Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Young Scientists Magazine (Review & Giveaway!)

Since young, Joey has always shown a keen interest in Science. She enjoys watching NatGeo documentaries on TV and always shows great interest when we bring her for Science-related seminars or workshops where she gets to try her hand on interesting experiments. Because of her interest, she was given an opportunity to be a part of her school’s E2K project, where she joins a class of students to conduct science experiments and learns new scientific concepts outside of her textbooks every Friday. The first time she actually asked me to subscribe to a magazine was the The Young Scientists Magazine and I thought that was the perfect way to combine her two loves – Reading & Science.
So when an opportunity came along for us to review The Young Scientists magazine, we jumped at the chance. She loved the magazine, to begin with, and it is an educational and interesting publication that I would love to share about on the blog. If you can get your kids’ interest up on a certain subject, you don’t have to worry so much about the grades anymore. The good grades will naturally follow because of the keen interest to learn and absorb. :)
When a batch of Jan-Jun 2016’s The Young Scientists magazines were sent over to us, Joey finished them all in one sitting! As if that was not enough, she re-read them again and again the following week because she enjoyed them so much. As a mom, seeing that was a great joy to me.
I flipped through the magazines myself and understood why so many kids enjoy reading them. Off my head, I could already think of 3 reasons:
1. The Young Scientists magazines are colorfully illustrated with great graphics.

This would definitely be one of the first few reasons why a kid would even pick up the magazine to read. The graphics are colorful and visually impactful, enticing the kids to delve more into the contents inside. Every page of the magazine is fully colored, and illustrations are used on every page to keep the kids’ interest going. Their aim is to promote interest and literacy in Science among children in their early school life, and I think they have succeeded to do so!

2. The Young Scientists magazines simplify complicated concepts for easy understanding.

We all know that scientific concepts may not be the easiest to understand, especially for little children. The magazine is able to introduce such concepts to the kids by using examples, comic strips and simple illustrations so that they don’t get overwhelmed and potentially give up on the subject. In fact, I personally feel that kids who are fearful of science may start picking up their interest when they learn science in this manner.

3. The Young Scientists magazines cater to different age groups.

In case you are wondering whether the magazines are suitable for your kids’ age, don’t worry. The Young Scientists magazines come in different levels to suit the needs and learning abilities of different age groups - Level 1: P1-P2, Level 2: P3 – P4,  Level 3: P5 – P6, Level 4: P6 - Lower Sec. There is something suitable for every kid.
Joey looks forward to receiving a new The Young Scientists magazine every month and I am so glad that she finds so much joy in a subject and is learning new and interesting things everyday. Consider getting a subscription for your kids, and see how they thrive in this environment of learning and loving Science. Hop over to this page to order.

Thanks to the Publisher, I have 4 sets of The Young Scientists magazines 2015 to give away to 4 readers. Every set consists of 10 issues (Jan-Oct 2015) and you can choose which Level you would like to have for your kid. Participate via Rafflecopter, and closing date for giveaway is on 3 Aug 2016. All the best! Smile

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