Friday, June 05, 2015

SEA Games 2015 Carnival


The 28th SEA Games opens in Singapore!!!!

This significant event happening in Singapore  is made even more special this year because it’s our 50th Jubilee year, and it’s been a whooping 22 years since we last hosted the major regional sporting event! To drum up awareness and invite everyone to soak up the excitement and spirit of the SEA Games 2015, SportsSG has organized the 28th SEA Games Carnival for everyone to have fun!

Located right next to Kallang Wave Mall, this is one happening carnival – Just look at the different game stations set up!

I brought the girls to check out the carnival and the whole place was bursting with a great atmosphere of excitement and fun. With the school holidays just started, I am sure many parents would be bringing their kids to the carnival. I thought the carnival was a perfect way for all Singaporeans – both young and old – to be a part of such a significant event in Singapore. If you are planning to check out the carnival soon, here are some tips to make your trip there a smooth one. :)

Tip #1: Grab a carnival game pass & collect your stamps!

If you are checking out the carnival, make sure you grab a game pass from the Registration office that’s located right in front of Kallang Wave Mall. You’ll be required to fill up a simple indemnity in order to receive a pass. With the pass, you can collect stamps at every station you participate at. After you’ve accumulated 5 stamps, you can even exchange it for a gift!


Apart from the game passes, you can also get SEA Games 2015 stickers and paper caps, so make sure you ask for these limited edition collaterals for keepsake.


Tip #2: Go during the late afternoon or evening!

We reached the carnival close to 5pm and it was still quite sunny. Thankfully, as we proceeded to the various game stations, the sun started to set and the weather got a lot cooler. I reckon it would be really hot and humid earlier in the afternoon, so evening would be the best time to visit the carnival, in my opinion. With their game passes in hand, my girls were raring to go!


Junior PlayZone

Our first stop was to the Junior Playzone because it was such a colorful and enticing zone! The queues were short at this zone so the girls managed to try quite a few of the stations. Bouncy castles never fail to make kids go wild!


The ball pit was another popular game station, of course!


Tip #3: Bring water, cap & sunblock!

Some of the more popular game stations require some waiting time, so make sure the kids drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Most of the stations are not sheltered, so bring along caps and slap on sunblock. This 10-metre tall inflatable giant slide was the most popular but we queued for it nevertheless. It looked too fun to be missed!  All the kids had no qualms about sliding down from such a great height – They were definitely much braver than me!


For the slightly more adventurous kids, they can also try ‘rock-climbing’ and bouncer at the Junior Playzone. Obviously, my kids didn’t have the guts. =P


Sports Try Out

The next zone we ventured into was the Sports Try Out, and we saw this interesting ‘Bowling’ game station that we had to try even though the queue was quite long!


It was really funny to watch different ones falling over and colliding with one another inside the ‘balloon’! And when it was the girls’ turn to try, they had so much fun they wanted to go for another round!


The girls also enjoyed complimentary Iced Milo from the Milo booth. There’s something about Milo dispensed at sporting events – They taste especially good!


The boxing game station was another popular one and everyone wanted to try their hand at boxing one another and falling all over the inflatable platform!


I love how creative the game stations were - They depicted the various sporting events happening at SEA Games 2015 but simplified so that even the very young ones can try them! See how these kids used ‘soccer’ techniques to play a game of pool! =P


Tip #4: Be sporting!

This is after all a sporting-related carnival and probably one of the best ways to instill this spirit of sportsmanship into our kids. Just like this particular station where the kids could run and complete tasks on the running tracks, all the kids wanted to win but they also had to learn about the importance of playing fair and listening to instructions. Speaking of which, this totally reminded me of my primary school PE days! =D


Adventurous Fun Zone

Over at the Adventurous Fun zone, the kids tried the Ninebot Tour. They had so much fun they asked if we can buy one home. =X


The most eye-catchy thing at the carnival has got to be this huge hot air balloon. It looked especially gorgeous with the sunset as its backdrop and for all adults 18 years and above, you get to go on it FOR FREE!


The kids can only watch in envy. They can neither meet the age nor height requirement.


This is another reason why you must visit the carnival during the evening – This sight is so beautiful many people stood there to admire. :)


While you are there, you can catch a glimpse of the competitive events happening at the OCBC Arena (Table tennis, badminton, volleyball and basketball), and the OCBC Aquatic Centre (Swimming and diving). Also,don’t miss the chance to take part in the Fastest Boy/Girl Dash for children 12 and below and enjoy roving acts and shows at the carnival. There are lights and laser shows every day, and SEA Games artiste performances on weekends! This is really one carnival packed with lots of action and fun! And best of all, it’s TOTALLY FREE-OF-CHARGE. So perfect during this June school holidays! :)

SEA Games 2015 Carnival

Dates: Daily from 31 May - June 16
*Time: 10am - 9pm daily
Venue: Singapore Sports Hub

*Differed timings:
Friday, June 5: 10am - 5pm.
Sunday, June 7 : 9am - 9pm
Tuesday, June 16: 9am – 5pm

For more information, go on to or