Thursday, June 25, 2015

#FunForFreeSG: Make A Final Dash To The Museums!

The June school holidays are coming to an end very soon, and if you have not brought your kids to the museums yet (What were you thinking??!), it’s time to make a final dash now!

As a mum living and raising my kids in Singapore, I always feel blessed that there are many places we can bring our kids to, free-of-charge or at very low cost. Museums are perfect, in my opinion. They are not just entertaining, they are often educational and inspiring as well. Recently, I brought my kids to two such exhibitions, one after another because they were in close proximity and we enjoyed a fun day out together.

Singapore Art Museum
Ends 19 July 2015

The Imaginarium Exhibition is not located within the SAM main building but in a smaller building diagonally across the road from it. We spotted this very colorful bench right outside it and thought it looked pretty and artistic enough to warrant a shot.


It might not be a huge exhibition but there were interesting sections for the kids to explore.


The most interesting bit for me was the photo booth of course. For just S$2, you can take your photos in the booth and go home with two sets of photos, in colour and in B&W. This has been on my to-do list for the longest time – Finally did it!


This particular section of the exhibition allows kids to have some hands-on crafting time. Like most people, we opted to make pom poms because they seemed like the easiest and nicest. =P The pom poms are still hanging from the girls’ bags now – They are mighty proud of their own artwork.


After you are done with the exhibition, you can take a break at 7KickStart cafĂ© at Singapore Art Museum. The food’s quite decent and the interiors are nice.


After refueling, we took a walk to the National Museum of Singapore to check out another kid-friendly exhibition.

National Museum of Singapore
Ends 30 Aug 2015


As the name of the exhibition suggests, the Masak Masak exhibition is all about play but with a little twist. My kids were introduced to little games we played as kids ourselves – I felt extra nostalgic while the kids would find everything very interesting and fresh.

What met us as we entered into the museum was this colorful art installation hanging from the ceiling, made up of origami shapes of different sizes. Love it!



These made me laugh out loud when I saw them! Those erasers we played as kids, in giant form! As you can see, we imparted the ‘rubber game’ to the kids and they both tried hard to get their eraser above the other.


Right outside were cute inflatable bouncy castles in the design of retro playgrounds that people of my era are so familiar with. =P


Great day of family bonding at virtually zero cost apart from the food we had. Always my idea of a great family outing. :)