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Marine Cove Reopens (And You Need to Check Out Their McDonald’s!)

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One of the most talked about places this week has got to be the Marine Cove at East Coast Park. The huge playground is already operational, but most of the restaurants and cafes located nearby will only be open tomorrow. If you are still thinking of where to bring your family to this weekend, Marine Cove is definitely one of your best options IF you don’t mind squeezing with 1948148728947394 others who think the same way as you. Then again, the whole area is so huge and spacious with many dining options available, and with the beach just a mere minute’s walk away, I think it’s a great place for families and friends to hang out during the weekends. Here’s what you can look forward to!
New Playground
This new 3,500sqm playground is the main drawing point for  families to Marine Cove, and trust me, your kids will go crazy there! It looks really fun with many elements for the kids to explore. However, do plan your time properly because it can get really hot in the afternoon and the majority of the playground is not shaded. The slides are also made of metal, so I’m not too sure whether it can get too hot for play. Nonetheless, there’s plenty of space for the kids to run around, so just make sure they are constantly hydrated, and your kids would be having lots of fun at the playground. :)
Family-Friendly Dining Options
Not only will your kids have a ball of time at the new playground, you can settle all your meals at the various cafes and restaurants located at Marine Cove. And the best part? Almost every one of them is family-friendly! I didn’t dine in every restaurant there, of course, but I peeped in to most of them and found children play area (with TV screening cartoons!) in some of them, spacious areas for prams, baby highchairs, etc. The alfresco dining area outside every restaurant would also be great for parents who prefer some fresh air or if their kids were getting restless and needed to run around. This is like a haven for families!
Some of the restaurants at Marine Cove include The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, My Briyani House, McDonalds’, Babalicious (nonya cuisine), etc. There is bound to be something suitable for your family’s taste buds. :) Virtue of the uniqueness of this location, some of the restaurants here serve a different menu specialized designed as its customers as well. For example, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will be serving yogurt at the Marine Cove outlet, which is not available at other outlets. In particular, I was most impressed with McDonald’s because of many reasons. Yes, the East Coast Park McDonald’s that we are all very familiar with which closed down 4 years ago due to redevelopment plans has finally reopened at Marine Cove!
Family-Friendly McDonald’s!
The Marine Cove McDonald’s is one of the largest stores in Singapore and boasts a unique look and feel that reflects its beachside location. I really like how cheery and sunshine yellow the whole store looks! Apart from that, the store also offers a unique menu (on top of their regular menu) and many family-friendly features that will totally wow you.
IMG_9488 IMG_9495
1. Wireless Charging Stations
And yes, I am not referring to power sockets that you can plug your chargers into! These wireless charging stations are available in-store for customers free-of-charge. With Singaporeans constantly on-the-go and constantly on their mobile devices, this is probably one of the best services that McDonald’s can offer to their customers. Parents don’t have to worry about their IPADS going low-batt anymore!
2. Pram Parking
Pram parking at the restaurant will allow young families the ease and convenience of simply parking their pram and enjoying the food and ambience at the restaurant with no hassle - So thoughtful of them!
3. Shadow Wall
Not only your kids would be entertained by this shadow wall, but you would be too! As customers walk past the Shadow Wall, their shadows will be transformed into McDonald’s characters such as Grimace & Birdie. The kids would have a hilarious time playing around there!
4. Google Cardboard
This was the most important feature to me! The Google Cardboard viewers will allow the customers to experience virtual reality in a simple and fun way by bringing them on a 360 degree virtual tour and experience the uniqueness of the Marine Cove McDonald’s. This feature is also being rolled out at 12 other outlets across Singapore.
5. Healthy menu
Parents can finally rest their hearts easy when feeding their kids McDonald’s because of many healthy options available at Marine Cove’s outlet. There will be a Salad Bar and a great selection of healthy soups and gourmet sandwiches, as well as Signature Burgers available for choice. Kids will also be thrilled to know that there is also a Dessert Bar, where they can add on different toppings to their ice-cream or waffles! I also tried some of their menu items exclusive to the outlet at Marine Cove (meaning you cannot find these items at other McDonald’s outlets!). They were really delicious!
The mushroom soup & broccoli soup were both tasty with lots of chewable bits though I personally preferred the latter. My girls would LOVE them, I’m sure!
IMG_9561  IMG_9562
There are three basic salads (Caesar Salad, Classic Green Salad & Asian Salad with Roasted Sesame Dressing) offered at the Salad Bar with options to add on other ingredients as you like. The selection is wide!
IMG_9563 IMG_9510
I tried the Spicy Chicken with Apple Slaw and liked it because it tasted very much like McSpicy except with apple chunks slaw and rocket leaves added. A very hearty option!
The apple chunks added a sweetness and crunchy texture to the burger. Love it!
The Spicy Tortilla (Beef) Burger was another surprise! It tasted soooo good! With a combination of Angus beef patty, melted cheese, creamy guacamole, crunchy tortilla chips and a fiery spicy sauce, this burger is such a pleasing combo!
Desserts were good too. We tried the Affogato and Summer Delight and both were satisfying.
The Begium Waffle with Avocado, Gula Melaka Syrup & Sundae was worth a mention because of how popular Gula Melaka is nowadays among Singaporeans. Definitely worth a try if you are a fan. :)
IMG_9573  IMG_9575
For all you coffee-lovers out there, you’ll be pleased to know that McCafe is also housed within McDonald’s Marine Cove, so you can get your favorite creations here as well.
IMG_9544  IMG_9548
I can already foresee many of my weekends spent at Marine Cove because of so many family-friendly features here. Seriously, wait no longer – Pop by to check out the place soon!

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