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5 Reasons You MUST Go For The South Beach Staycation Experience

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I’ve always been curious about this hotel that was being built opposite Suntec Convention Centre. The architecture looks amazing and cutting-edge modern, and there is an air about it – Located in a busy and crowded area but seemed to be able to remain exclusive and private. So when there was a chance to review a staycation at this hotel, I was elated! Turned out, The South Beach hotel is part of a much larger project that comprises of retail, commercial and residential spaces. While The South Beach is not officially opened yet and is currently still in its preview stage (rooms are available for booking nonetheless!), my family had a really wonderful staycation experience there over the weekend. In fact, it was by far, one of the most restful and therapeutic staycations I’ve ever had.

1. An Art Therapy For Your Soul
Expect to be surrounded by arts and design everywhere you turn to in this hotel, because that’s what this hotel is all about. With clever use of bold and modern designs, lightings and scents, they aim to create moods and atmospheres for every guest who steps in. The moment I stepped in, I felt like I embarked on a journey of discovering my love for the arts all over again. It was liberating and a much needed respite after a long week of work.

The designers created spaces by mixing different materials and lightings and everything came together strangely well in harmony. Everything is so pleasing to the eye.

Before you even reach your room, the lift is another artistic explosion on its own. The special wallpaper used in the lift changes design with every light change. As I travelled up to my room on Level 7, I saw 3 different design changes. Needless to say, the kids were amazed and very thrilled!
2. An Understated Luxury
Once in a while, we all crave for something luxurious to pamper ourselves. At The South Beach, that’s exactly what you get. The rooms are luxurious, with amenities that makes you feel like royalties. This was what greeted me when I stepped into the connecting rooms prepared for us, with a  personal note from the Director of Rooms. We got off to a sweet start to the staycation right away!

The rooms were classy with large art pieces hung on the wall, simple and timeless decorative pieces and ornaments everywhere. I love how cosy it feels to be in the room, yet fully immersed in the artistic atmosphere created by the designers. The clever mix of stainless steel, large mirrors, earth-toned linens and carpets with bold prints make the whole space feel luxurious and classy. Exactly the style I love!

Rocking chairs are found everywhere in the hotel. Just a playful touch to otherwise normal furniture pieces, but makes for a whole new sitting experience.

The bathrooms are just as luxurious. With a designer bath tub, mirrors and an automated toilet bowl – What more can you ask for?

Love everything in this picture. The shapes, lines and finishing are perfect. I’d love to have that bath tub in my house!

And yes, it would be nice to have their automated toilet bowl in my house too. It opens up when I approach it, sprays it clean so that I can use it, then gives me options to wash my bum bum when I am done. I cannot ask for more, seriously.

Complimentary toiletries that smell amazing – Every shower time is like a spa experience.
The bar in the hotel is fully complimentary, so enjoy it to your heart’s content. :)

3. An Oasis In Town
Perhaps what really draws me about The South Beach is the peace and quietness of this hotel, in the middle of crowded and rowdy town. It is an oasis for city dwellers to escape to, to wind down after a long week of meeting deadlines and preparing reports.
One of the most interesting concepts I was told about The South Beach is that there are many ‘little areas’ like these all over the hotel. They are spaces created for ‘Alone Togetherness’ where travellers and strangers from all over the world (solo travellers perhaps) congregating in a space like this – Being alone, yet together with other people from other parts of the world. This concept of alone togetherness seemed to be catching on especially in restaurants and cafes, where a large centrepiece table is placed right in the centre of the restaurant and different diners can share the table and eat together, even though they are strangers to each other.

This whole concept is perpetuated throughout the hotel premise, even on Level 18 of the hotel, where the infinity pool is. Level 18 is undoubtedly my most favorite space in the hotel. With unblocked views, the scenery there is amazing beyond words. There are sofas and seating areas scattered throughout the whole level and it is a perfect place to chill and relax any time of the day. I can be here 24 hours seriously - It is so windy and I get great views of the city while sipping on my drink. This is how every staycation should be.

