Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Gingerbread House Decorating Workshop at Shangri-La Hotel

Media Invite

The kids recently attended one of the most fun Christmas-themed workshops they’ve ever attended so far – The Gingerbread House Decorating Workshop organized by Shangri-La Hotel! This is their centerpiece for Christmas, by the way. So lovely!


The workshop was one of the best for several reasons –It was held in one of the hotel’s ballrooms, luxuriously and beautifully decorated in the Christmas theme, with the ingredients for the workshop displayed nicely at one end of the room.

IMG_3556  IMG_3557

There are many helpful staff going around assisting the kids and helping them to complete the whole project, and parents can just focus on taking photographs and helping out a little here and there without feeling stressed out.


Plus, there was a sumptuous dessert spread of cakes, candies, chocolates, tarts and sandwiches prepared for the participants and their parents, which got everyone really excited as well. At the end of the workshop, the kids got to bring home not just their masterpieces of gingerbread houses, they also got to bring home their cute mini chef’s toques and aprons!


All excited to start!!


A completed Gingerbread House was on display at every table for reference, and it was hard to imagine that we would be able to replicate something as pretty as that. I did a feeble attempt several years ago, to assemble a DIY Gingerbread House kit and failed so miserably that I seriously wasn’t harboring much hope.


Thankfully, the staff were all experts and before we knew it, the house’s assembled and the kids started having fun decorating their gingerbread houses! Phew.


There were so many different types of colorful candies, chocolates, gummies and marshmallows for the kids to use to decorate their gingerbread houses. The kids couldn’t resist popping some into their mouths along the way, I’m sure!

IMG_3578  IMG_3579

It was great seeing the kids’ creativity at work. Some kids covered their entire house with M&Ms! Others squeezed a lot of icing onto the roof and said that the snowstorm was really heavy and covered the entire house. Everyone’s houses looked different and unique, and that was really the fun part!

IMG_3590  IMG_3588

This was Jayne’s final product! So lovely and Christmassy, don’t you think? :) She was of course, very pleased with it.

IMG_3604  IMG_3605IMG_3613 IMG_3615

Joey, on the other hand, preferred having more ‘snow’ on her house, and she even had Santa on the roof, about to climb in through the chimney, created by using a marshmallow!


The best part was that all the kids really enjoyed themselves and we made friends with all the staff who were helping the kids get their houses done.


The Gingerbread House Decorating Workshop was organized by Shangri-La Hotel for the first time last year and due to overwhelming responses and great feedback, the hotel decided to run it again this year. There are still workshops happening on some dates this month, so please quickly grab your seats before they run out and you’ve got to wait till next year! Details here.

* * * *

Now, if you are planning to bring your kids to Shangri-La Hotel for the workshop, why not plan a family meal there as well? The Line is an amazing restaurant with  superb buffet spread, and this Christmas season might just be the perfect reason for you to head down for a gastronomical experience. There were so many different stations and I didn’t manage to try everything, but those that I did, it all tasted fabulous. My favorite was the roasted meats – So good and satisfying! Words cannot describe how delicious the food were, so here are photos of what you can expect at the buffet.

IMG_3477IMG_3479IMG_3480  IMG_3481  IMG_3482   IMG_3485IMG_3488IMG_3489IMG_3491  IMG_3492IMG_3494IMG_3496IMG_3498IMG_3501IMG_3499IMG_3505IMG_3507IMG_3508IMG_3510IMG_3511  IMG_3512IMG_3514IMG_3515IMG_3517IMG_3518  IMG_3519IMG_3521IMG_3523

OK I hope I made my point. You’ve got to try this buffet!

Thank you, Shangri-La Hotel for your invite. As always, we had such a great time at your hotel! =)

Disclosure: The J Babies was invited for a meal at The Line and to attend the Gingerbread House Decorating Workshop for review purposes. All photographs and opinions expressed in this post are solely mine. No other financial compensation was received.