Sample pages can also be viewed on the site. Aurelia’s first book – Magnets – was awarded the Readers’ Favourite best illustration award in Florida.

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Harvest Edutainment has kindly sponsored 5 copies of JJ’s Science Adventure – Heat & Light to be given away to the readers of The J Babies. You will be happy to know that every copy will also be personally autographed by the author, Aurelia. Please participate via Rafflecopter, and closing date for the giveaway is on next Wed, 18 Feb.

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