Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Impact Ergonomic School Bags For Upper Primary Kids (Discount Vouchers Giveaway!)

So, in my previous post on ergonomic school bags, I shared 5 design elements of good bags, which will make for comfortable and good carrying experiences. Let’s take a look at the remaining elements today, and hopefully, this post can help you make better decisions on which school bag to choose for your kids.

Stepping into the Ergoworks Showroom at Marina Square, we were greeted by a wall of colorful ergonomic bags. Long gone were the days where ergonomic bags are ugly and aesthetically unappealing. The design of ergonomic bags in the market right now are nice and the kids usually are torn between which design to go for.


So, after much deliberation, Joey chose the purple backpack on the left in the following picture. Purple is her current favorite colour and the checkered design on the sides of the bag is just too pretty. Even I like it!


Joey’s IMPACT IPEG-083 (S$109.90) comes with a 3D Spinal Protectional System and weighs 1,000 grams. Similar to Jayne’s bag, this bag has a very good back support system with good padding.

IMG_9664  IMG_9666

Compared to Jayne’s bag, Joey’s bag has broad shoulder straps as well, though narrower than Jayne’s. As the kids gets older, design becomes more important to them as well. While the straps are broad enough to provide comfort, they are not too wide to look ugly and clumsy.


Joey’s bag also comes with many compartments which are separately by zips. This helps to distribute the weight accordingly and prevents over-pressure on any one part of the back.

Continuing from the 5 design elements from my previous post, here is the 6th:

6. The Straps Should Be Easily Adjustable.

Adjusting the length of the straps is easily done by a gentle pull on one of these. I don’t know what kind of technology it is but this glides smoothly along when you pull on it, but doesn’t slide back thereafter unless you pull it the other way. In any case, it’s perfect and easy for kids to manage that themselves.


7. The Bag Should be Waterproof.

Yes, absolutely. One important and useful design element of a good backpack should be waterproofing. This is especially true for kids because of the number of books they carry in their bags everyday. Rainy days are not scary anymore if the kids’ bags are waterproof!


So, what have we learnt over the last two posts on good design elements of a good school bag?

1. Backpack Must Be Fitted to the Torso Length.
2. The Straps Should Be Wide & Padded.
3. There Should Be A Sternum Belt.
4. The Backrest Should Be Padded and Ventilated.
5. There Should Be Compartments.
6. The straps should be easily adjustable.
7. The bag should be waterproof.

Make sure you look out for these elements when choosing new school bags for your kids. Of course, the easiest would be to drop by any one of Ergoworks’ showrooms because every one of those bags in store would meet the above criteria. Investing in a good school bag that your kids would use for a long time will go a long way in improving their posture and growth. Some things in life, we just cannot scrimp on. :)

IMG_9677  IMG_9680 IMG_9679


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