Thursday, February 25, 2016

4 Reasons You Should Bring Your Kids To MOSH! At Sentosa (Review + Giveaway!)

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Have you heard of the newest attraction on Sentosa – Palawan Kidz City?

If you are a parent with kids between 3 and 12 years old, make sure you watch out for what’s being unveiled at Palawan Kidz City, because there are really fun and interactive attractions designed just for them. Within the same building, you’ll find MOSH! as well KidZania Singapore! How happening?! In today’s post, let’s take a look at MOSH!

Conveniently located just 5 minutes’ walk away from Beach Station on Sentosa island, MOSH! is a first-of-a-kind interactive digital multi-media theme park that has recently opened. With our kids being so savvy with digital and electronic devices and gadgets nowadays, this theme park would be something right down their alley. There are at least 4 reasons why you should bring your kids to check out this spanking new attraction on Sentosa:

1. MOSH! Harnesses Creativity

While there are many concerns over how the use of gadgets and devices can dampen creativity in children because it makes them passive learners, I beg to differ. I am of the view that the problem does not lie with the use of gadgets, but how the gadgets are being used. We cannot deny the fact that technology is progressing so rapidly everyday and if we are resistant to them, our kids may be on the losing end eventually. Since it’s something we cannot prevent or avoid, why not make something good out of it? At MOSH!, advanced interactive digital installations encourage children to express themselves creatively without any restrictions or rules, and then see their creativity take flight in the most visual and colorful manner. In total, there are 5 different stations within MOSH!, and the children can express their thoughts and ideas through drawing, coloring or using their imagination.

2. MOSH! Celebrates Creativity

Not only do the kids get to engage in creative activities such as drawing, coloring, origami, etc, their every creation is celebrated at the end of each station. We cannot deny that we live in a society where creativity is sometimes stifled and looked down upon. It may sound like a good thing to most people, but our way of doing things and the rules put in place very often give a subtle message that we should not deviate from the norm and any thing that looks out-of-place (or creative in other words) is unacceptable. At MOSH!, the kids get to draw their own artwork and then scan in for them to appear on the large screen together with everyone’s artwork. They not only see their artwork come to live, they will also feel a sense of pride that their artwork is accepted and celebrated. In the digital sea, for example, some children deviate from drawing fishes and corals, which are the ‘normal’ things found inside the sea, and drew a horse instead. It doesn’t make sense for a horse to appear under the sea, but that’s absolutely OK at Moshi!. As long as the children can imagine it, they can have it.

3. MOSH! Is Fun & Full Of Surprises

I guess ultimately, the fun factor is still one of the most important. My kids enjoyed the fireworks station the most, because their every action and movement would trigger off colorful fireworks and designs on the big screen right in front of them. They were literally running from one end to the other and having lots of fun with the motion sensors. Making noise  and running here and there is OK at Moshi! – In fact, that’s exactly how they can derive the most fun out of that place. Yet another of their favorite station was the paper aeroplane station, where the kids were taught how to fold paper aeroplanes, then throw them at the big screen to get images of aeroplanes appear in the picture. The sudden appearance of the aeroplanes (and sometimes birds) thrilled the kids to no end. :P

4. MOSH! Has Wonderful Crew

One of the factors I look out for in a kid-friendly facility is whether there are fun-loving and helpful crew around to assist the children. They would either make or break an experience for the kids! Thankfully, at MOSH!, the crew are wonderful and I could tell that they genuinely enjoyed playing with the kids and encouraging them to be more creative. That’s probably one of the main reasons why my kids have been asking to go back to MOSH! again.

Everything at MOSH! is motion-related, so still images don’t do the place justice at all. Have a sneak peek into the place in the video compilation I created:

Thank you MOSH! for giving the kids a fun experience. Smile

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