Floats are available for guests to use, and of course, the kids chose the giant pink flamingo-but-look-like-swan-too float!

The pool is pretty shallow in most parts, so parents with young children can be assured they can have fun as well.  Jayne, who cannot swim yet, stayed mostly on one end of the pool where she can stand and splash water without fear of falling in.


On this level, there are also other recreation facilities such as table tennis table (a really sophisticated-looking one!), table futsal, pool table and a full-equipped gym. Mineral water and Red Bull are served free flow here.

Even here, you’ll find large art pieces everywhere. Really love the artistic vibes in this hotel!

Read a book while enjoying a jacuzzi is a great idea, don’t you think? Order a drink from the bar to complete the experience. =P

When night falls, this whole place becomes a whole new level of charming. The night scenery is gorgeous from up here!

The warm and cosy lightings make this place a wonderful chill-out place for after-dinner drinks and chats with friends. It gets even windier at night!

4. Be Treated Like Kings & Queens
When you step into the lobby of The South Beach, you would also notice that they have very interesting check-in counters. In fact, if you are looking for traditional long counters where guests can do their check-ins and check-outs, you will find none. In place of that, they have different spaces with unique lamps, counters and cabinets that depict the culture of different countries in the world – Oriental, European, Middle Eastern, etc. The Guest Relations Officer would invite the guests to take a seat somewhere in the lobby, and bring an IPAD to them for the check-in procedures. This is for greater comfort of the guests – they do not need to queue and stand – and the staff will go to them instead. That’s wonderful customer service, in my opinion!
We have to pass through the main lobby whenever we enter or leave the hotel. Every time we pass through it, we would be greeted with a smile and a simple ‘Good morning’, ‘Hello, how are you?’ by every staff that we pass by. That’s royalty treatment and I don’t think anyone will dislike that. At the same time, it makes me feel very at home and welcomed. That’s the kind of customer service I appreciate.
Canapés are served at the lobby every evening for the guests. Another wonderful initiative by the hotel much appreciated by the guests, I’m sure.
Guests can either bring enjoy the canapés in the lobby, bring them back to their rooms or enjoy them in the lobby lounge – Prefix, which is just as beautifully furnished as the rest of the hotel.
5. Breakfast Is Great! (Need I Say More?)
In every staycation, I look forward to the hotel’s buffet breakfast, and I am glad that The South Beach didn’t disappoint. While their spread may not be huge, I enjoyed the food and the service rendered by the staff. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy meals in such a beautiful restaurant?!

The South Beach hotel is currently still in its preview stage, but in my opinion, this might be one of the best timings to go for a staycation before everybody knows about it and it gets crowded. When my family was there, we practically had the whole Level 18 to ourselves and the swimming pool was empty except for us most of the time. It is no wonder I had such a restful weekend there, and am thinking of going back again soon!
H.E.R Stayation for Ladies!
Check out to know more about the packages the hotel has available. They must be one of the few hotels I know of that offers Ladies-only floors and rooms. By the way, I think they are perfect options for bridal showers or hen’s parties! Just look at how spacious and luxurious the ladies-only rooms are:
There are special little touches in the room especially for the ladies – A boyfriend’s shirt, pink slippers, floor mat with girlie designs, a doll for you to hug to sleep, facial steamer, manicure & pedicure set, tea sets with girlfriends, etc. I’d love to do a staycation here with my girlfriends! Check out the H.E.R Staycation promotion package on their website: This package also includes Breakfast and Afternoon Tea for two at ADHD (All Day Hotel Dining) restaurant/ Sunset cocktails at Flow18/ Mini-bar/ High speed Wi-Fi/ Carpark etc!

The South Beach
30 Beach Road, Singapore 189763
Disclosure: The J Babies was sponsored one night stay in two connecting rooms at The South Beach for review purposes. All photographs and opinions expressed in this post are solely ours. No other financial compensation was received.

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