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S.E.A Aquarium Halloween Spooky Seas (Review & Giveaway!)

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while would remember that we’ve been to S.E.A Aquarium quite a number of times, as well as attended their Spooky Seas Halloween 2014 and Ocean Dreams stayover programmes last year. The truth is the whole family loves going to S.E.A Aquarium, and it’s easy to understand why.


First of all, the underwater world is fascinating and S.E.A Aquarium does such a good job at segmenting the whole space into different areas and themes that the moment you step in, you’d feel like you’ve been transported into another world. We especially enjoyed this year’s Spooky Seas at S.E,A Aquarium because I thought it was better planned with more learning points for the kids. I personally learnt new facts I never knew about the underwater world as I followed the kids around. If you are looking for a kid-friendly Halloween event that teaches your kids interesting new things at the same time, Spooky Seas is it.

Once you enter SEA Aquarium, look out for this Spooky Seas pirate ship and collect your Trick or Treat treasure map and little bag for you to keep your treats along the way!


I have no idea why Jayne had that expression on her. Haha!

IMG_2069IMG_2071  IMG_2070IMG_2090  IMG_2088

Follow the route on the map and look out for activity stations where the kids must look for answers to certain questions and learn interesting facts about the mysterious underwater creatures. We first had to walk through the tunnel – Make sure you look out for the interesting Halloween d├ęcor!

IMG_2096IMG_2100IMG_2078IMG_2081  IMG_2092

At the first station – Fishy Graveyard, the kids learnt about the different types of underwater creatures that had been hunted down mercilessly for their meat or bones, etc. When the kids had to search for answers to complete this section of their treasure maps, they learnt very interesting facts as well. Awesome!

IMG_2102IMG_2110  IMG_2115

Some of the station masters look a little creepy, like this first one we met here:


That wheel barrel of sweets that he was giving out made up for his creepy appearance though. The kids were not afraid of him –They went up boldly to him with their completed activity and asked for their treats! Most of the other station masters after that are smiley and friendly though, so don’t worry at all.

For parents, while your kids are busy completing their tasks (Trust me, they will be very focused on doing that the entire journey), take some time to appreciate and enjoy the exhibits as well. There are some really interesting-looking creatures around! This particular one gave me goosebumps though. Just look at that pattern on the skin! =X


And my favorites are colorful tanks like these. Colorful and luminous corals and fishes – So beautiful! I can stare at them the whole day.

IMG_2121IMG_2134  IMG_2138

Mr Skeleton kindly pointed us to our next pitstop – Mad Scientist’s Lab!


This was a pretty interesting station, even for me. There were bottles of specimens of different sea creatures (fake ones of course!). The station master (a very smiley one thankfully!) taught the kids facts about the sea creatures and helped them to answer some of the questions on their maps before going them their well-deserved treats.

IMG_2146  IMG_2147
IMG_2149IMG_2153  IMG_2156

“Oh hello, hang in there!”


The next station’s located at the Open Ocean Habitat, my favorite place in S.E.A Aquarium!


All the kids needed to do here was to decorate their ‘pumpkin’ booklet. Easy peasy!

IMG_2170  IMG_2164IMG_2168IMG_2175  IMG_2176

At Vampire’s Lair, the kids learnt more about the creepy worms and slimy octopuses. The seafood menu doesn’t sound appetizing at all. =X

IMG_2177  IMG_2178IMG_2182

At the final station, the kids had to put their hands into black boxes and touch the mystery items inside. They were very brave, I say!

IMG_2183 IMG_2186

I shall not spoil the fun for you – Go and find out what are those things inside these boxes yourself!


As this was the final station, the kids received a scroll of completion as well as snacks for their hard work. :)


And I met adorable seahorses at the end of the journey – So cute!


I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s Spooky Seas! Thanks again, S.E.A Aquarium, for inviting us. Now, plan a trip there with your kids soon! Expect lots of fun and learning points for them!

Spooky Seas 2015 - The “Pirates Ahoy!” edition

1 Oct – 15 Nov 2015

General Admission (One-day pass): Adult – S$32, Child (4-12yo) – S$22, Senior (60yr & above) – S$22
Singapore Residents (One-day pass): Adult – S$28, Child (4-12yo) – S$15, Senior (60yr & above) – S$15
Book your tickets online here.

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