Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Verdict Day: How Much Weight & Fats Have I Lost?

After four months, finally I have completed my Total Slim Programme with Halley Medical Aesthetics and today is Verdict Day when I will show you my Report Card! :)

As I looked back on the last four months, I can only say I am glad I embarked on this journey. Today, I am lighter, happier and healthier as a person. I feel empowered and in control of my body, and I no longer have to struggle with guilt or low self esteem. More than just gaining a body that looks better, I am amazed at how much good it has done to my emotional well-being. For those of you who have been following me closely on this journey via my blog and social media platform, THANK YOU for always encouraging and affirming me. And to those of you who started on your personal slimming journey with Halley Medical Aesthetics after seeing the results in my life, I am so happy to hear of all your positive progress! Let’s do a quick recap of my journey:

1. Total Slimming

I can hardly believe that was me sitting there in Dr. Terence Tan’s office for the very first time just four months ago. It was only on hindsight that I realized how overweight and out-of-shape I was, and that is the problem with people who have been skinny or thin for most parts of their lives. We just never thought that we would ever become overweight and very often, the realization comes way too late. Alarm didn’t ring when my husband and mom commented that I was gaining weight; Alarm didn’t ring when I could not fit into some of my jeans and clothes; Alarm didn’t even ring when S or M sizes could not fit me anymore when I went shopping. I had grown two sizes bigger without even knowing it!


The stats were scary when my measurements were taken on that first consultation:

17 July 2016
Weight: 57.3 kg
BMI: 23
(Acceptable: 18.5 – 23)
Waist: 90cm (As small as possible, please)
Body Fat: 32.2% (Acceptable: < 30%)


Some of my friends were shocked to hear that I was over 57 kg, because I am only 158cm tall! Oh well.


My targets were clear: I wanted to lose weight till 50kg and improve my BMI as well as body fat % to the acceptable and healthy range. I also wanted my non-existent waist to emerge again. Dr. Terence Tan wanted to be realistic and advised that I should not expect to hit 50kg immediately because that would entail an almost 8kg loss, so we set an interim target of 53kg, which will place me in the healthy mid BMI range. I was prescribed 2 types of FDA-approved medications – Duromine & Xenical – and Nopal, a plant-based supplement that is a good source of fibre. The medications worked very well for me and my appetite was immediately curbed. I no longer felt hungry all the time, and because my appetite had become smaller, I could go for healthier meal options which I loved anyway.

image  image

I felt the effects almost immediately. My body felt cleaner and I was feeling more alert and happier. I thought it was weird that I felt lighter too – Must be psychological, I thought. Turned out, the results were very evident when I went back for my second consultation.


11 August 2016
Weight: 53.5 kg
BMI: 21.4

Waist: 85cm
Body Fat: 30.4%

According to Dr. Terence Tan, majority of the weight loss would happen in the first month after taking the medications, and so my case was only expected. What he did not expect was that I had lost so much weight in just one month! That’s a good 3.8kg loss! I couldn’t believe it myself either, because prior to that, I was exercising and going for my Body Combat & Zumba classes faithfully and I lost not a single kilogram! It occurred to me then, that diet plays a very important role in weight loss. If I exercised regularly but did not watch the food I eat, everything will be useless. On top of my medications, I ate healthier very consciously – I avoided food with oil, milk or sugar (the 3 heavenly kings that causes weight gain) and I ate only three meals with no snacking in between and no supper before bed. The result was so motivating!

2. Coolsculpting

Apart from losing weight and becoming a smaller Klessis, Dr. Terence Tan wanted me to try CoolSculpting as well, in order to help me regain the prenatal figure. You can read all about my CoolSculpting experience here, but simply put, it is a procedure that freezes fat cells and disposes of them from the body permanently. Fat cells do not multiply after the age of five, so once they are frozen and gone, they are really gone forevermore - Say goodbye to them and you’ll never look back again.


The first minute or so of the procedure was a little uncomfortable because of the tight applicators on my tummy, but it got better very quickly and the rest of the treatment was comfortable and easy. Rest assured the staff at Halley Medical Aesthetics will make your treatment in the private room a very comfortable one.

The full effect of the Coolsculpting can be seen after three months. Friends have been asking me whether the results are good, but frankly speaking, even though I can see that my tummy has gone down a little, I didn’t realize how effective it was until I saw the comparison on my next consultation! Just look at this:


What a big difference, isn’t it?? The whole area had obviously gone down substantially and is that my waist I am finally seeing?! This was two months after the Coolsculpting procedure so I am expecting it to continue improving! =D At our first consultation, Dr. Terence Tan Tan did a pinch fat test (to ascertain the amount of fats) on the upper and lower tummy areas. The pinch fat test was done again on our final consultation and the results were astounding!


Upper Tummy: 33mm –> 15mm
Lower Tummy: 28mm –> 15mm

That’s a whopping 50% reduction! Woohooo!

Let’s compare these two photos from my first and final consultation, shall we?


Oh yes, that was the ME in both photos. Okay, I am convinced now when friends around me tell me that my weight loss was obvious. It IS obvious. =D

So, now for the final comparison between my first consultation and my final consultation at Halley Medical Aesthetics!


So happy with my results! I basically hit all my targets as at the 3.5 month mark! So glad! So glad!

I have stopped taking the medications for about three weeks, and in case you are wondering, my weight did not rebound after losing 7kg in the last three months. In fact, these days, my weight hovers between 49kg and 50kg, and that’s the ideal for me at this moment. I used to be 47kg in my 20’s and before I gave birth, but I think 50kg is kind of the ideal weight for me. I feel most comfortable and confident at 50kg and I am glad that my lifestyle has taken a positive change to become healthier in terms of my diet and exercise regime. I try to exercise at least twice a week now and eat clean and healthy whenever possible. There are days I eat the unhealthy and very sinful dishes I enjoy, but that’s fine. Balance is still the key to life and indulging in food I enjoy every now and then is okay and in my opinion, very encouraged! Losing weight unhappily is a big no-no.

20161027_093128-01 20161105_121619 20161107_125047

So, if you are at this point in your life where you are unhappy with your weight and body shape, don’t procrastinate anymore. Halley Medical Aesthetics has so much to offer you. They now also have a nutritionist who works hand in hand with Dr. Terence Tan to provide weight loss counseling and create a customised meal plan just for you.  So just go for a consultation to find out your options and very soon, you will be much happier that you have taken that first step. Just like how I feel right now.

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