Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sentosa One-Day Tour Guide

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When I was planning for Joey’s 9th birthday celebration this year, I decided that it would be a family affair. No big parties where we invite tons of people and go through the whole hooha of making preparations – Just a simple celebration within the family. (Well, eventually we did do a last-minute mini party for her at her school during recess, but that’s a story for another day). So, I thought about how we could find a place that would please the adults and the kids, doing activities that everyone would enjoy. The kids’ grandmothers were going to come along as well, and I needed to make sure everyone would be happy with the program. Naturally, Sentosa came straight to my mind.

Sentosa is a place that has much to offer, not just to tourists, but to local Singaporeans as well. Although I often visit Sentosa with the kids, they never seem to get bored of the place. Furthermore, both our mothers have not been to many of the attractions on Sentosa before - It would be great fun to explore the island together with them!

And so, the venue was decided and in order for us to spend sufficient time on Sentosa and not have to rush home, we decided that a staycation at one of the hotels at RWS would be great. Eventually, we decided on Festive Hotel and that was covered in my post yesterday. One of the best things about having a staycation at RWS is that you will never run out of things to do. This place is practically still alive even after midnight, especially during the weekends. I planned out a one-day itinerary of places we would cover on Sentosa  and of course, the priority was that Joey must enjoy them!

So, here’s our day on Sentosa – Thank God for the good weather! =D

Time check: 11am
10am – 8pm daily, $10/adult & $7/Child/Senior Citizen (Locals)

IMG_8549 IMG_8551 IMG_8552 IMG_8555

Panoramic views from the head of Merlion!


At the Merlion, you can admire the beautiful views from either the head or from the mouth, and watch a short film on how Merlion came about!

IMG_8557 IMG_8561 

Time check: 11.30am
10am – 8pm daily, $10/adult & $7/Child/Senior Citizen (Locals)

Take a slow ride up the tower and enjoy the scenery. We did just that - Very therapeutic. :)


Time check: 11.45am
Mon – Fri, excluding public holidays: 10am - 7.30pm  (last admission at 6pm)
Sat & Sun and public holidays: 10am – 9pm (last admission at 7.30pm)
Combo Tickets - Adult: $38; Senior Citizen (over 60 years old): $30; Child (3 - 12 years old): $28

The Images of Singapore was revamped and reopened only recently, and they are now known as iOS Live, and you have live and very animated commentators who will bring you through the history of Singapore. Many of the wax figures from the old Images of Singapore had been retained, but the whole concept was given a fresh new update.

IMG_8567 IMG_8569  IMG_8574 IMG_8576

The new Images of Singapore also incorporated a short boat ride and during the ride, you’ll see Sir Stamford Raffles as well as many iconic landmarks of Singapore.

IMG_8581 IMG_8583 IMG_8585 IMG_8589 IMG_8590 IMG_8595

After the boat ride, you’ll start on the Madame Trussauds section. It was my mum’s first time to Madame Trussauds, so she was really excited. The last time we visited the place, Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his wife’s figurines were not ready yet. We finally saw them this time round. Also new figurines that were not added previously such as Zoe Tay and the Beatles were also really well-made! There are tons more photos in my post on my first trip there here.


You can pay a small price to have your wax hand made on the spot as well. :)

IMG_8605IMG_8606 IMG_8609 IMG_8610

Time check: 2pm
Weekdays: $10/ child*; School Holidays, Weekends & Public Holidays: $15/ child*; Parents enter for free.

It was lunch time, and perfect for a good and relaxing meal at Port of the Lost Wonder (POLW) where the kids can have some cool splashing fun in the pool while the adults enjoyed their food.


The kids always love it at POLW, and it’s not hard to see why. I personally enjoy chilling at the restaurant right in front of the water play area. The food’s quite good! We ordered pizza, beef hor fun and pasta to share.

IMG_8616 IMG_8617

The kids had kids’ meal (rather hurriedly) before rushing off to play in the pool. Not very good on the stomach, I know, but it’s very hard to resist the water playground!

 IMG_8619  IMG_8621 IMG_8624

And they had so much fun together. :)


Time check: 3.30pm
$29 (Adult); $18 (Child aged 3-12 years old); Kids below 3 fly for free!

After POLW, we headed for our cable car joyride! They are in the Superheroes season right now – so we literally flew with the super heroes!

IMG_8626 IMG_8627

I love cable car rides – So relaxing and the views’ spectacular.


All my photos taken from inside the cable car looked vintage because they were taken through a tinted black windows. Haha!

IMG_8637 IMG_8639 IMG_8645  IMG_8648 

Time check: 3.45pm

We alighted at Mount Faber for a short stopover – It was nice and lovely in the evening. Love it. :)

 IMG_8651 IMG_8653 IMG_8657 IMG_8659

Time check: 4.30pm
9.30am – 7pm daily, $16/adult & $10/Child

After we reached back to Sentosa island via cable car, we proceed to the Butterfly Park. This must be one of the oldest attractions on Sentosa and I have fond memories of visiting it as a kid myself – all those butterfly and insect specimens especially! I am scared of butterflies, so I try to avoid the catchment area where butterflies roam freely. I speed-walked all the way through to the parrot area – where it’s a lot safer in my opinion. =P

IMG_8664 IMG_8665

Time check: 5.15pm
One-Day Adventure Pass include UNLIMITED ENTRIES to:
- Journey 2: The Mysterious Island The 4-D Experience
- Extreme Log Ride, 4D Simulation Ride
- Desperados, Interactive 4D Shoot-Out Game
S$38.90 Adult; S$26.90 Child (3-12 years old)

There are several rides you can take at 4D Adventureland, and I’ve taken the Extreme Log Ride, Desperados etc. The kids enjoyed the Desperados because you get to ride a (fake) horse and shoot a gun at bandits that keep appearing on the screen. Even the mothers had fun galloping away! =D


Time check: 6pm

It was our first time checking out the Malaysian Food Street at RWS and I was impressed by how affordable the prices were. Most of the signature dishes such as Penang Kway Tiao, Curry Mee, etc were less than $7. And the food tasted really authentic and good! Abundance of seats so even for big groups, it’s probably quite OK to find seats here.


(Source: Flikr,,

Time check: 7.30pm

We had a little free time after dinner and before our next program, so we chilled out at this pretty hut-looking Starbucks at RWS. The kids grabbed a quick nap on our laps, so that they have energy to ride out the evening later on!

Time check: 8.40pm
7.40pm & 8.40pm daily;
Premium Seats: $23 / Person; Standard Seats: $18 (Standard Rates) & $15 (Local Resident Rates*)

Finally, our last program of the day was the Wings of Time show. It was the first time my kids and mothers were watching it, and they enjoyed themselves very much.

IMG_0200 IMG_0213

Our very lovely day at Sentosa ended with a big bang of fireworks in the dark sky!


It was such a fruitful day on Sentosa, and we only covered maybe 30% of the attractions on Sentosa??

If you are planning to do a one or two-day tour of Sentosa, don’t buy tickets for the various attractions individually of course! There are Value Bundles available for you. Check them out here to see how you can get the best value out of your visit – Visit up to 20 attractions for less than S$50?! That’s so worth it! You can also purchase your tickets & packages online beforehand. :)


Before I end, here’s my itinerary for your reference in case you want to copycat follow. :)


Have fun planning your Sentosa holiday and playing to your hearts’ contents. I know we did. :)

Disclosure: The J Babies received complimentary tickets to visit the mentioned attractions on Sentosa. All photographs (unless otherwise stated) and opinions are mine. No other financial compensation was received.