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3 Reasons Why I Love My 3M Water Dispenser

Product Review
It was nothing short of a dream come true when 3M approached me to review their latest water dispenser on the market. I’ve been considering for a long time whether I should get one for my household. There are so many benefits of having a water dispenser at home!


Before I even go into how useful the dispenser is, let me first rave about how pretty it looks. It comes in white or black, so you can choose one that matches the decor of your kitchen. I like it that it’s easy to wipe clean, with a simple and sleek body sitting on my cabinet top.

HCD 2 Black

After using the 3MTM Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser for a few weeks, here are my Top 3 Reasons why I love having it around at home:


Before the water dispenser was installed in my house, I’ve got several containers and equipment sitting on my kitchen top. There were the electric kettle, hot water flask, two flasks to hold room temperature water and another flask to hold cold water in the fridge.

My mother-in-law was initially a little skeptical when the water dispenser was installed. She was worried that the water might taste funny or the kids couldn’t get used to getting water this way, so she kept the flasks that held the room temperature water. In less than 2 days, she was totally won over by the water dispenser that she wasted no time in keeping away all the flasks and kettles into the cabinet. They might never see daylight again. =P

Seriously, it cannot get any more convenient than this – This new water dispenser from 3M could dispense hot water for my coffee and Jayne’s milk (Yes, I don’t ever need to boil water again!), room temperature water for normal drinking, as well as cold water perfect for those hot, humid days! 3 different temperatures of water dispensed from just one sleek equipment – That’s amazing!


Not only that, the dispenser is installed with a direct pipe in, so there is no need to top-up water or change water jerry cans, like we need to for older versions of water dispensers in the market. Simply said, the dispenser is perpetually full-tank because once any water has been dispensed, it automatically tops up via the pipe. You don’t have to worry about water running low, or having no water when you need to dispense out a huge volume at one go! Absolutely convenient and fuss-free.

Another useful feature of this water dispenser for me personally is how large the dispensing space is. This gives it the edge over other brands of dispensers in the market, which mostly have very narrow dispensing space and can only fit a tea cup. The large space makes it easy for me to fill the kids’ large water bottles for school everyday. Thumbs up!

IMG_8447 IMG_8448

The 3MTM Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser is BPA free, and uses UV light to sterilize water and remove bacteria and viruses. Therefore, I can be assured that my family is drinking safe and clean water. Water is such an important and vital part of our lives, and nothing makes me feel happier than to know that my family is well-protected from viruses that can make them feel sick.


I personally dislike the taste of tap water (un-boiled ones) and I could detect even the slightest tinge of the taste in water served to me (especially in restaurants). The dispenser, however, miraculously processes the water with UV light such that the tap water taste disappears! There is no weird taste – The water tastes just like boiled water!


There are days when I need to entertain friends in my house and the water dispenser helps me to prepare cold drinks in a jiffy. It used to be that I need to prepare the drinks beforehand and chill them in the fridge until the friends arrive. Now, all I need to do is to dispense the cold water and I get instantly-chilled drinks for my guests – Saves time and hassle!

When my guests request for hot coffee and tea, I could serve them right away without having to boil hot water. I also don’t have to worry about water running low when there are many guests in the house because the water tank fills up automatically on its own. The dispenser is so easy to use that my guests can even self-service without any problems. It’s so easy that even my kids can dispense water on their own without my assistance. :)


In case you are wondering about the hot water function and whether it is dangerous for households with children, I am glad to share that the water dispenser comes with a safety feature for the hot water dispenser- You have to press a button before the hot water can be dispensed. This will prevent potential incidents of children dispensing the hot water accidentally.

As a mum myself, I feel that the 3MTM Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser is perfect for any households with children. Especially if your children are still babies, you will find the hot water dispenser very useful for making milk. I’ve had my fair share of panicking when my baby cried for milk and I had to rush to boil water because I forgot that it’s run out, especially in the middle of the night. With the dispenser, you don’t have such worries! Furthermore, having water that is sterilized and rid of viruses and bacteria is certainly great if we want to protect our children, who generally have lower immunities.

For those of you considering to buy the 3MTM Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser, you may purchase it via Exclusive Distributor – Jestac Pte Ltd:

Jestac Pte Ltd
No. 2 Kim Chuan Drive
#02-06 CSI Distribution Centre
Singapore 537080
HOTLINE: 6288 8290

For more information on the 3MTM Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser, you may visit You can also purchase the water dispenser from selected Popular book stores, Best Denki and Selffix.

P/S: The J Babies is provided with a complimentary unit of the 3MTM Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser for review purposes, but all opinions and photos are solely mine, and I really like my new water dispenser! No other financial compensation was received.

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