Wednesday, October 05, 2016

4 Things I Love About (Review)

The ongoing trend in the service industry nowadays is all about convenience and speed. Consumers are spoilt for choice because there are just way too many vendors providing similar services everywhere. As a consumer, I will usually lean towards those vendors who can provide me with the convenience and speed that I am looking for. When I was approached by to review their services, I thought it would just be another ‘middleman’ vendor that takes in my requests and provide me with options accordingly. But I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of service I got. Read on to find out 4 things I love about, and why it’s different from its other competitors.

1. They have a simple & user-friendly interface and website. is basically an online company that helps you to solve your day-to-day problems and needs. I liken it to having a personal butler or concierge at home, where I can just tell him to ‘settle the problem’ when my tap leaks, air-con breaks down or when I need an urgent pedicure done for a party at night. Hopping on to the website, you will see that it’s clean and very user-friendly. Just click on ‘All Services’, and you get a dropdown list of all available services provided by them. If even that’s too difficult for you (I don’t see how it would be, but still..), just click on the blue conversation box at the bottom right of the screen and you can chat online with a staff right away. Imagine this as your virtual butler – Just tell them what is it that you need, and they provide solutions immediately. This is especially helpful when you are feeling all frantic that something important has broken down at home, and you cannot think straight.


2. They suggest vendors and negotiate the prices on your behalf.

The first time I used services was when the basin tap in my master bedroom’s toilet started to leak. It’s been a problem that has recurred many times, and we had replaced the tap many times in the past five years. I sent in my request via the website and within an hour, I got a whatsapp message from the staff, clarifying with me the issue that I was facing. She asked for my available schedule for the plumber to visit my house for the repair, and went about contacting her list of vendors. Soon after, she got back with the name of the plumber and the quoted price. If you are not happy with the price, go ahead and let the staff know and they will negotiate the price or find another vendor that meets your budget. See how convenient that is? You no longer have to plough through Yellow pages or google for different vendors and call them up just to arrange appointments, which is very time-consuming. settles everything for you from the beginning. Perfect for a busy working mom like me!


3.  Their vendors are experienced & trustworthy.

The list of vendors on’s database are experienced and trustworthy professionals who had been approved after careful and stringent selection. In fact, after every service is provided, the customers will give feedback on the vendors’ service quality and if they receive more than 2 unfavorable feedback, they will be taken off their vendor list. Therefore, as their customers, we can be assured that their vendors will be able to solve our problems professionally.

The plumber who came to my house to repair the tap was a very friendly Uncle. We asked him what could be the reason for the low water pressure in our bedroom’s bathroom. He assessed our piping carefully and gave us some very good advice on what we should be replacing. We also complained to him that we had been replacing our basin taps very often. He assured us that he would get us a better-quality tap this time round so that it will be durable. Past plumbers had always charged us a flat rate for repair and a new tap, and according to this Uncle, were the cheapest taps available. When I clarified the repair price with him (price quoted by, he said that the final price will lower as the quoted price was just an estimate. Eventually, the final price was $50 lower than the initial quote. The tap that he replaced for us was a very durable one and is still working perfectly now with no problems at all. I am so glad the problem is finally solved for the long term!

Mind you, that was just my first experience with Thereafter, I also called for air-con servicing and the vendor sent to my house did such an excellent and thorough job that my mother-in-law said that we should use them permanently from now on! Furthermore, their prices were even lower than our regular maintenance company!

4. Interesting home-based services available as well.

Some of the more interesting services I found while surfing through their website are the Beauty and Spa services. You can get manicurists to come to your house to give you manicures and pedicures, makeup for weddings and special events, and you can also get massagers to visit your home and give you a much-needed massage. Their house call services include quality massage equipment (treatment tables, aromatherapy oils, etc) and  the expert care of certified massage therapists. Check out their spa menu! And you don’t even have to step out of your house! Now, isn’t that perfect for homemakers or stay-at-home mums who do not have the luxury to leave the house to visit a spa, but would like to have some invigorating massages? Doing it in the comfort of your own home while watching your kids nearby is just brilliant.


Apart from the home-based services, also offers Event Planning services so you don’t have to plan and run everything on your own. Busy moms can outsource birthday party planning to the experts, and just look forward to a fun time!

Now, if you have not tried, I encourage you to try it! The next time something needs fixing in your house, or you just want some pampering services done in the comfort of your house, check out what can offer to you and I am sure you’ll be happy with their service quality. At least I know I am! :)

Disclosure: The J Babies was provided with complimentary credits to review the services of All experiences shared in this post are solely ours.